If you are constipated, then you are probably uncomfortable, bloated, swollen, and just having discomfort in general. Pumping your body full of medicines that claim to treat the problem maybe seem like a good idea, but you do not want your body to become dependent on those medicines to keep the current going.

There is a very popular acupressure point that you can use to help stimulate your body into healing and correcting the problem. The pressure point located between the thumb and index finger is a good one to use to relate constipation. It is called “He Gu Xue”. You start at the point on the hand and work your up the arm to all five points. You do not have to do all five at once you can just do one or two if you want.

Feel in between your index finger and thumb, it is not the bony part of the hand, but the softer part. Press gently, once you can feel pain starting to spread out from a point then you have found the pressure point!

Move toward the bony part of your hand in between the finger and the thumb, half way to your wrist. That is the point that affects the large intestine. Turn the palm of your hand upwards. Under your little finger next to your wrist look for a depression between the bones and vein. Now flip your hand over and put your palm facing down. From looking at it, divide the distance between the elbow and wrist into four equal parts. At the point that is a quarter from the wrist, imagine a line from the little finger and the ring finger where they will meet. Bend your hand up towards your neck. Now you will see a crease on your elbow.

Now you can relax and let your fingers work the spot massaging it with gentle pressure. Remember to breathe and relax, then repeat the same thing with your other arm.

Another thing that you can do, is straighten out all of your fingers. Look at your fingers and you see a bump between the index finger and the thumb. On top of that is the point you are looking for.

If you are pregnant, do not try this technique, doing this will eliminate contractions which could cause preterm labor. So if you are a pregnant girl, then do not try this. For the rest of us who are not pregnant, working and stimulating this point of pressure stimulates contractions of stools.

This pressure point is not only a great point to use for constipation, it also relieves headaches, tension in your shoulders and back, stress in general and insomnia. Learn more Cures at Home Here!