There are different regions of the ear that can be sued using ear acupuncture chart since it also shows the parts of the body. This is recommended rather than using a regular acupuncture chart, which can be found for free online.

People promoting ear acupuncture use also the methods provided by the charts. In view of the fact that the systems of the body are all contained in the ear acupuncture chart, then there will be no need for a body acupuncturist.

Furthermore, using needle although important in acupuncture is not always the case when doing ear acupuncture because dull end of the needle can stimulate the ear also at the different pressure points or even a fingernail to stimulate the sore places of the ear, the areas where out of balance in the body can be located.

The System

Some can use a toothpick or similar piece of stuff to prick the various points on the ear finding the areas that are most tender to the touch in order to diagnose the problem areas.

Then the person can start using the needle for insertion into those points when the areas are located. A fine sewing sterilized needle can also be used in the absence of acupuncture needle.

After a needle has been inserted about two millimeters into the skin of the ear, according to ear acupuncture charts, rolling gently the needle is needed between the fingers with the intention to spin it in that point.

As long as the patient can endure the pain in that area, it should be twirled. So that all of the pain that is affecting that area can be gotten out of the system, moving the needle in circular is needed.

The needle might need to be inserted close by the area and twirled again, rotating it in a circle until all of the pain is worked out of the ear if there is a lot of tension in that particular area.

Many of the internal systems of the body such as the bladder, large and small intestine, the stomach, diaphragm, heart, gall bladder and uterus, just to mention only few are covered by the inner part of the ear near the ear hole as it shows at the ear acupuncture charts.

The fingers, wrist, knee, toes, ankle and tonsils are encompassed by the top of the ear. The shoulder, chest, appendix, spell, and elbow are affected by moving to the outer part of the ear.

The mouth, tonsils, eyes, teeth and blood pressure are covered by the ear lobe while the back of the ear encompasses headways, coughs and the lower back.