Just this morning I had a lady come into my office who was suffering from symptoms connected to her menopause. She said, “I can not sleep, I wake up every few hours and I am burned up, I sweat so much I feel like I am sleeping in a sauna bath and it's been going on for months.

We went over her medical history and she reported that she has a cold right now, but does not want to take any medicine, no matter if it's natural or not.

She reported having a chronic back problem and does not want address it either.

She also said that she is gaining weight and is really depressed about that but not willing to change her diet.

She said, “I drink coffee all day and I am not willing to change my coffee drink habits at all! I love my coffee, and will drink 6 to 7 cups a day.

It sounds to me that she loves her habits much more than her sleep, her health, or the way she looks. There is a mental emotional imbalance here and she is not willing to look at it.

There are many different ways to treat illness and balance the body and mind. Our body and mind are so tightly coupled you would have amazed how much one affects the other. There is a scientific name for it; it's called psycho-neuro immunology.

There is now a huge body of published evidence documenting at the neurological and biochemical level, how states of mind such as anxiety, depression and anger affect the functioning of immune system.

This patient really did not want to hear about that either. I did not tell dare tell her this in her delicate state, but I'll tell you.

That coffee habit she has is warming up her entire body, as well as over stimulating her mind and is a stronga diuretic. Coffee has been used to stimulate the mind and wake you up. It's also considered a mental stimulant, but if you are having extreme night sweets it's a No, No.

If the coffee is not organic they are using poisonous herbicide and pesticide sprays. If you think decaf is a good alternative, wake up and smell the coffee. Petroleum based solvents are used to make the stuff and it's not the best for your health.

Let's get back to the patient; she drinks coffee all day long, caffeineated until 3 or 4 in the afternoon and decaf at night.

She can not sleep why?

According to Chinese medicine she is reducing the water element the kidneys and bladder. The excess of coffee can be acting as a diuretic injuring the balance between fire and water that's the yin, yang balance of the body.

When there is an imbalance in the water element the fire element goes wild. As we all know if you make a fire the heat will rise. In the body if there is too much heat it goes upward as well and will disturb the mind, hence the insomnia. Too much heat could be the cause of the excess sweating as well. If she wants to get back to a good nights sleep she needs to cut down on her beloved coffee and start loving herself.

When we practice Qi Gong and meditation a few great things happen. We cool the body down. This relaxes the mind and will allow for a better nights sleep as well as harmonizing the balance of our fire and water element.