About 2000 years ago acupuncture was originated from China. It was invented as an alternative or complementary of medicine. Actually acupuncture is a form of medicine in which thin needles are inserted into several specific points of the body to improve the overall health and welfare of a person. Acupuncturists believe that by inserting thin needles into some specific points of the body, the flow of energy will re-balance. Traditional Chinese medicine theory states that acupuncture is a technique that balances the flow of life force or energy, generally known as chi (chee) or Qi that flows through the pathways in the body.

Uses of acupuncture:

Acupuncture practitioners apply acupuncture technique for the treatment of several health conditions. It is frequently used for the treatment of pain conditions including headache, dental pain and lower back pain. However, it is also used against the conditions ranging from anxiety to infertility and asthma.

Does acupuncture really work?

Some acupuncturists and scientists believe that it may stimulate the muscle tissue and the nerves, and most probably these are the main reasons for the beneficial effects. Research has proved that acupuncture decreased nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy and surgery. It can less pains as well. But, researchers fail to understand the total working process of acupuncture. Therefore, more research is required before using acupuncture method worldwide for the welfare of the patients.

Risks and side effects:

The US Food and Drug Administration regulates the needles of acupuncture that are used by only licensed practitioners. It is very important to manufacture and label the needles according to specific criteria. Only a few impediments of the application of acupuncture have been reported to the FDA. However, complications had been addressed due to the insufficient sterilization of needles and for indecent delivery of treatments. Therefore, acupuncturists should apply a standard set of disposable needles for each patient and also they should swab the instruments with disinfectants before applying needles. Acupuncture can cause a serious effect including punctured organs and infection, if the needles are not inserted properly.