Acupuncture body charts have different categories and types available for both students and doctors and is easy to find for the right one to suit your purposes. Available to mention are the Chinese hand, the five elements, treatment of headaches, meridian, and microsystems of the face and head acupuncture charts.

Excellent to keep in notebooks are the compact chart designs where walls wall charts are very suitable for clinical offices. Many charts feature first-class artwork and some designs come in larger sizes are very fitting to be laminated.

Both black and white, as well as full color charts are offered, and there are several free acupuncture charts available for downloading.

For those who are interested to learn acupuncture, there is a wide-range of free acupuncture charts available for a student or for anyone new to the world of alternative medicine.

However, these free acupuncture charts come in black and white and are very simple to be purchased. There are few available good sources in the internet for free acupuncture charts.

One great source for acupuncture information are found in which offers number of articles, an abundance copy of books and charts, a list of national organizations and some are obtainable for free.

Searching and downloading free acupuncture charts can be done without hassle through the use of product directory. Illustration of the five element theory exists in the “Five Element” chart, which is the foundation of acupuncture and meridian therapy.

Also available is the “Cardinal Points of Acupuncture” chart, which outlines 41 cardinal points and lists the particular conditions, functions and parts of the body related to each point.

Obtainable in Portable Document Format (PDF) providing detailed anatomical acupuncture point locations via different anatomy diagrams, and includes cardinal points, command points and the five element correspondences is the superb “acupuncture point locations” document.

Insight Publishing in Temecula, California produces the Qi Journal promoting traditional Chinese culture and medicine throughout the world since it has an associated website.

You will discover on this website (qi-journal) an interactive acupuncture model, which will display the associated Pinyin name, location and indications and allows you to click on acupuncture points anywhere on the body.

Great listing of meridians and acupuncture points are also a searchable giving you the opportunity to select various acupuncture meridians and encounter a list of the related acupuncture points.

If you know the locator ID or the Pinyin name, you can also search this listing for specific points or through specific indications or ailments. This interactive tool can be a very useful resource for the meanime without the free hardcopy acupuncture chart.