Treating Restless Leg Syndrome With Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a condition where a person feels the need to move their legs in order to get rid of an unpleasant sensation. They may need to get up and move around or walk to help alleviate the uncomfortable sensations. RLS is a condition that has no known cause or no known cure and usually affects middle aged and older adults, but may begin at any age. It can easily disrupt sleep patterns and cause you to feel drowsy and experience daytime sleepiness. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine may be able to offer relief for the symptoms and help build your body up to avoid or minimize future episodes.
The sensations in the leg may be characterized as:

• Aching
• Pulling
• Crawling
• Tingling
• Bubbling
• Burning
• Stiffness
• Twitching

RLS is made worse with stress or emotional upsets and usually occurs in the evening to night time, possibly lasting longer than one hour. The symptoms are usually better during the day and with movement.

There are no tests or x-rays that doctors can perform to check for RLS, but they may conduct blood tests to see if you have iron deficient anemia, which can be found in some sufferers of RLS. It may also be associated with other conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, as well as may be a side effect of other medications. It is also suspected that it may be hereditary in some patients. (You should check with your doctor if you suspect any of these is the case.)

The Western treatment of RLS consists of:

• Stretching exercises
• Warm baths
• Massages
• Medications in some cases to relax the muscles and reduce stress

According to Chinese medicine, restless leg syndrome may be caused by a few different patterns of disharmony in the body, including:

• Blood Deficiency – when the blood is not able to nourish the muscles, tendons, and sinews properly.
• Qi Stagnation – when the body's Qi (energy) is not flowing through the meridians properly. Usually characterized by conditions that worsen with stress or emotional upsets and are better with stretching.
• Yin Deficiency – when the body's essence has been depleted and can sometimes be characterized by conditions that are worse at night.

Restless leg syndrome may by any one of these patterns or a combination of them. All of these patterns can be treated with specific acupuncture points on the body as well Chinese herbal formulas that can help nourish your blood, yin, as well as unblock your Qi. Both acupuncture and herbs can help reduce the sensations you experience in your legs as well as help return you to a sound night's sleep.

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Acupuncture Scheduling Software Relieves the Pain of Managing Patient Sessions

Individuals worldwide seek the services of professional acupuncturists to relieve their pain and improve their well-being. Unfortunately, many acupuncturists face a pain of their own when it comes to scheduling their patients' appointments and filing their information. Between disruptive phone calls to keeping accurate session information and notes, this seemingly simple task can be a tedious, time-consuming challenge to acupuncture professionals and their staff.

Thanks to advances in Web-based technology, acupuncturists are finding it easy to automate and streamline their appointment-scheduling processes. The result is more time spent on their patients and practice.


Online scheduling applications are what are commonly known as Software as a Service (SaaS), and they're accessible in the same way as other common Web services such as online banking and e-mail. Although features can vary among the many providers, most scheduling software offers such functionality as:

• Online patient self-scheduling, which allows individuals to schedule and manage their own appointments. All they need is an Internet connection. Once they access the scheduler, they'll be able to see what's available and the services provided. They can even re-schedule or cancel an appointment by simply logging into their account.

• Automated e-mail and text message reminders. Most practices realize the benefit of reminders, which can have a tremendous impact on the percentage of patients who make their appointments. In fact, surveys show that reminders can reduce the number of “no-shows” by 50 percent. However, they also require staff time and, in instances where an acupuncturist sends postcards or other miled reminders, money. Some online scheduling software providers allow acupuncturists to schedule automatic e-mail and / or text message reminders prior to patient appointments. Just schedule a time to send them, and the system does all the rest.

• Record-keeping and report-generating capabilities. Like other service providers, acupuncturists depend on accurate record-keeping and reports for reviewing their operations. This can be a grueling task for them and their support staff, especially if they record the information in separate files or folders. Many appointment-scheduling software programs make this important task easy; in fact, some offer pre-set reports that only require the user to select specific criteria and fields to pull.

• Online payment options. Many patients will appreciate the ability to schedule their acupuncture sessions online. They may also wish to pay for their services at the same time. By offering online payment options, some scheduling providers make it easy not only for the patient, but also for the acupuncturist, as he or she can finalize this important transaction before the patient's session.

• E-marketing capabilities. Many acupuncturists distribute news, discounts, coupons and other information to their patients via the Internet. Managing patient e-mails and compiling messages, however, can be a tedious process. Since scheduling software centralizes and stores patient information-including e-mail addresses-and allows users to easily pull a mailing list containing it, it provides an ideal tool for assisting in e-marketing campaigns.

To begin using such services, an acupuncturist must first determine which provider offers the best functionality for his or her practices (see below for considerations when choosing a provider). He or she then creates an account and customizes the appointment schedule to fit fit his or her needs. This involves a thorough analysis of all the settings and features offered by the system. Once tested and ready to use, the appointment software provider will then typically send the acupuncturist a link to the schedule. This can then be shared with patients on the practice of Web site, in e-newsletters, on invoices, receipts and other document, in person or on the phone, and other means. The scheduling software provider may also provide buttons and banners for placement on a Web site, such as a “Schedule Now” button.

Acupuncturists may be under the impression that a web site is necessary to use online scheduling software. This is not the case. In essence, the scheduler itself is a Web site. All that's required for them and their clients to access it is an Internet connection.


Selecting a provider can prove a daunting task, considering the number of scheduling software applications available. It's important that acupuncturists examine their specific needs and the functionality offered by a provider before making a decision. Some appointment-scheduling software providers offer a free trial of their product, which is the perfect way to test it out and see if it will meet expectations.

Considerations include:

• Web-based versus traditional. For most acupuncture practices, a Web-based application is preferred over more traditional software programs, such as those sold at retail outlets. Traditional scheduling programs typically require installation and expensive hardware, and their usage is usually limited to an individual office computer or network. This makes them difficult to access from outside the office. The only requirement to create and use an online scheduler is an Internet connection. There are no downloads, installations or other actions required to begin using the service. You simply access it in the same way you would any other Web page.

• Functionality. Although the aforementioned features are standard in many applications, they are not the only ones an acupuncture practice may need to effectively improve their appointment-scheduling procedures. Be sure to conduct an overall analysis of specific needs, and then determine if the scheduling provider can meet them. For example, an acupuncturist may offer “packages” of bundled sessions and services, which some appointment scheduling software applications may provide as an add-on feature.

• Security. As the scheduling application will house not only your contact information, but your patients' as well, it's important that the provider varies utilizes the current current and dependable security measures.

• Payment options. Some appointment-scheduling software providers offer month-to-month payment options, a perfect alternative for acupuncturists looking to avoid long-term contracts.

• Dependability. As the scheduler will handle one of the most important office tasks, it's important that a practitioner select a proven application. If a free trial of the product is available, take advantage of it and learn the “ins” and “outs” of the system before making a decision.

Scheduling and maintaining appointments and information sounds simple enough. But for many acupuncturists, it can turn into a frustrating task that takes time away from them and their patients. By tapping into Web appointment-scheduling applications, practitioners can refer the pain of appointment procedures and utilize technology to improve their office operations.

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Acupuncture and Stress – Can it Help You?

I must say that after almost 10 years in acupuncture practice, I can vouch that this form of treatment works best in dealing with stress relief any other health conditions. People may experience a lot stress due to work, family life or may be having mid life crisis. It's a common condition that can happen to any of us, so this is where acupuncture play a very important role as an alternative treatment.

Stress interrupts to flow of energy in our body. It's a very strong emotion that when it strikes, it becomes sort of a blockage that interferes with the smooth flow of energy in our system. Is is then that we experience pain and other health conditions. But when stress is reduced, these health problems just die a natural death. They stop and just start to fade. Our body turns to a state of chronic inflammation when there is stress that is why pain is present.

If you are struggling with chronic pain or any other health issues such as diabetes, IBS (Spastic colon), depression, or PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome), it is very important that you become aware of your underlying stress level, as this is oftentimes the root cause of the problem.

Acupuncture has been shown to increase and boost the feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, along with releasing endorphins, which causes an immediate sense of well-being and balance.

People who have tried acupuncture, say that after some sessions, they have never felt so much peace from within. A certain kind of tranquil state and they started to have uninterrupted sleep. Because of the inner peace that they are experiencing, they have more positive thoughts, high self-esteem and saw things in a brighter perspective in life.

The body reflects what's in a person's mind. Any negative thoughts brings negative output and any positive thoughts in turn translates to positive well-being. The healing of the body should start with the healing of the mind. And as a mind and body healing care, acupuncture proves to be working effectively to people who experience stress.

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Japanese Acupuncture Needles Benefits

A popular form of alternative treatment that requires the insertion of needles into the body in order to stimulate a response is known better as acupuncture.

At some point, the response is generally desirable for a fact that it can bring relief, treatment and even a cure for common maladies people are suffering from.

Acupuncture usually blends some form of relief for various conditions although not all ailments and conditions can be cured by it. Initially, it m ay sound crashing but the benefits are remarkable.

The Difference Between A Japanese Acupuncture Needle And A Chinese Needle

During acupuncture, it is being observed that needles are inserted into the body. This form of alternative treatment is also a well known fact that it is practice by Chinese.

The Japanese, not being known to some people, also practice acupuncture. However, the two practices differ when it comes to needles.

Needle used by the Japanese acupuncture is distinctively thinner and finer compared to the ones used by the Chinese practitioners of acupuncture.

The Japanese were introduced to acupuncture quite recently and they are now excelling in this form of alternative treatment despite the fact that acupuncture originates from China.

With the use of their acupuncture needles, the Japanese developed a more elaborate form of acupuncture, which look and feel different from the original Chinese ones. In a more elaborate way, there is a slight difference between the techniques used by the Japanese from those of Chinese practice.

The Japanese acupuncture practice also look delicate not only their acupuncture needles alone.

This is due to the fact that a little less than half of those who practice Japanese acupuncture in Japan are blind, one reason why the Japanese way of acupuncture is more elaborate.

They use of their Japanese acupuncture needles in a minimal way. Along with their aim of maximum relief, treatment and cure in mind, they also try not to make as many acupuncture needle placement punctures as possible.

The Japanese acupuncture needle, in some cases, is not used for some people but touched with the human hand are the pressure points only.

To sum up, people can choose from either the Japanese acupuncture needle or that of the Chinese acupuncture.

Although the Chinese practice of acupuncture is known better, the differences in the practices can also appeal to a lot of people which maybe the reason why the Japanese way is sometimes preferred by others.

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Enroll in an Acupuncture Medical Practice Course

A healing procedure that has become reliably accepted all over the world is called acupuncture. Although the term “acupuncture” encompasses various methods, it basically involves the use of very thin needles into certain points of the body to attain the therapeutic response.

Acupuncture, as suggested by centers of research, works in some cases emerging neurochemicals such as the endorphins to treat pain and inflammation.

Acupuncture may be effectively treats various ailments and that it is a safe alternative to the use of anesthetics as some research suggests. The use of acupuncture in the treatment of 104 conditions was recognized by World Health Organization.

Acupuncture is an acceptable therapy in the treatment of postoperative pain, menstrual cramps, muscle pain, and nausea and vomiting resulting from chemotherapy or pregnancy as cited by the evidence of a committee selected by the US National Institutes of Health.

Individuals may experience a sensation of soreness, numbness, or tingling though unwanted side effects have no room for acupuncture. What can minimize the risk of infection is the proper sterilization of needles or the use of disposable ones.

Lots of acupuncturists lack the needed medical skills to perform a proper diagnosis or to suggest supplementary suitable therapies. Ignoring the lack of diagnostic skill is an imprudent act, especially when opting acupuncture to treat chronic conditions.

Learn the Right Way of Acupuncture through Acupuncture Medical Practice Courses

In fact, employing acupuncture as an alternative medicine is indeed an excellent basis of medical advancement today.

The acupuncture medical practice is believed to be a major breakthrough of which medical practitioners become much interested in, being accepted as part of medical procedures.

It is obviously suggested for those who are fascinated to take up acupuncture medical practice courses to master the said approach and understand the collaboration between oriental and modern healing procedures as recommended through the applications of acupuncture medical practice.

Learning the art of applying contemporary medical acupuncture practice into actual raising matters is a certain leap towards medical improvement from these particular courses.

An increasing number of patients are now accommodating alternative therapies while availing conventional forms of treatment.

Lots of health professionals endeavor to not allow their own opinions about health care from preventing their patients working together with alternative therapists for their benefit, acknowledging that some of their patients chose alternative therapies.

Modern acupuncture medical practice learning courses actually suggests that this is the primary approach to medicine. So grab this rare opportunity, enroll now!

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What Does a Medical Doctor Acupuncturist Do?

Chinese doctors depend on their traditional form of healing known as acupuncture in treating their patients suffering from various diseases as well as discomforts for many centuries.

Recently, acupuncture will win the trust of the West, although many nonbelievers are still skeptical about the effectiveness of using acupuncture in the West.

Improved Immune System

When a medical doctor acupuncturist employs his knowledge to treat western patients, the immune system of the patients will certainly be benefited.

Acupuncture can also bring benefit to the patient by keeping gastric secretions under control while it is known to cause stimulation to the hormones. Furthermore, there is a noticeable development in the flow of blood in the patient's body and blood pressure which can be controlled.

There is also an improvement in the production of white and red blood cells after he or she use the knowledge of acupuncture on a patient.

Since there are many available medical doctors listed in a telephone book, it is a lot simple to find a qualified medical doctor acupuncturist.

Never mindless, checking out a massage therapist may also be a qualified acupuncturist. Still those people that practice herbal medicine may be familiar with a medical doctor acupuncturist and can refer one or more to you.

You need to acquire a few questions answered including the state in which the acupuncturist is licensed to practice when you found a medical doctor acupuncturist.

What's more, you need to gather information regarding the prospective acupuncturist's qualifications, the length of time for which they have been practicing acupuncture, and the place where they studied acupuncture.

It pays off finding out from the medical doctor acupuncturist wherever acupuncture is their primary form of practicing medicine and whether they use other therapies in combination with acupuncture; you need to obtain an answer from the medical doctor acupuncturist about the various diseases which can be cured by medical acupuncture.

Over the recent few decades, medical arts acupuncture has progressively begun to find favor in the West.

Actually, the door for oriental medicines has gradually opened and an increasing number of people in the US have become infatuated with acupuncture following President Nixon's historic China visit in 1972.

Medical acupuncture and the traditional allopathic medicines can now be combined along with traditional Chinese medicines as well as to some therapies. It can also treat a wide-range of ailments from arthritis to depression down to fertility problems.

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Traditional Chinese Acupuncture – Does it Work?

Chemicals seem to mix up everything nowdays; it may be either through conservative or medication, yet still there are individuals who desire to take holistic course for curing health issues of the body, mind and soul.

Still practiced today is the use of traditional Chinese acupuncture that has been into existence for centuries. In the western world, an increasing number of people are using the ancient traditional Chinese acupuncture.

This is carried out by inserting thin needles into particular points of the body. Since this traditional Chinese acupuncture is an art, it indicates then that it is more than a method of healing; therefore, it should not be practiced at home by just by anyone.

However, if you have fear on needles, another method for holistic way of living is through herbs and teas. A person taking the treatment is expected to lie down on a flat bed and while the procedure is ingoing, a gentle conversation with the acupuncturist is also held.

In this way, you have been into a psychology session where you could alleviate some of your stresses verbally without even realizing it. When the procedure is complete, then it would be the time you will be fully aware of your surroundings.

You will feel a bit better to say the least even though you might end up a session looking like you have a million little red dots on your face and body.

Ancient Treatment Getting Up To Date!

Chinese acupuncture clinics are available in the eastern countries and you could visit any of them to get the full treatment you require.

It is not only the Chinese that practiced this method, as the demand for traditional Chinese acupuncture has increased radically over the years; the method is practiced all over the world.

This traditional therapeutic method from the ancient Chinese was passed down from generation to generation as observed in different cultures in many part of the world.

You can make your mind up with a long list of bodily ailments that need to be “cured” or treated through traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment. This encompasses stress relief to quitting smoking.

Although, determination is still needed because the treatment does not guarantee anything, like in the case of the desire to quit smoking.

In fact, this type of treatment is not covered by most medical aids, but this method of treatment with studies behind them proves that it works.

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Best Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Clinic

The holistic approach to rejuvenating the body, mind and soul, and even ailments that they could be suffering with through acupuncture is not willing to use by everyone.

The services offered by any authentic Chinese acupuncture clinic were approved by World Health Organization. This gives them the right to promote health internationally as they have been authorized.

Over centuries the fundamentals was passed down from generation to generation, but now it is studied as a profession in today's society.

Since there are different approaches to acupuncture all over the world, it is still up to you to see which one that suits you best. Chinese acupuncture clinics still employ the basics like everywhere else around the globe.

You will receive a holistic method of healing when undergoing treatment at a typical Chinese acupuncture clinic. When visiting Chinese acupuncture clinic, range of ailments could be seen to clearing acne to gall stones in your bladder, lowering your cholesterol or pains in joints and so forth.

To ensure your health and well-being, you own all the rights to check the credentials of the many people out there offering their services or to Chinese acupuncture clinic.

Besides the use of extreme fine needles to insert into the many parts of the body for treatment, the traditional acupuncture treatment would also include using traditional herbs and teas. The main reason of using acupuncture is blocking negative impulses to the brain.

The Whole Concept

The yin and yang are the basis of the whole concept of traditional acupuncture; the body corresponds with its own internal energies.

Acupuncture is a spiritual concept for healing physical ailments of the mind, body and soul in spite of not being proven scientifically.

As part of an ancient culture and tradition, this procedure and profession has once again been transferred from generation to generation.

The energies of earth, metal, fire, wood and water to be one with the body, mind and soul, creating balance within are covered by this ancient technique.

It is said that by treating the main bodily parts, the rest would also be healed without even doing any specific procedures on them as long as acupuncture is employed.

Despite the opposition of Christian society as they claim it as a cult, people still desires it.

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Learn the Fundamentals of Chinese Acupuncture

The Chinese have their own theories, practices and beliefs as part of their heritage and culture that has been passed down from generation to generation over the centuries like other culture in the world.

The holistic practices have been continued into today's society as it was in ancient times and is applied around the globe by various religions as a holistic approach to health.

Balancing the whole thing inside the body is the basis of Chinese acupuncture foundations for total harmony within the body, mind and soul. However, there will be those who may plead to different within the religious realms somewhere in society.

Some doctors apply medical acupuncture in their surgeries, but they do not follow the same old ancient tradition practices as the Chinese do.

It is purely another avenue for doctors to reap the financial benefits by expanding their expertise, as they study the fundamentals. The ancient tradition of acupuncture, on the other hand, goes unfathomable into the roots of the Chinese being territory, being in one with oneself.

Like karma, balance and harmony are the foundations for everyday life. Before BC years existence, the fundamentals of Chinese acupuncture has started its way and up until now, the treatment is still practice on.

The use of healing stones known as reiki is also used including herbs and teas along with special rituals and massages, are learn as part of Chinese acupuncture foundations and not only to include the use of hair fine like needles to penetrate the body.

Is It Mind Over Matter?

Many patients have recovered from sessions for treating them employing Chinese acupuncture since the fact that the practice and uses of its fundamentals have not been scientifically proven.

In the treatment of ailments, the practice of the fundamentals of Chinese acupuncture only proves that it could be more about mind over matter. The body will heal itself naturally from ailments when a positive mind is created.

The World Health Organization approves educated doctors to carry out these procedures to cure patients ranging from bodily disorders to diseases though it is said that medical acupuncture is also based on the fundamentals of Chinese acupuncture.

There are few limitations of acupuncture, let's say surgery for example amputation, we are well identified that it does not fall into this category itself.

With the use of very fine needles to heal the body itself, acupuncture is merely blocking or unlocking bodily information to or from the central nervous system.

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Medical Acupuncture – Alternative Healing Solution

An art of treating illnesses by means of piercing the body at certain points with the use of very thin needles is known as acupuncture. Now, it is also used as ancestry. The term derives from the Latin words “acus” which means “needle” and “pungere”, meaning “to puncture.”

The needle used is usually made of stainless steel and of gold at times. With much experimenting over the centuries, this method of treatment became popular.

In China, acupuncture is highly developed. However, the origin of its anesthetic use was only dated back to about the year 1957, the beginning of its developing period.

The government ordered that traditional acupuncturists and herbal practitioners to grant them the status of being a physician because the needs of the government-enforced national health care were great, and the number of Western-trained doctors was small.

The Traditional Chinese medicine and the Western-oriented medicine were then merged. So doctors cooperated with acupuncturists as they learn from each other.

Before applying the procedure on patients, the doctors who are not acquainted with the practice are said to have tried the needles on themselves for a year. In addition to its typical use for various illnesses, experiments began in its use as an anesthetic, one result of so many more persons learning acupuncture.

The experiments applying acupuncture as an anesthesia were successful from the beginning and about 500,000 such procedures have been performed since 1966.

Acupuncture now has become the preferred method of anesthesia in China despite the use of it as an anesthesia is still considered experimental.

The length of its analgesic effect is said to be eight hours and up, then and only then, the needles could be applied again to tie the pain.

The Use of Medical Acupuncture for Cure

It could be observed that the introduction of medical acupuncture is indeed a gigantic break from numerous researches on the medical approaches used to cure various health problems in the society today.

It could also be observed that the acceptance of oriental healing in the process is actually a matter of concern with the utilization of medical acupuncture.

Undeniably, people all over the world already obtained the necessary knowledge that they want to be able to accept the approach to alternative healing with the different developments that medical acupuncture has gone through.

There are courses on acupuncture medical practice that could best be used for skills development in using acupuncture for those who desire to learn more about medical acupuncture process.

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Where to Get Medical Acupuncture Training to Become an Acupuncturist

Over the centuries, the Chinese developed their own medical practice in the form of acupuncture with the purpose of providing relief to the patient. This is a method in which very fine needles are inserted into definite points of the human body.

When acupuncture has to be applied by a trained doctor who is conversant with Western medical practices but not with acupuncture, medical acupuncture training is required.

Combines With Western Medicine

A doctor can merge or even independently use Western medicine and acupuncture to treat patients and provide relief from dysfunctions as well as from illnesses after undergoing medical acupuncture training.

As already mentioned, the history of acupuncture was traced down a long time and even its study is very time consuming.

Showing to western doctors how to appropriately employ acupuncture along with their Western medical methods is the main aim of the training.

Doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists as well as osteopaths are among the people that will be benefited from undergoing acupuncture training. In addition, these people will become fully qualified acupuncturists after completing medical acupuncture training. This alternative medical form of treatment can be practiced by people that have taken up medical acupuncture training but not part of conventional medicine.

To provide patients with treatment based on both scientific and Chinese medicine rather than merely using conventional Western medical treatment options, an acupuncturist will use medicines according to the findings of evidence.

A more recent development that has changed the method of acupuncture is the medical acupuncture, an exit from the traditional procedure.

The emergence was due to the fact that medical fraternity in the west found merits in acupuncture. However, to suit western conditions, they needed to adapt the traditional Chinese medical ways of treating patients.

Western pathology was there before the basis of the concept of disease and not Chinese medical knowledge. In order to work with western-medical concepts, medical acupuncture has had to be tailor.

An acupuncturist will become competent in handling respiratory diseases, bronchopulmonary diseases, orthopedic disorders, eye disorders, mouth disorders, as well as gastrointestinal disorder after undergoing medical acupuncture training.

When it comes to opting for the right medical doctor acupuncturist, even if many doctors have taken up medical acupuncture training, you still need to either check the phone book for a list of such medical professionals or you might need to ask massage therapists to see if they have the required expertise to handle your case.

Furthermore, you should have no doubts about the effectiveness of acupuncture since it has been proven.

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How Does Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Work?

Although the contemporary medical acupuncture is still an object for question, the Journal of the American Medical Association says that, “the evidence now available, however, is sufficient to place this age-old Chinese healing art, modernized to US standards, on a solid scientific basis. ”

The Journal end up saying regarding the subject that acupuncture is a technique free from anxiety or side effects in the hands of capable physicians, and in many cases, bringing some relief from the suffering of chronic pain.

A good justification can now be given as response when patients ask about it. There's no harm in trying, anyway. According to Britain's medical journal, the brain's own painkillers, the endorphins and enkephalins, will be stimulated by the acupuncture needles to treat pain.

There was a striking rise of endorphin levels in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of patients relieved of pain by contemporary medical acupuncture when compared to volunteers who received no treatment, as doctors at London's St. John's. Bartholomew's Hospital believed.

Human endorphin levels in CSF were apparently, for the first time, associated to contemporary medical acupuncture.

The main questions are these: How does it work? Is it really 'scientific,' or is it a case of 'mind over matter'? Could it even be associated with spiritism?

As to how contemporary medical acupuncture works is still an enigma. As advised, the precise scientific explanation is not yet cleared even by its ardent supporters.

Due to this claim, some believed that it is related to hypnosis. Current medical acupuncture was compared by an American orthopedist to drinking from the water of Lourdes, or having Oral Roberts touch people who then scream “I'm cured.”

While others propose that the Chinese have been persuaded by Mao Tse-tung's belief. Though, there's a massive disagreement.

Using contemporary medical acupuncture, doctors note that the Chinese have created general anesthesia in animals.

As told by another doctor from New York, a psychological factor is involved in any medical treatment. No wonder there are clinical trials with placebos.

In view of the fact that it has good results, primarily in China, as in pediatrics [children] and in veterinary medicine [animals], the psychological factor is only a small part of the effect, as in any other treatment.

Due to this fact, the initiation of the medical acupuncture training had been learned and accepted universally by medical practitioners.

Undoubtedly, acupuncture as an alternative to medical approaches is accepted as a contemporary break to promote health worldwide.

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Acupuncture Depression Treatment – The Alternative Solution to Anti-Depressants

Depression is like flocking locusts devastating the America wherein around 8 million have been affected and resulting to suicidal act. Many people are becoming more and more dependent on risky and addictive drugs to balance the serotonin levels.

As a consequence, the symptoms of the problem are just suppressed but as soon as taking drugs have been stopped, there is the tendency that the depression will come back.

Now becoming popular being 100% safe and highly effective is the acupuncture for depression treatment. Moreover, rather than just getting rid of the symptoms for the time being, it fixes the underlying imbalances that cause depression.

Like they are taking drugs, there are no side effects to using acupuncture while treating a variety of ailments. Acupuncture pain treatment gains popularity for its efficiency but acupuncture for mood disorders is fast becoming popular due to its promising success rates.

How Acupuncture for Depression Treatment Works

Stress is believed to be the cause of depression according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Life energy flow in the body is blocked by the stress and result to symptoms of depression. Then here comes the role of acupuncture in order to support the free flow of energy and relaxation.

A difference will be experienced by patients who try acupuncture for depression treatment in 3 to 6 visits. More often depression comes together with symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue and the responsibility of acupuncture is to alleviate all these symptoms.

Acupuncture for depression treatment has received different feedbacks but studies prove that any person can look forward to promising results.

Endorphins in the central nervous system are released making the acupuncture for depression treatment to work. Endorphins are also known as “feel good” hormones.

The role of these endorphins is to increase the energy level and balance the mood. Acupuncture is very effective when combined with a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle because treating depression with itself alone is not enough.

Acupuncture is normally a means of treatment. You will most likely be able to reduce your medication dose as time goes because acupuncture will help alleviate the symptoms you are experiencing as you combine it with conventional therapies like medication.

Since you are now equipped with this valuable information, it is now your turn to respond accordingly. For many people, acupuncture is totally safe and proven to be very effective in treating the symptoms of depression.

Not like drugs, acupuncture can restore balance and achieve recovery for a fact hat it gets rid of the root of undering cause of the problem.

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Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Benefits

Have you already thought where did the practice of inserting needles into different parts of the body originate? This ancient therapeutic practice known as acupuncture actually came from China. Acupuncture is very important in Chinese medicine because it promotes inherent healing capabilities of one person while improving the overall energy flow in the body.

Western medicine, on the other hand, tries to suppress the symptoms. If you happen to cut your arm off for instance, you will be brought to emergency room for abrupt treatment. However, when you are suffering from health issues like back pain, arthritis, and the likes; Western medicine does not treat them well while acupuncture does it.

How Acupuncture Works

Restoring balance and strengthening the immune system are the aims of Chinese medicine acupuncture. The human body is a composite organism that it has its own ability to repair itself. Awakening the healing energy and speeding the healing process is the role of acupuncture. Acupuncture works best when blended with conventional treatment methods as a complementary therapy.

To improve the flow of energy in the body is the objective of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is believed in Chinese medicine that when energy flow Declines or energy becomes deficient, or excessive, it all leads to illness while acupuncture's duty is to prevent and fix these problems.

In Chinese medicine acupuncture, the opposing forces that work in synergy known as Yin and Yang helps out in achieving balance. When these forces become imbalanced, sorts of diseases develop. Western medicine comes up with the idea that when acupuncture points are stimulated, endorphins and steroids are released. A calm state of mind is experienced when these endorphins are released and also relieves the pain.

Inflammation, on the other hand, is alleviated when steroids are released. When compared to any prescription drugs these natural substances in the body are far more powerful. Aside from that, they bring no risk or side effects unlike drugs. Putting them together, Chinese medicine acupuncture plays a very important function. The known backbone to good health according to Chinese medical philosophy, the flow and balance of energy is well-maintained.

It may be hard to accept this information especially those who feel comfortable to Western medical explanations. The Chinese medicine and acupuncture however are also proven to work, that's why they have been around for thousands of years. Lastly, due to overwhelming proof of its effectiveness, even Western insurance companies include acupuncture treatment for their customers.

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How Acupuncture Pain Treatment Works

You may jump into a conclusion that a treatment using needles which are inserted into various parts of the body to lend pain is some sort of quackery. However, various studies show that pain removal is absolutely possible with acupuncture, although there are no precise explanations as to how and why acupuncture pain treatment works.

Acupuncture can potentially control the pain and inflammation, enhanced circulation, reduction of stress, and improved endocrine and immune functioning. Conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, menstrual cramps, arthritis, and tennis elbow are treated with acupuncture.

An acupuncturist will examine you carefully in order to come up with an effective acupuncture treatment plan that suits your needs.

Since acupuncture tumors back balance and stimulates the body's natural healing process, acupuncture for pain treatment is holistic in nature. In fact, it brings no side effect to your health and the success rates are very high.

Doctors may not understand well the science behind acupuncture but its effectiveness has been demonstrated. What can attest to its further efficiency is the fact that Chinese people have been practicing this wisdom for centuries.

Nonetheless, here's a brief details if you require for some sort of scientific explanation as to how acupuncture works for pain treatment. It is assumed that the body is stimulated to produce natural steroids and release endorphins when needles are inserted into acupuncture points.

The endorphins help out to relieve pain while the steroids decrease inflammation. Also far more potent than prescription drugs for pain are the natural steroids and endorphins your body produces.

The Failure of Western Medicine

Try to approach anyone with arthritis and ask them if Western medicine has satisfactorily relieve them from pain and certainly the answer is no.

Anti-inflammatory drugs can somehow give relief but unwanted side effects are inevitable. These drugs are also extremely addictive and are there overused.

One more unpleasant about prescription drugs for pain treatment is that they are costly. In contrast, acupuncture for pain treatment is very affordable and it does not only give you relief but an overall health benefits as well.

Acupuncture builds up your immune system, promotes emotional well-being and increases circulation.

In addition, symptoms of health problems are not only suppressed by acupuncture but also prevent them from returning as well. Conversely, drugs bring only temporary relief but when you stop taking them, the pain returns.

Give yourself a relief and gain knowledge about acupuncture for pain treatment. It is highly effective and entirely natural and safe.

So, try acupuncture rather than endangering your health by taking prescription drugs. It is within your means and best of all, permanent recovery can be achieved.

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