Taping is done with the help of various kinds of tapes. There are many types of Kinesiology tapes, which are used in various purposes. As for example, ticker, friction, adhesive, and magnetic tapes are mostly common in use. Rock tape helps people in many ways.

Taping may be done with the help of using a kind of band or strip or strap attached to the skin. It usually mitigates pain and helps to recover from various illnesses. It also helps in supporting the ligaments and capsules of unsteady joints. Beside taping, other wraps or braces can be applied to strengthening the injured area. Braces can change the muscular functions, but it may not help in this case.

The sportsmen and sportswomen generally use athletic tape to help them recover from sensitive joints and when they remain busy in their physical activities.

Various types of taping work in varied ways. As for example, neck tape supports the trapezious muscles. The black “Y” strap is needed in case of this taping. Again, arm it relieves from the syndrome of carpel tunnel where one needs the “X” and “I” tape. The athletes who lift weight may need shoulder taping for stabilizing their shoulder muscles. In this case, the athletes may require the “Y” and “I” strips.

Some taping methods are now used in changing muscle tone, moving lymphatic fluids, and curing and improving posture. The McConnell taping method is a good idea that helps in improving the biochemical progress of one's body. This kinds of tape is used for only less than 18 hours of time because they are very stiff and extremely adhesive.

It is said that it is of great benefits for the patients also. In some medical hospitals, the Kinesiology tape was applied and the doctors found out that it helped in relieving pain and anxiety of the patients to a great extent. In addition, Athletes tape may help in decreasing pain, relieving soreness, and muscle relaxing. In some cases, the skin of the body gets aroused. The unnatural feeling on the skin and muscles are relieved while using the tapes on the body properly. The facial functions are improved because of returning homeostasis to the matrix of the fascia. The weak and rigid muscles are greatly helped because the elasticity of the it reproduces and develops the utilities of the fibers and tendons of the muscles.

But despite all of the above descriptions, some critiques comment that there are no scientific or logical or medical proofs to authenticate the usefulness of this. Some specialists discovered that the taping tape was really effective in the muscular movements or activities, but other specialists could not confirm that Rock tape was really helpful.

Some experts are still doubful about how the tape works for the benefits of the athletes or other users. It may happen that the athletes' own positive thinking about the benefits of the taping tapes might help them (the athletes) boost up their confidence in athletic activities. However, some athletes cursorily say that it really work for them.

Kinesiology tape, the human kinetics, is the principal field of study for the utilization of various kinds of taping tapes on the skins of human beings. So, first of all, this technology should have developed for the betterment of mankind.