Whooping cough (pertussis) is an opportunistic infection that affects the lungs. Outbreaks occur every three to four years and are seriously affect children.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are effective and safe treatment to provide full recovery for your little one. Yes, the acupuncture is gentle! Integrating Western and Eastern medicine is the ideal protocol for pertussis. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) views pertussis as also caused from poor diets, irregular feeding, damp climates, overuse of antibiotics, as well as bacterial infection. TCM protocols have been used for 5000 years and offer gentle, effective solutions for your child.

First Stage Symptoms (10-20 days):
• Cough leading to wheezing with coughing of bubbly sputum.
• Copious nasal discharge.

Second Stage (40-60 days):
• Convulsive coughing, followed by croup; better in the daytime, worse at night.

Third stage: Recovery (20-30 days):
• Reduced and weak cough, little or sputum.
• Body is weak and tired.
• Cold hands and feet.
• Spontaneous sweating.
• Poor appetite or choosy about food.
• Distended abdomen.
• Watery stools.
• Copious, pale urine.
• Child may present with hot feet and hands, dry cough, night sweats, and irritability, but it is less common.

TCM offers more holistic, natural and safer treatment. Harsh drugs have long term effects on the liver and kidneys. Repeatedly placing your child on western medicine can be problematic to their overall stat of GOOD health.

TCM offers safe antibacterial, antiviral herbs. An herbal formula, made specifically and comprehensively for your child is made addressing multiple symptoms safely.

TCM reduces cough and sputum, nourishes the lungs, returns body fluids to normal levels, and rebuild and support your child's immune system. IT is reassuring to know you have options available and TCM is here for you and your family.

Explore this option for more optimum health.

TCM resolves pertussis and your child can recover more quickly. Western medicine provides antibiotic relief, and assuages ​​the side effects of the cough and sputum, while TCM seeks to dissolve the mucus, restores the lungs; returning the body back to homeostasis (balance / optimum health). TCM resolve the root cause.