A longstanding Chinese medical technique known as acupuncture helps in unblocking chi, the energy, with the aid of extremely fine needles that are pierced into certain body points.

This energy that flows through the body is called chi which passes along the 12 major pathways known as meridians. The traditional Chinese medicine has identified some 500 specific points where it can be inserted in attaining specific effects.

Acupuncture needles have been classified in 1996 by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as medical devices that can be used by trained professionals.

Choosing the Acupuncture Needles

Needles used are made of steel, iron steel, copper or silver. Among these needles, it is the silver needles that cost very expensive but have antiseptic and anti-infection effects.

They come in different sizes from half inch, one inch to 1.5 inch. The size of needles chose depends on the weight of the person and area being treated.

You will have to provide your acupuncture needles if you are planning to learn this medical practice or want to practice it. If you plan to practice it frequently, it would be more economical to buy acupuncture needles in bulk.

In purchasing one, it is advisable to get them from a trusted brand. One of the leading manufacturers is SEIRIN. Many practitioners of acupuncture all around the globe used their sterilized needles.

Also available in the market which is also preferred by many practitioners are new natural acupuncture needles with good tip quality.

Look for needles that give pain insertion for the patient when buying. They are designed to lessen the amount of pain when inserted in patient's body is offered by Activa.

A treatment will be ineffective if the needles cause pain because energy flow is interrupted.

Since color-coded tip needles allow practiceer to be aware of different sizes of the needles just by glancing at the colors, choosing color-coded needles is sensible.

Needles coated with silicon can cause allergic reaction in the patient so buying them is not encouraged. Better get a silicon free type, instead. Online needles are good to purchase since they come cheaper.

However, do some research on the Internet and read the customer's reviews regarding the company supplying the needles before you buy one.

Once you come across with a good one, make the purchase from the site that offers best deal after comparing its prices on various sites.

Before trying to practice it for some sort of therapy, it is important that you have completed a training program. Either metallic handle or plastic handle, you can choose your acupuncture needles based on your preference.