After making a diagnosis in the practice of acupuncture, the acupuncturist must have different charts to refer from so that the needles or pressure can be inserted precisely according to the needs of a certain person.

Depending on the needs of the person being treated, one can select from acupuncture point charts, ear acupuncture charts and acupuncture meridian charts.

Listed on an acupuncture meridian chart are twenty meridians that connect each of the four hundred acupuncture points. Also used are the twelve regular channels and eight extraordinary meridians that connect the points.

Related to the arms and legs are the twelve standard ones and encompass all the body's major systems. All of these are divided into two groups, known as the yin and the yang, which are correlating functions.

So that balance is achieved by the body, all of which counterbalance the others and work together to form a whole.

Twelve Meridians

Related to the hand are six meridians and another six related to the foot according to an acupuncture meridian chart. One of the most important elements such as wood, earth, fire or water or metal is also related to yin and yang as to each meridian.

Certain organ of the body is related to each meridian, therefore when a particular area is treated; it is the organ that received the treatment.

The lungs, heart, pericardium, triple heater, small intestine and the large intestine are covered by the meridians of the hand. These are typically in the major elements of metal or fire as they are tied to a yin or yang.

On the other hand, the spleen, kidney, liver, gallbladder, bladder and stomach are covered by the meridians of the foot. All of these are also tied to a yin or yang and cover the primary elements of water, wood and earth according to an acupuncture meridian chart.

In order to treat ailments in the patient relating to these functions of the body, each of these points is treated through the insertion of needles or applying pressure to these points.

It is due to the body getting out of balance in one of these regions why ailments occurs in the patient as the yin or yang is not functioning properly which leads to out balance of the whole body and this is actually the idea behind acupuncture.

The flow between regions can be restored to the proper balance if the acupuncture meridian chart is followed correctly, thus resulting to the body becoming whole again while balanced in yin and yang is achieved.