It is necessary for a person to be trained in the ancient Chinese medicine of acupuncture before following acupuncture charts. Therefore, primary to individual's use of the acupuncture chart is properly as to how needles being inserted in some points of the body accurately for treatment, one must learn different areas of knowledge first.

An acupuncturist bought to spend time with the patient to diagnose what the patient's main concern. Through the person's medical history including the examination of his body, all of these can be determined.

Far away from the traditional medicine, acupuncturists take a look at a face of a person to begin with for a diagnosis.

For acupuncturist, the tongue is particularly considered important, the fact that through it, person's main issues can be read and examined like its shape, color, coating and teeth marks.

Person's breathing is also checked by acupuncturists as well as the tongue as they listen to any out of breath sounds or other breathing abnormalities.

Another way is through the palpitation of the body, where the person's 'ashi' points are determined by an acupuncturist and the stored things are found on these tender points of a person's body, also to include is the palpitating the fingers and wrist.

Above all these observations, the questions called the 'seven inquiries' which help an acupuncturist to determine the person's needs of acupuncture must also be carried out.

Whether individuals chills or fever, or to their perspiration, or if they have pain, what their sleep is like, what their appetite, thirst and taste is like, how they defecate and urinate, and also menses and leucorrhea, all are covered on these inquiries.

Reading the Charts

It is on acupuncture point chart where an acupuncturist referred to when showing where the needles are to be inserted in the individual's body to alleviate whatever issues he or she is suffering after the problem has been determined.

Where the fourteen channels of the body are and the flowing of the Qi and 'Blood' through the body, the charts will show them.

These channels have something to do with the different functions in the body and these are all related to the major systems of the body such as the lung, stomach, spleen, heart, bladder and kidney.

Parts of the body that are not covered by the main channels also have the 'ashi' points that are used to relieve pain. These points base on the acupuncture charts are locations of accumulated stagnation resulting to pain.

Any person's affected areas can be cured by inserting needles into the body by following the different points on the acupuncture chart.