Indeed, it is possible to use acupuncture for anxiety and depression related issues. With many people having busy lifestyles and more pressure at work places, there are more people who suffer from depression and anxiety related issues worldwide.

As it is, the state of a person's mind and emotions can influence the physical health of that person. This due to the strong connection between the mind and body. Here, it is not surprising that diet, advice about lifestyle and herbology all make up part of the acupuncture treatment in many cases. Acupuncture is an alternative medicine, which was practiced in China around five thousand years ago.

Since physical health can also affect a person's emotions or mind, anxiety and depression could be the result. Without proper treatment and care, anxiety and depression may cause other serious physical sicknesses especially after some time. Even simple worries are classified as anxiety issues. Ones that are more serious are like post-traumatic stress and panic attacks. If a person sufferers from chest pain, shortness of breath and a higher heart beat rate, these could be indications of anxiety.

In the case of acupuncture, one of the fire organs is the heart. Kidney is termed as a water organ. Both of them balance each other to keep a well-balanced energy flow in the body. A disturbed mind could have due to much heat. Excess of fire can cause heat. Many people who face anxiety have this heat problem.

In relation to this, body or auricular acupuncture can be used to treat anxiety. Among the body organs, the liver is thought to play an important role for the distribution of vital energy or qi. An estimate of 20 percent of a country's population is thought to undergo depression at some juncture of their lives. When a person is depressed, he or she may feel extremely tired. A person may want to do something but he or she may feel the lack of energy to do so due to depression.

In terms of energy channels, there are fourteen such channels from the liver. If any particular were stagnant or blocked, then, it would have low flow of vital energy. This may cause sleep related problems, lack of proper digestion and so forth. Here, the main focus for treatment of depression is liver in acupuncture. Other secondary organs are heart and spleen. Qi is the term used for vital energy in acupuncture.

Any stagnant or blocked area could have a low vital flow of energy from the liver. Here, bringing energy into the area of ​​energy deficiency and unblocking the area is the treatment used in acupuncture. Practicing mind and body exercises from yoga, tai chi and qi gong together with regular acupuncture treatments would help to cure depression more quickly.

Acupuncture is a practice that uses hair thin needles on the body. These needles are normally disposed after using only once in line with hygiene issues. Although needles are used but they cause little or no pain to the patient under normal circumstances. Other than treating anxiety and depression, acupuncture is also useful for treating many other forms of illnesses.