Finding insomnia remedies that work without resorting to drugs, can be difficult. To find natural insomnia remedies is in the long run preferred to taking sleeping pills.

Not getting enough sleep, or not getting good enough sleep, can be extremely frustrating. It can even be dangerous, causing daytime sleepiness while driving, for example, and it can also lead to sleep apnea.

Not being able to go to sleep, or waking up during the night, is that a familiar subject. The task is to research which cure for insomnia that works well for you out of the myriad of methods available.

The easiest way is to just take a sleeping tablet. Of course medication works well if it is a temporary solution, but as long term therapy it will not work.

Your body will gradually get used to the sleeping pills so you will need to increase the dosage.

So most of us look for alternative, “natural” methods. Common suggestions involve abstaining from stimulating foods and drinks in the evening, making sure the bedroom is dark, quiet and cool, learning to “wind down” and learning techniques to relax.

In this article I will introduce an alternative method, closely related to acupuncture. This is an age old method that is often used to cure insomnia.

It is safe and has no side effects, Conventional Western medicine is not quite sure how it works, but there is an increasing tendency for doctors to refer people with insomnia for acupuncture, because because it is drug free.

Acupuncture will usually work very well, but it does demand you make several appointments, which can be difficult to fit into your lifestyle, and there can obviously be financial considerations as well.

One variation of this is the “acupressure mat”. It is an acupressure mat, that has thousands of stimulating points, some of which will work on the same spots that an acupuncturist would target.

The effects are almost instantaneous – most people who try an acupressure mat report that they relax and fall sleep within the first 5-10 minutes!

A modern acupressure mat has been developed in Sweden, drawing on experience and research carried out in Russia and in the US, and has been a phenomenal best seller in Sweden.