In order for the needles to be inserted into the person's body accurately according to the needs and specification of a person, traditional acupuncturists use acupuncture points.

All the major systems in the person's body are being referred to by points on the chart along with the points of stagnation areas which cause pain to various parts of the body.

After the acupuncturist's evaluation on the person's needs according to their background and body examination, acupuncture point charts are employed.

The acupuncture meridian chart of the different insertion points can be communicated base on the person's needs once the examination has been completed.


Checking the person's face and tongue is what generally entails by the evaluation process. The size and shape of the tongue is examined, or are there there teeth marks on the tongue, and also for the painting, any films on it.

Then a series of questions as regards to their bodily functions and activities like how frequently they urinate and defecate and what it's look like, how their appetite is including their thirst and tastes, whether they have fever or chills, and other functions such as menses, are being asked by acupuncturist on the person.

The palpitation of the body at various points such the wrist and fingers, searching for any tender points that need to be addressed are also being carried out by the acupuncturist side of the questions.

From the acupuncture point chart, the acupuncturist will determine where the needles need to be inserted in the person's body to help them with their problems after the evaluation is done.

Listed on the acupuncture point chart are the twelve primary channels which encompass all the major organs and systems in the body.

These systems and organs include the stomach, heart, spleen, gall bladder, kidney, lung, small intestine, large intestine, liver, pericardium, San Jiao and bladder.

Correspond to these different pathways are yin and yang channels in the body which are shown at acupuncture point charts. Each arm holds three yin and three yang channels and in each leg enterprises three yin and three yang channels, too.

These channels are found in the foot, in the hand, and also encompass the major systems of the body mentioned above.

The areas referred by the acupuncture point chart are evaluated through the insertion of needles and depending on what is needed by that particular individual, a pressure is also applied to the areas.