Back Pain Acupuncture – What You Ought to Understand

One benefit of the current society is the fact a growing number of people are thinking about non-pharmacological methods to manage their medical issues. Concern back pains, more and more folks are engaging in organic liniments and massages to manage it. However, another back pain remedy that's starting to gain popularity is acupuncture. Even though it is being shown to be very safe if done correctly, it is not going to hurt to know more about it first before enrolling in any sessions.

Acupuncture is already 1000 years old. It is often practiced and taught to skilled individuals in the world of Asian medicine for more than ten years and the number of pleased patients are growing ever since its first demo.

Acupuncture is actually about placing fine needles in certain and strategic points or places in the body to make a therapeutic effect. When it comes to back pains, the process does not change. The back is punctured by very fine needles so as to arrange the movement of energy in the back because decreasing and in some instances, even treating back pain altogether.

Many people do not like the part while people are penetrating their bodies. In this case, they go to sham acupuncture sessions instead. Sham acupuncture makes use of toothpicks rather than needles to put pressure to the same strategic points in the body. The idea is the strategic points will get the same amount of stress that a needle gives without having to penetrate your body with the use of toothpicks.

While there is no clear study that may prove that the real or original type of acupuncture works better than scam acupuncture in terms of treating back pains, acupuncture generally can create case-to-case results. It might work for some but it might not do anything at all for other people.

Although results can vary, people should always remember to let a qualified professional conduct their acupuncture session. Remember that basic safety should be the first priority in any treatment.

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Acupuncture Allergy Treatment – Alternative Solution to Allergies

An allergy has an effect on people whose body is oversensitive to certain objects or even to certain health conditions. It is said that no two individuals will experience the same symptoms for the same allergy.

Among the symptoms that are commonly noticed include watery eyes, irritation to the skin, development of rashes and also breathing difficulties as well.

Then, what you need to do after your allergy has been properly diagnosed is to look for suitable treatment and be familiar with the things that elicit your allergy and avoid them.

Widely Used Treatment Option

Although acupuncture allergy treatment is often recommended and there are several good reasons for this, there are also known different means of treating allergies. However, it has become a popular option and most preferred treatment other than the yoga, therapy and homeopathy today.

Using an acupuncture allergy treatment by itself is also doable or combining it with other treatment methods and medicines.

Choosing it makes more sense and gives some good reasons why. First of all, it is a natural means of treatment that will not cause you unwanted and risky side effects.

An acupuncturist will examine your symptoms first and will later devise a special plan, an appropriate acupuncture allergy treatment that suits your symptoms.

The acupuncturist, at the very least, will modify the acupuncture allergy treatment targeting the origin of the symptoms rather than only curing the obvious symptoms.

Different acupuncture allergy treatments, however, will cause various reactions for several people. Locating the exact area of ​​the body where the acupuncture needles are to be inserted is there before very important for the acupuncturist.

The direction in which the needles are to be inserted as well as the correct depth should also be identified by the acupuncturist.

Acupuncture allergy treatment procedure usually spend a duration of about twenty minutes to an hour long, and the length of effect of the treatment depends on how well your body reacts to the insertion of acupuncture needles.

Regarding acupuncture cancer treatment, it would be irrational to claim that this form of treatment will completely cure a person's cancerous condition.

On the other hand, it is also unwisely to conclude that because acupuncture can not entirely cure cancer because it's not effective when applied to treat this condition.

An acupuncture allergy treatment can often prove to be the safest and suret treatment option wherever your allergy is related to food, skin condition or even bronchitis.

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Acupuncture Cancer Treatment – Does it Work?

If you heard someone telling that acupuncture cancer treatment is the best method to cure cancer, he is certainly not telling the truth because though this form of cancer treatment is effective, it does not even guarantee to cure the disease completely.

This ancient Chinese treatment better known as acupuncture has been practiced by Chinese medical people from the Stone Age and so it has several merits to it.

Many Merits

Learning the fact that it can not fully cure the disease should not let ourselves disregard the merits in applying this particular form of treatment.

The many benefits the acupuncture has to offer made oncologists to recommend this form of treatment prior to a surgery and after chemotherapy.

Relief from pain can be experienced through acupuncture and it controls nausea. There are more than three hundred different types of cancer diseases that affect almost every area of ​​the human body.

It is necessary for a cancer patient to change their lifestyle to a healthier one which will help to prevent further deterioration in the cancer condition although acupuncture cancer treatment is effective.

Diagnosing a condition at an early stage is another vital aspect to acupuncture cancer treatment because when symptoms are diagnosed at once the treatment will also effect immediately and chances of recovery will be enhanced.

When it comes to providing relief from the pain caused by undergoing surgeries, acupuncture cancer treatment is most effective while it helps patients to avoid painkilling medicines just to alleviate pain caused by surgery.

Acupuncture cancer treatment is extremely affordable, giving you another good reason to take it into consideration, compared to surgical treatments that are very expensive and cause patients to feel weak as well as ill.

Suffering from cancer is undeniably a struggle; there is the agonizing pain and suffering as you undergo chemotherapy or surgery. Since acupuncture cancer treatment is far better, natural and effective treatment option, opting to it is certainly a wise decision.

It is been a long period of time since the ancient Asians have discovered acupuncture depression treatment to be an excellent answer for people suffering from depressed states of mind.

Acupuncture was proven to be very effective in treating depression and not only that, the results can be felt immediately following a session of acupuncture treatment even these days when modern medicine has come up with many medications to treat depression.

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What is an Acupuncture Meridian Chart

After making a diagnosis in the practice of acupuncture, the acupuncturist must have different charts to refer from so that the needles or pressure can be inserted precisely according to the needs of a certain person.

Depending on the needs of the person being treated, one can select from acupuncture point charts, ear acupuncture charts and acupuncture meridian charts.

Listed on an acupuncture meridian chart are twenty meridians that connect each of the four hundred acupuncture points. Also used are the twelve regular channels and eight extraordinary meridians that connect the points.

Related to the arms and legs are the twelve standard ones and encompass all the body's major systems. All of these are divided into two groups, known as the yin and the yang, which are correlating functions.

So that balance is achieved by the body, all of which counterbalance the others and work together to form a whole.

Twelve Meridians

Related to the hand are six meridians and another six related to the foot according to an acupuncture meridian chart. One of the most important elements such as wood, earth, fire or water or metal is also related to yin and yang as to each meridian.

Certain organ of the body is related to each meridian, therefore when a particular area is treated; it is the organ that received the treatment.

The lungs, heart, pericardium, triple heater, small intestine and the large intestine are covered by the meridians of the hand. These are typically in the major elements of metal or fire as they are tied to a yin or yang.

On the other hand, the spleen, kidney, liver, gallbladder, bladder and stomach are covered by the meridians of the foot. All of these are also tied to a yin or yang and cover the primary elements of water, wood and earth according to an acupuncture meridian chart.

In order to treat ailments in the patient relating to these functions of the body, each of these points is treated through the insertion of needles or applying pressure to these points.

It is due to the body getting out of balance in one of these regions why ailments occurs in the patient as the yin or yang is not functioning properly which leads to out balance of the whole body and this is actually the idea behind acupuncture.

The flow between regions can be restored to the proper balance if the acupuncture meridian chart is followed correctly, thus resulting to the body becoming whole again while balanced in yin and yang is achieved.

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Difference Between Modern and Ancient Chinese Acupuncture

Even during prehistoric times, acupuncture has been into existence for thousands of years. Along the course of Chinese history, it has also come along back then. There are several approaches to acupuncture in different parts of the world. Moreover, there are also various explanations that can be derived from it as to how and why it works, together with different practices.

In primeval China, what generally used to explain the effects of acupuncture was the doctrine of the Taoist. Neverheless, some forms of scientific explanations were now delivered as to why it works. In modern practice, the integration of East and West philosophy is noticeable.

There were no needles back then when acupuncture emerged. What were used in Ancient times was carved stones according to historian's belief. They started to use needles about 2,000 years ago. Since the needles can give a greater effect, it is assumed that it was developed after massage and acupressure.

How Ancient Chinese Acupuncture Works

It can not be denied that Chinese medicine acupuncture plays a vital responsibility in promoting one's health and restoring balance. While several scientists are still in a state of enigma as to how it works, the basic understanding is that enkephalins and endorphins are produced through stimulation of pressure points on various parts of the body.

These, when compared to any prescription drug, are far more potent as they are the body's natural pain killers. In primordial Chinese acupuncture, the immune systems are stimulated, muscles are relieved, and the inflammation is reduced. Since all of the major organs in the body depend on natural electricity, it there before helps out in improving energy flow. Different conditions including obesity, arthritis, menstrual cramps, back ache, injury, and more are effectively treated.

Modern acupuncture and ancient Chinese acupuncture are basically the same except for the blending of acupuncture with other treatments to enhance its effectiveness. Let's say for instance, in order to stimulate the pressure points, an electro-acupuncture along with the application of pulsating electrical currents is employed as well as the use of laser applying a laser beam to pressure points instead of needles.

Ancient Chinese acupuncture can be tracked down since stones were still used to insert into pressure points. The overall philosophy and process did not evolve despite its healing technique has made many advances. Why not give yourself a try on your next medical treatment if you want to experience the health benefits of this ancient healing wisdom.

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How Does Chinese Acupuncture Work?

You may have idea about Chinese acupuncture. Some people claim it as a new approach, but in reality, it's been into existence for many centuries.

This alternative treatment has various forms, we have acupuncture in Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries but its origins come from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

It is transported out in order to promote better physical well-being by means of inserting fine needles into certain points of the body.

What you can locate in areas known as merdians are different points in the body. Different organs of the body are represented by these meridians.

It is believed those human beings are made up of life energy known as qi. This is actually the principle behind ancient and modern Chinese acupuncture. Illness arises when qi becomes imbalanced.

When qi is excessive, it is needed to be drained, but when a person lacks it, certain areas are needed to be refurbished. This qi is often blocked and becomes idle, so the role of acupuncture is to prevent that energy blockage.

Why Chinese Acupuncture Works

Many scientists argued that Chinese acupuncture and TCM in general is quackery for the reason that there is no anatomical or histological basis for the location of meridians.

Yet still, acupuncture treatment success rates can not be disregarded even by the most devoted proponent of Western medicine.

Scientifically, they found it hard to explain how it works but it's been believed that what promot its miraculous healing is through stimulation of acupuncture points while releasing steroids and endorphins.

Let's say you insert a fine needle into a knee injury, natural steroids will then be produced due to stimulation of the body that alleviates infection and pain is relieved through the aid of endorphins.

In contrast, prescription drugs are less potent and powerful compared to endorphins and steroids in the body.

Also considered important in TCM and Chinese acupuncture is the balancing of yin and yang is. These are opposing forces that could be likened to light and dark, male and female, and black and white.

Yin and Yang work in synergy but a disease may develop when these two forces become imbalanced.

Now, you've definitely learned. If you doubt against traditional Chinese philosophy, you can not even ignore Chinese acupuncture's effectiveness.

In addition, it is 100% safe and comes within your means. You can prove it to yourself. This ancient Chinese medicine has therapeutic effects that can bring real benefits even to modern citizens.

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Use Ear Acupuncture Chart to Cure Ailments

There are different regions of the ear that can be sued using ear acupuncture chart since it also shows the parts of the body. This is recommended rather than using a regular acupuncture chart, which can be found for free online.

People promoting ear acupuncture use also the methods provided by the charts. In view of the fact that the systems of the body are all contained in the ear acupuncture chart, then there will be no need for a body acupuncturist.

Furthermore, using needle although important in acupuncture is not always the case when doing ear acupuncture because dull end of the needle can stimulate the ear also at the different pressure points or even a fingernail to stimulate the sore places of the ear, the areas where out of balance in the body can be located.

The System

Some can use a toothpick or similar piece of stuff to prick the various points on the ear finding the areas that are most tender to the touch in order to diagnose the problem areas.

Then the person can start using the needle for insertion into those points when the areas are located. A fine sewing sterilized needle can also be used in the absence of acupuncture needle.

After a needle has been inserted about two millimeters into the skin of the ear, according to ear acupuncture charts, rolling gently the needle is needed between the fingers with the intention to spin it in that point.

As long as the patient can endure the pain in that area, it should be twirled. So that all of the pain that is affecting that area can be gotten out of the system, moving the needle in circular is needed.

The needle might need to be inserted close by the area and twirled again, rotating it in a circle until all of the pain is worked out of the ear if there is a lot of tension in that particular area.

Many of the internal systems of the body such as the bladder, large and small intestine, the stomach, diaphragm, heart, gall bladder and uterus, just to mention only few are covered by the inner part of the ear near the ear hole as it shows at the ear acupuncture charts.

The fingers, wrist, knee, toes, ankle and tonsils are encompassed by the top of the ear. The shoulder, chest, appendix, spell, and elbow are affected by moving to the outer part of the ear.

The mouth, tonsils, eyes, teeth and blood pressure are covered by the ear lobe while the back of the ear encompasses headways, coughs and the lower back.

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What is an Acupuncture Chart?

It is necessary for a person to be trained in the ancient Chinese medicine of acupuncture before following acupuncture charts. Therefore, primary to individual's use of the acupuncture chart is properly as to how needles being inserted in some points of the body accurately for treatment, one must learn different areas of knowledge first.

An acupuncturist bought to spend time with the patient to diagnose what the patient's main concern. Through the person's medical history including the examination of his body, all of these can be determined.

Far away from the traditional medicine, acupuncturists take a look at a face of a person to begin with for a diagnosis.

For acupuncturist, the tongue is particularly considered important, the fact that through it, person's main issues can be read and examined like its shape, color, coating and teeth marks.

Person's breathing is also checked by acupuncturists as well as the tongue as they listen to any out of breath sounds or other breathing abnormalities.

Another way is through the palpitation of the body, where the person's 'ashi' points are determined by an acupuncturist and the stored things are found on these tender points of a person's body, also to include is the palpitating the fingers and wrist.

Above all these observations, the questions called the 'seven inquiries' which help an acupuncturist to determine the person's needs of acupuncture must also be carried out.

Whether individuals chills or fever, or to their perspiration, or if they have pain, what their sleep is like, what their appetite, thirst and taste is like, how they defecate and urinate, and also menses and leucorrhea, all are covered on these inquiries.

Reading the Charts

It is on acupuncture point chart where an acupuncturist referred to when showing where the needles are to be inserted in the individual's body to alleviate whatever issues he or she is suffering after the problem has been determined.

Where the fourteen channels of the body are and the flowing of the Qi and 'Blood' through the body, the charts will show them.

These channels have something to do with the different functions in the body and these are all related to the major systems of the body such as the lung, stomach, spleen, heart, bladder and kidney.

Parts of the body that are not covered by the main channels also have the 'ashi' points that are used to relieve pain. These points base on the acupuncture charts are locations of accumulated stagnation resulting to pain.

Any person's affected areas can be cured by inserting needles into the body by following the different points on the acupuncture chart.

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Acupuncture Treatment – Reliving the Balance of Energy in Your Body

It's been thousands of years when ancient Chinese medical treatment method known as acupuncture has been put into practice by that country. The use of acupuncture gathers other Asian countries and also spread in the west.

Basically, the treatment requires the use of acupuncture needles which will be inserted into certain human body points resulting to patient's relief from their symptoms.

Since acupuncture has also spiritual side that revolves around the idea of ​​yin and yang which are opposing yet balancing energy forces that work together and which need to be controlled by acupuncture treatment only means that there is more to acupuncture than its treatment.

Recognition In The US

When a reporter (James Reston) of the New York Times provided a graphic description about his acupuncture experiences in China in the year 1971, it was then when it really got recognition in the USA.

The purpose is to treat the pain following following a surgery where acupuncture comes in. In the USA, its use is harmonized under the supervision of the FDA which has spelt out guidelines on its use.

Sterilizing acupuncture needles and using them only once after which they must be discarded are required for proper treatment while only the qualified acupuncturist must used these needles.

The idea of ​​the body having energy flowing through it and ailments and diseases will start to affect you when this energy loses its normal balance is where all acupuncture treatment revolves around.

Needles need to be inserted into certain points of the human body. When these needles have already been inserted, endorphins are then released alleviating pain and stress and sometimes put the human body in a calm state.

For several years, Chinese acupuncturists have been able to identify pathways in the human body.

These pathways conduct energy all over the body and when they are blocked, acupuncture treatment is used to unblock these pathways restoring a person's health and well-being.

To enable the acupuncture treatment even more beneficial and effective, burning certain herbs can help.

Curing infertility problems is another benefit that can be derived from using acupuncture treatment.

This is for a fact that people getting trouble with conceiving are usually given the acupuncture injury treatment. Some people can not even resist themselves from declaring that acupuncture miraculously cures their infertility problem.

You must therefore try out acupuncture treatment for your various health problems if you can end the slight punctures of a needle being inserted into your body.

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Get Free Acupuncture Charts Online

Acupuncture body charts have different categories and types available for both students and doctors and is easy to find for the right one to suit your purposes. Available to mention are the Chinese hand, the five elements, treatment of headaches, meridian, and microsystems of the face and head acupuncture charts.

Excellent to keep in notebooks are the compact chart designs where walls wall charts are very suitable for clinical offices. Many charts feature first-class artwork and some designs come in larger sizes are very fitting to be laminated.

Both black and white, as well as full color charts are offered, and there are several free acupuncture charts available for downloading.

For those who are interested to learn acupuncture, there is a wide-range of free acupuncture charts available for a student or for anyone new to the world of alternative medicine.

However, these free acupuncture charts come in black and white and are very simple to be purchased. There are few available good sources in the internet for free acupuncture charts.

One great source for acupuncture information are found in which offers number of articles, an abundance copy of books and charts, a list of national organizations and some are obtainable for free.

Searching and downloading free acupuncture charts can be done without hassle through the use of product directory. Illustration of the five element theory exists in the “Five Element” chart, which is the foundation of acupuncture and meridian therapy.

Also available is the “Cardinal Points of Acupuncture” chart, which outlines 41 cardinal points and lists the particular conditions, functions and parts of the body related to each point.

Obtainable in Portable Document Format (PDF) providing detailed anatomical acupuncture point locations via different anatomy diagrams, and includes cardinal points, command points and the five element correspondences is the superb “acupuncture point locations” document.

Insight Publishing in Temecula, California produces the Qi Journal promoting traditional Chinese culture and medicine throughout the world since it has an associated website.

You will discover on this website (qi-journal) an interactive acupuncture model, which will display the associated Pinyin name, location and indications and allows you to click on acupuncture points anywhere on the body.

Great listing of meridians and acupuncture points are also a searchable giving you the opportunity to select various acupuncture meridians and encounter a list of the related acupuncture points.

If you know the locator ID or the Pinyin name, you can also search this listing for specific points or through specific indications or ailments. This interactive tool can be a very useful resource for the meanime without the free hardcopy acupuncture chart.

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Buy Acupuncture Body Charts

Knowledge about the human body and the special acupuncture points that are helpful in bringing the desired results are required to be learn first when it comes to learning how acupuncture works.

Available to be purchased are the many standard acupuncture body charts which help in identifying the acupuncture points on the front and back of the human body and also name and locations of the meridians.

The fourteen major meridians including corresponding acupuncture acupuncture points must be accurately provided in an acupuncture body chart.

Types of Acupuncture Body Charts

Acupuncture charts diagrams the various meridian conduits and the acupuncture point locations and not to explain how to insert needle into the body.

The existing different acupuncture points also match up some specific body parts as well as body function or disorder requiring treatment as shown in the acupuncture body charts.

Charts for the ear, foot, head and stomach are common in many charts. These charts are to be used as visual aid and as a supplement for the literature available on healing by means of acupuncture.

One of the many types of acupuncture charts available is the acupuncture meridians chart, which locates the main acupuncture meridians spot.

However, make sure to obtain the updated charts that include various details if you plan to purchase acupuncture body charts.

A number of acupuncture body charts can be bought in sets that are divided into areas of acupuncture points all over the body, such as the back, neck, front, back and lateral sides of the human body including the trunk of the body and various other parts of the human anatomy.

What will help you comprehend how natural changes within your body and outside environment affect your health is the five element chart according to the five element theory.

These five elements are the earth, wood, fire, metal and water while the five element chart shows the relation among those specific aspects of your body and mind.

Several meridian wall charts are also available for clinical or classroom use. Make sure to search for charts that have pictures and location of points, and a list of each point with the appropriate Chinese name and indications, as well as the five element correspondences, when looking for acupuncture meridian wall charts ,.

There are gallbladder charts that contain Chinese hand acupuncture points for headaches, as well as heart, liver and stomach charts in addition to the typical meridian acupuncture body chart.

It may be worth your while to research the particular associated meridian and acupuncture points if you are interested in healing a particular ailment and then get the suitable chart to assist you in healing session.

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What Are the Best Acupuncture Needles?

A form of alternative medicine treatment that requires the insertion of fine, thin needles into certain points of the body to stimulate a positive response is called acupuncture.

This form of alternative treatment offers various opinions so as the needles that are used with it. They are made of stainless steel and extremely fine and strong are the best choice.

Regarding the best acupuncture needle, there are various opinions about which between the Japanese and the Chinese acupuncture problems do extremely well.

The Japanese needle is fairly thinner and finer compared to Chinese needle. All the rest of the specifications are the same except the said difference.

The Difference Between The Two

The debate between the Japanese and the Chinese regards which is the best must have been settled a long time ago.

Some people do not see any point in arguing which type of needle is the best to use in the practice of acupuncture and instead place greater stock in the technique. The depth of insertion is another difference between the two cultures with regards to practicing acupuncture.

The Japanese do not insert their problems too deep while the Chinese insert them deeper because of the belief that it will bring better result.

The art of acupuncture is believed by many people that it was perfected by the Japanese permanently the fact that the practice of acupuncture origin from China.

The edict that less is more is also attributed to the Japanese practitioners of acupuncture as they prefer to insert just enough needles in to the patient.

Conversely, this form of alternative treatment has been practiced by the Chinese for centuries so it can be said they have as well perfected it. In their acupuncture chart, both of these cultures have similar notations and meridians.

The debate regarding which of the two needles is the best acupuncture needle has not been finalized; this is due to the fact that there is a huge difference between comparing techniques from comparing which is the best acupuncture needle.

The safer way to approach the problem concerns which is the best acupuncture needle must depend on who is performing the procedure and who is the receiver. Other people who practice acupuncture feel that what they are using is the best acupuncture needle.

Well, since we have this saying, practice makes perfect, the idea describes a merit and as one keeps on practicing a specific kind of needle, this individual will certainly improve.

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Buy Acupuncture Wall Charts

There is no doubt that the ancient Chinese medicinal art of acupuncture treatment is considered as important alternative healing today.

The positioning of long thin needles on various points on the body is involved in acupuncture and the proper positioning must be studied carefully.

There are available acupuncture wall charts which demonstrate major points and pathways including high quality artwork to specifically assist you. These charts are plastic-coated making it great for clinical offices use.

Wall to Wall Acupuncture Body Charts

Acupuncture is an ancient form of medical procedures widely use in the world today.

Studying the five element theory is one of the best ways to initially understand it. You can determine which element is associated with any symptom or discomfort you're experiencing by referring to the five element chart.

A potential lung imbalance will be indicated in the five element chart if you are crying a lot for example or feeling sad. As you install the Five Element acupuncture wall chart, you will find it easy to associate the various body / mind relationships linked with each organ.

Major points and pathways are exposed in the acupuncture meridian point wall charts, and identify the location of points precisely in reference to muscular landmarks or bony landmarks.

Detailed illustrations are typically included in these charts and often come in sets in harmony with the twelve core meridians.

The microsystems of the acupuncture wall charts of the face and head typically include a chart of the Chinese scalp system, Chinese face microsystem, and Chinese nose system.

Associations of various parts of the body and the main meridian system are provided in these microsystems charts.

The Chinese hand acupuncture and dental meridian charts are fairly less popular but very practical. Intended for massage therapists and acupuncturists, the hand charts are more than ever useful.

Since it is believed that pathological information is reflected on the hand, traditional Chinese medicine often used the hand to diagnose diseases. It is also thought that acupuncture methods can be used to prevent and treat disease, improve the quality of life, and maintain health by applying various types of stimulation to specific areas of the hand.

Very useful in this type of treatment are the hand acupuncture wall charts, mainly those that include close-up visuals.

On the other hand, dental acupuncture charts demonstrate the associations among teeth and other parts of the body.

When probing an oral acupuncture point or points that have turned into very intolerable to localized pressure, this chart can be used for both diagnostic and treatment purposes.

Specific acupuncture meridians under stress are mapped in these sensitive points and can be used to treat sinusitis, digestive disorders and allergic conditions.

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How to Use an Acupuncture Point Chart

In order for the needles to be inserted into the person's body accurately according to the needs and specification of a person, traditional acupuncturists use acupuncture points.

All the major systems in the person's body are being referred to by points on the chart along with the points of stagnation areas which cause pain to various parts of the body.

After the acupuncturist's evaluation on the person's needs according to their background and body examination, acupuncture point charts are employed.

The acupuncture meridian chart of the different insertion points can be communicated base on the person's needs once the examination has been completed.


Checking the person's face and tongue is what generally entails by the evaluation process. The size and shape of the tongue is examined, or are there there teeth marks on the tongue, and also for the painting, any films on it.

Then a series of questions as regards to their bodily functions and activities like how frequently they urinate and defecate and what it's look like, how their appetite is including their thirst and tastes, whether they have fever or chills, and other functions such as menses, are being asked by acupuncturist on the person.

The palpitation of the body at various points such the wrist and fingers, searching for any tender points that need to be addressed are also being carried out by the acupuncturist side of the questions.

From the acupuncture point chart, the acupuncturist will determine where the needles need to be inserted in the person's body to help them with their problems after the evaluation is done.

Listed on the acupuncture point chart are the twelve primary channels which encompass all the major organs and systems in the body.

These systems and organs include the stomach, heart, spleen, gall bladder, kidney, lung, small intestine, large intestine, liver, pericardium, San Jiao and bladder.

Correspond to these different pathways are yin and yang channels in the body which are shown at acupuncture point charts. Each arm holds three yin and three yang channels and in each leg enterprises three yin and three yang channels, too.

These channels are found in the foot, in the hand, and also encompass the major systems of the body mentioned above.

The areas referred by the acupuncture point chart are evaluated through the insertion of needles and depending on what is needed by that particular individual, a pressure is also applied to the areas.

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Acupuncture Infertility Treatment – Does it Work?

Acupuncture infection treatment claims to have almost miraculous results and proves to be effective while some modern conventional medicine does the opposite results. Although most people refer to this olden Chinese medical treatment method with darkened rooms and lowered voices as well as continuous needle pricks, it brings although good results.

This is for a fact that acupuncture incertility treatment can assure you the complete cure for your infertility along with total relaxation.

Consult A Doctor

When the flow of energy is interrupted or blocked, a person will develop ailments resulting to ill but when the energy flow properly within the body, it promotes general well-being, this is in fact the premium where acupuncture works.

There are various treatments that suit different people as regard to the effectiveness.

In order for you to find which particular form is suitable for your particular condition, it is advised for you to consult a doctor.

It is very advisable to anyone to undergo an acupuncture incertility treatment especially for individuals suffering from reduced sperm count, improper quality of eggs, miscarriage, problems in ovulation as well as blockage to fallopian tubes. In addition, for people who already have tried various alternative treatment methods without being successful in curing their infertility problems, it is especially recommended to them.

Since it is affordable and the treatment itself is safe, natural and not quite painless, this gives you more reason to consider going for acupuncture urethritis treatment. During the entire acupuncture injury treatment, you will not even feel any discomfort. Involves in acupuncture infertility treatment is the usual pricking of needles into your earlobes, eyebrows and even the eyelids and ears as well as fingertips.

The patient needs to calm down between thirty to forty-five minutes once the needles have been inserted into different areas.

All the infertility problems are in fact guaranteed to be cured through acupuncture infertility treatment and the requirements is only to undertake the procedure between three and four sessions for fully treatment.

Allergies are so uncomfortable despite its symptoms vary from one person to another. There are so many options for allergy treatment, but selecting acupuncture allergy treatment is a good decision. In fact, it is becoming more popular to people nowdays than the homeopathy, different kinds of therapies or even yoga.

Another good thing is that it brings no side effects while your acupuncturist can devise a plan that will ensure timely relief and complete cure for your infertility.

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