Acupuncture is a Chinese medical therapy which involves the activation of key points in your body using meticulously inserted needles and it requires various types of acupuncture equipment. With the growing demand for acupuncture treatments, these acupuncture supplies and equipment are readily provided to the market in order to ensure that your patient gets the most fulfilling acupuncture treatment achievable. Traditional Chinese medicine clinics have huge variations as far as the used acupuncture supplies are concerned. Sometimes contamination controls are performed in order to check the traditional Chinese medicine products in order to maintain an acupuncture medical clinic risk-free. Several providers carry large lines of acupuncture supplies which are often ordered online. Of course, you can also check out your local store.


The acupuncture needle is definitely the basic and most important acupuncture instrument. It has the ability to produce remarkable healing results. Understanding how acupuncture needles are manufactured, the various types of handles, used metals and needle tips will allow you to select the right needle for the suitable application on the patient. Even though many acupuncture products do not permeate the skin like eg acupuncture needles, cleanliness is still a significant matter. Most expert acupuncturists use pre-sterilized needle packages intended to be disposed after the treatment of each patient. Acupuncture needles are available in a number of sizes and diameters, depending on their intention and on which part of the body they are to be utilized. In ancient Chinese procedure, there have been as much as nine kinds of needles. Needles are crafted from a number of metals such as gold and silver, along with much less standard materials similar to stone or bones. In contemporary acupuncture, the most typical form of needle is the metal filiform, or thread-like needle made from stainless steel.

Moxa sticks

Numerous practitioners of acupuncture also carry out moxibustion and have to source moxa products among their other acupuncture supplies. It is a type of heat treatment which stimulates acupuncture points on the body. For that reason, acupuncture supplies often combine herbal products for moxibustion, moxa sticks or rolls, incense and extinguishers for moxibustion. Typically, the moxa wool is compressed or rolled into a cigar shape, which makes it simple for the practitioner to steer the burning ember over the body. A very important variation of the common moxa stick consists of smokeless moxa, which is typically a carbonized blend of moxa and herbs. This makes it practically smokeless when burned. Sook moxa sticks are made from a mix of wormwood, sagebrush and mugwort which produce a nice aroma of burning wood.

Cupping set

The cupping treatment therapy is an alternative treatment by which cups are positioned onto the skin to produce suction. The cups are made of various materials, which include earthenware, glass and bamboo. Proponents of cupping therapy believe that the suction of the cups mobilizes blood circulation to enhance the recovery of a wide range of health concerns. Nowadays, there are a number of cupping sets available on the market which integrate the usage of magnets and a vacuum pump sometimes in combination with a hot flame.

Acupuncture models and charts

Acupuncture models are often used by specialist acupuncturists. Most acupuncture supply shops store these auxiliary products. These acupuncture models are a particular replica of the human body which indicates the acupuncture points on the meridians, which often serves as guides to find these points on a real patient. These models are generally made out of durable soft vinyl plastic material and mounted on a solid wood platform.