An art of treating illnesses by means of piercing the body at certain points with the use of very thin needles is known as acupuncture. Now, it is also used as ancestry. The term derives from the Latin words “acus” which means “needle” and “pungere”, meaning “to puncture.”

The needle used is usually made of stainless steel and of gold at times. With much experimenting over the centuries, this method of treatment became popular.

In China, acupuncture is highly developed. However, the origin of its anesthetic use was only dated back to about the year 1957, the beginning of its developing period.

The government ordered that traditional acupuncturists and herbal practitioners to grant them the status of being a physician because the needs of the government-enforced national health care were great, and the number of Western-trained doctors was small.

The Traditional Chinese medicine and the Western-oriented medicine were then merged. So doctors cooperated with acupuncturists as they learn from each other.

Before applying the procedure on patients, the doctors who are not acquainted with the practice are said to have tried the needles on themselves for a year. In addition to its typical use for various illnesses, experiments began in its use as an anesthetic, one result of so many more persons learning acupuncture.

The experiments applying acupuncture as an anesthesia were successful from the beginning and about 500,000 such procedures have been performed since 1966.

Acupuncture now has become the preferred method of anesthesia in China despite the use of it as an anesthesia is still considered experimental.

The length of its analgesic effect is said to be eight hours and up, then and only then, the needles could be applied again to tie the pain.

The Use of Medical Acupuncture for Cure

It could be observed that the introduction of medical acupuncture is indeed a gigantic break from numerous researches on the medical approaches used to cure various health problems in the society today.

It could also be observed that the acceptance of oriental healing in the process is actually a matter of concern with the utilization of medical acupuncture.

Undeniably, people all over the world already obtained the necessary knowledge that they want to be able to accept the approach to alternative healing with the different developments that medical acupuncture has gone through.

There are courses on acupuncture medical practice that could best be used for skills development in using acupuncture for those who desire to learn more about medical acupuncture process.