There are many things that the patient needs to be aware of before and after going into a surgery. This same rule applies to those who go through the process of acupuncture, because for the treatment to be really effective there are some rules that need to be followed.

First and most important is that you should eat any sort of large meal before or after acupuncture treatment.

You should also not engage in any sort of exercise or sexual activity and avoid alcohol at all costs the six hours before and after treatment.

Acupuncture sessions can last from anywhere between 45 minutes to two hours depending on when and how often you have to go for treatment. It is for this reason that you should schedule these into your life properly so that you have the proper time to rest.

There are big chances that before you went to start your acupuncture sessions you were consulting with a medical doctor. So if your medical doctor did not give you any medicine, do not forget to take them at the right times.

Of course you should be in with the treatment for the long term, as going for one or two sessions you will not experience any benefits. Of course you should right down how you are feeling after every session so that you can talk with your therapist if you are not seeing the results that you were expecting for. This way the therapist will know when to modify if you are not experiencing any real benefits from the treatment.

The therapist may give you a range or herbs to take as part of the treatment. Since you have no idea if consuming the herbs along with the medication that was prescribed by you doctor will have any side effects it is recommended that you seek the advise of you doctor if it is safe to consume both at the same time.

Pregnant women are advised against taking acupuncture treatment. But once the baby is born it is okay for the women to do so.

How well you feel the treatment is going and how good the experience is depends wholly on the therapist that is giving you the treatment. So before you take on a therapist look at their history and how long they have been practicing as well as their skill level at finding the right diagnosis along with the acupoints in your body. They should know the in's and out's of acupuncture and have plenty of experience before you sign up to treatment.