Traditional Chinese acupuncture points have been known for thousands of years. These points located on specific areas of your body respond to pressure and can be a way of relieving pain, reducing illness, and eliminating other harmful ailments of your body. Since acupuncture is performed by sticking pins into these designated points, it is not something you can do on yourself. But you can still use these pressure points to your advantage: Use your thumb or finger to gently press and activate the correct points to treat the condition you suffer from. You can also perform this on someone else, just be careful to not apply too much pressure, particularly around the face and head. Here is a list of the traditional acupressure points and the ailments that they can treat. Do not let the names put you off; This method supplies a safe, drug-free way of relieving pain and discomfort.

1. Nei Guan. Press lightly on the tendons just above the write to relate sea sickness and angina attacks.
2. Yongkuan. Apply pressure to the sole of the foot; this can ease anxiety, bad temper, and night sweats.
3. Tianjing. Pressure to the underside and top of the elbow can help lift depression and east migraine headaches.
4. Yin Bai. Pressure to the pad of the big toe can help insomnia.
5. Quan Liao. With two fingers, press light down and upwards into the cheek area, just below the cheek bone to ease symptoms of toothache and neuralgia.
6. Yintang. Pressure at the ends of the eyebrows can relieve stress and tension.
7. Shao Shang. Pressure to the thumb eases sore throat and neck pain.