The female gender certainly has it rough with their monthly cycle. While there are many women out there that have easy, short periods that severely cause an inconvenience, there are many more that suffer a great deal. Alternative treatments can help with the relief of many of these issues.

Female hormones affect more than just their reproductive system. They affect how a woman feels and even how she looks. There are many conditions relative to the reproductive system that can be treated with acupuncture and other Eastern medicines. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Premenstrual Syndrome are both very common issues that women have. When it comes to premenstrual syndrome, women can suffer from symptoms that range from incredibly moody to suffering from pain. The pain can be moderate to sever due to the cramping needed to expel the entire lining of the uterus that had thickened. Patients often are seeking relief of these symptoms and can see the immediate benefits of the Eastern treatments.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome has a widespread impact on a woman's body. It can cause unnatural hair growth, cause the cycle to be sporadic, even stop entirely for extended periods of time, depression, moodiness, weight gain without the ability to lose it, and the list goes on. Seeking acupuncture help is a natural approach to balancing out the hormones. Those experiencing discomforts from their monthly cycle will need physical manipulation to put their body back into alignment. The supplements can help a patient with a few of their ailments, but only a treatment can reduce the inflammation, bloat, and pain. This means that the woman can be who they are made to be physically inside and out.

Hormonal issues that influence the monthly cycle can also cause migraines, fibromyalgia, and many more ailments. When taking a holistic approach through acupuncture, it will help balance out the energy that is needed to maintain one's health. By deciding to treat one's menstrual cycle through acupuncture can help decrease the problems that may not even seem like they would be related.

It has been shown over time that having acupuncture performed will increase the blood flow, decrease the cramps, and offer and overall reduction of negative side effects that Mother Nature brings on. It is amazing that Western doctors are not as tuned into the benefits that come from making sure your spine is in alignment. The menstrual cycle should not stop your life every month, and it should not be allowed to dictate how you survive.