The Chinese have their own theories, practices and beliefs as part of their heritage and culture that has been passed down from generation to generation over the centuries like other culture in the world.

The holistic practices have been continued into today's society as it was in ancient times and is applied around the globe by various religions as a holistic approach to health.

Balancing the whole thing inside the body is the basis of Chinese acupuncture foundations for total harmony within the body, mind and soul. However, there will be those who may plead to different within the religious realms somewhere in society.

Some doctors apply medical acupuncture in their surgeries, but they do not follow the same old ancient tradition practices as the Chinese do.

It is purely another avenue for doctors to reap the financial benefits by expanding their expertise, as they study the fundamentals. The ancient tradition of acupuncture, on the other hand, goes unfathomable into the roots of the Chinese being territory, being in one with oneself.

Like karma, balance and harmony are the foundations for everyday life. Before BC years existence, the fundamentals of Chinese acupuncture has started its way and up until now, the treatment is still practice on.

The use of healing stones known as reiki is also used including herbs and teas along with special rituals and massages, are learn as part of Chinese acupuncture foundations and not only to include the use of hair fine like needles to penetrate the body.

Is It Mind Over Matter?

Many patients have recovered from sessions for treating them employing Chinese acupuncture since the fact that the practice and uses of its fundamentals have not been scientifically proven.

In the treatment of ailments, the practice of the fundamentals of Chinese acupuncture only proves that it could be more about mind over matter. The body will heal itself naturally from ailments when a positive mind is created.

The World Health Organization approves educated doctors to carry out these procedures to cure patients ranging from bodily disorders to diseases though it is said that medical acupuncture is also based on the fundamentals of Chinese acupuncture.

There are few limitations of acupuncture, let's say surgery for example amputation, we are well identified that it does not fall into this category itself.

With the use of very fine needles to heal the body itself, acupuncture is merely blocking or unlocking bodily information to or from the central nervous system.