Our body is a nicely programmed machine. It is a complex, fascinating and artful combination of organs, nerve and much more. Where heart and brain, are considered as the most important parts and are mostly related with emotions. Emotions are reactions or instincts by minds that fascinates scientists most.

Emotions are reactions of a human which evolve due to the social conditions and environment around. These unique human behaviors are poorly understood by scientists. However, Acupuncture and the Chinese medicine text have a different theory regarding emotions and count them very important for the treatment of any disease.

Commonly, heart is mostly thought to be related to emotions, but this is not true. According to acupuncture each organ of your body signifies the emotions you hold and function according to your mood. This is the only reason you crave for chocolate when you are sad, and at times of stress you totally lose your appetite. Yes of course, having butterflies in stomach, when you are excited is just because of the same reason.

The body organs keep our little secrets. But there are times your organs can not keep secrets any more. These are the times when your secrets come out in terms of depression, aches, muscle pulls, fatigues or any such symptoms. Most of Skin conditions like acne or Vitiligo also occur due to the same reason.

Acupuncture is Chinese medicine therapy which explains the philosophy of man and his health functioning with respect to the change in environment and social situations. According to the Chinese medicine text (Acupuncture) the outer appearance of the organs reflect our inner health. With respect to Chinese medicine text it is also believed that the human organs are the operating systems of your body, which do not only function on a physical level, but on an energetic as well as emotional level. They consider the dynamics and correlation of the basic five organs related to five senses is foundation for any diagnosis. Some think these ideas are primitive and naive these days but in actual outer appearances provide best clues about a person's inner health.

Thus acupuncturists verify the disease by observing face, eyes, and tongue. These methods of diagnosis of disease are very old and have been used before the inventions of x-ray machines or the very sophisticated magnetic imaging of today. These diagnoses depends upon finely tuned observational skills that acupuncturists carry in order to assess their patients.