Life is all about energy. Without energy, there is no life. The world is run by energy, and so is our human body.

There are two types of crucible flows circulating inside our body. They are energy and blood. In Chinese medicine, the energy flow is called “Qi” (pronounced “chi”). We all know how important blood is, it is the fluid of life, but energy is the driving force. Each individual human body is an active energy field. That energy flows to reach every part of the body to support human life. The pathways that energy circulates through are called Jingluos (meridians). They are so vital that they decide how well we live, and in the end, they decide both life and death.

You see, when energy flows though meridians without obstacles, each part of the body gets just the right amount of energy to work well. The heart gets energy to pump enough blood into our vessels; the brain gets the right amount of energy to command muscles and organs to finish their jobs properly; and our bones are strong because of a sufficient energy supply. Our body is in a state of harmony. This harmony is the optimum health condition and we should do everything we can to keep the state that way for as long as we can.

When the pathways start to clog, the energy flow slows down. The energy can not be transported to its destinations in time nor in a sufficient amount. Our body parts can not work properly. We do not have enough energy and motivation to be active. The whole body does not feel well and becomes very susceptible to disease. Without an adequate amount of energy and blood, our organs and body parts start to deteriorate. This is when our health starts to compromise and when we have to act to improve our physical conditions, it is not too late yet.

As more and more meridians are blocked, more and more body parts can not obtain enough energy and blood. One under working or failed body part will affect others, create more blockages, and result in more under-working or failed body parts. Less and less energy is generated, and less and less fresh blood runs through the body. The vicious circle continues until until there is no energy being transported at all. That is the end of life.

What Are The Jingluos (meridians), Acupuncture Points and Yin / Yang?

So, what are meridians and how do they work? How do we protect them from being blocked and keep them open and efficient to achieve good health and longevity?

As said before, meridians are the energy pathways inside our body and acupuncture points are the responsive or sensitive points on the meridians. Jingluos actually are Jings and Luos. Jings mean meridians or main pathways. They run longitudinally along the body. Each one belong to one of the organs (only the twelve main meridians are associated with organs) and each one reflects a nature or aspect that is either Yin or Yang. Yin is moon and means darkness, coolness, moistness, and peacefulness. Yang is sun and means brightness, dryness, warmness, and liveliness. Yang is sky, and Yin is earth; Yang grows everything, Yin shapes everything. The balance of Yin and Yang is cruel. Too much or too little of either will cause disease. Luos mean network. They are the branches and sub-branches of the energy pathways. They spread all over the body, so energy can be transported everywhere. Most time when we talk about Jingluos, we refer to meridians, that's why we use meridian as a convenient term.

Unlike blood vessels, meridians are invisible. There are no physical conduits or channels through which the flows run, but they do exist, just like the magnetic field of the earth which is invisible. The magnetic lines of force can not be seen by human eyes, but they stretch from the north to the south magnetic poles of the earth. Any pair of magnets will produce a magnet field with the magnetic lines of force curving from one to the other. If you cut through these lines with a conductor, electricity will be generated. This is how an electricity generator works. For more information about this process, you have to study physics or electricity. Western medical people have tried to find meridians although autopsies, but this approach seems to be misleading. Since a dead body does not have any energy flow, how can you find meridians? just like an out-of-magnet field, you will not find the magnetic lines of force in it. However, when using a device to measure electrical resistance (R) and thermal sensitivities on a human body, the locations where meridians are will have lower electrical resistance values, and the thermal contour lines coincide with the meridians on some parts of the body.