What is TCM's (TCM includes the practice of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine) take on the Swine Flu? Does it work? Now that summer is approaching we are not hearing much about this disease. It was more prominent during the cold weather and winter months. Let 'not forget it can be deadly and many have suffered at its hands. TCM trees swine flu, but also effectively treats other colds and flu bugs that occur and hamper our state of health. Summer colds and flu still abound. Learn how heal avoid or heal quickly from the “bug.”

Three Reasons to Consider Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to prevent or treat the flu virus!

# 1. IMMUNE SUPPORT- Acupuncture and herbal medicine have strong properties to support and keep your immune system strong.

If you invest time in yourself and your family now, you will be less vulnerable to any cold or flu bacteria or virus. Stress, fatigue, insomnia, or work environments make you more susceptible. Take good care of yourself so you are not run down. Acupuncture and / or an herbal formula made specifically for you are amazingly effective. Acupuncture opens up the pathways carrying Qi and blood to all parts of your body, organ systems, and brain. There is a Chinese saying that “When Qi and blood flow, there is no disease.”

This means that your immune system is functioning properly, ridding you of any overgrowth of bacteria or virus.

TCM beats all ages! Children are more often given a gentle herbal formula rather than acupuncture. Treatment is based on their age and temperament. If you are already running ragged … an appointment for an “acupuncture tune-up” will improve your energy levels. “It will be well worth it.

# 2. SAFETY! TCM treatment has little or no side effects in comparison with Western pharmaceuticals that have major side effects and are hard on your liver and kidneys. If you get a cold or flu, generally you get well SOONER !! No need to be sick for weeks on end … no need.

Chinese herbal formulas are specifically made for your pattern of disease and symptoms. Be sure your practitioner uses herbs from FDA compliant herbal companies, and are of the highest grade, quality and consistency. Herbs are used to reduce fever, strengthen your lungs, resolve sinus infections and head congestion, are anti-bacterial, but more important ANTI-VIRAL. Western medicine lacks a solid antidote to virus. We have you covered!

# 3. EARLY DETECTION SYSTEM- TCM beats what is perceived, felt or seen.

Western medicine needs a specific, identifiable diagnosis before treatment begin. Often a patient is sick or given ineffective drugs. The patient fails to improve, so a second round of the same drugs are given. The overuse of antibiotics is one problem, and not properly identifying the “bug” is a second problem.

This loss of time means that your body weakens, spiraling downwards into more disease.

If you feel sick, weak or tired use TCM to turn that spiral around, to create stronger health and a bullet-proof immune shield. You will avoid sickness, minimize it if you do get sick, or move through it quickly if you are already infected. Bottom line — minimizes your risk!

Bridging the gap between Western and Eastern medicine improves patient care! Use all the tools in your health toolbox regardless of the season.