Lower back pain can make you feel a variety of symptoms like having a burning sensation, dull aching or sharp pain. You may also feel weakness in your leg muscles or feet.

What may cause your pain in the back is that you may have been doing a lot of things improperly like standing, sitting, lifting or even your sleeping position. One simple movement like bending or reaching something may lead to the pain in the lower part of your back.

Signs and symptoms of pain alter from person to person, stress level, physical activities, changes in the weather and even the time of the day. The following are the most common symptoms of pain:

– Difficulty in standing straight or standing for a long time in one position
– Discomfort while sitting
– Sleeping position uneasiness
– Weakness and leg fatigue while walking
– Pain that circulates into the buttocks or legs
– Pain and stiffness of lower back

The lower back carries most of the weight and stress of your body. Pain in the back often comes from strained back muscles and ligaments. It is caused by improper lifting, twisting or bending. Lower back pain may also be caused by muscle spasm. In many cases, the authentic cause of lower back pain may not be noticeable.

Lower back pain may also occur from the following bound conditions:

– Spinal Stenosis occurs when the space around the spinal cord and nerve roots contract due to arthritis and bone overgrowth.

– Herniated disk occurs when disk material constrains on a nerve.

– Sciatica often occurs when a herniated disk meddles on the sciatic nerve that causes sharp pain through the buttocks and back of leg.

– Spondylosis type of arthritis that affects the spinal and leads to severe pain in the back.

– Spondylolithesis occurs when one vertebra in the spinal column moves forward over another.

– Cancer in the spinal, a tumor on the spinal can condense on a nerve that causes back pain.

– Cauda Equina Syndrome is a neurological problem that causes fatigue of legs, numbness of groin area and loss of bladder control.

– Injury refers to the damage to ligaments, muscles or bones.

– Infection of the spinal means if a fever appends back pain, it may cause to infection.

Other causes of back pain are smoking, poor physical and overall fitness increase the risk for low back pain problems.