Case # 1

A 59 year old man had been suffering from diabetes for the previous 11 years. He was diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure 2 months ago. The diabetes presented with excess thirst, with dry mouth and tongue. The patient also complained of frequent urination, including at least two times during the night, when he was woken by the urge. He also had dry and cracked lips, and apparently had suffered from constipation since his teenage years. Blood pressure was reported as 140/85.

His general health was good, although he was sorry to get a cold or flu every three months. His tongue was red, with a dry-yellow coating. His pulse was very full and rapid.

Diagnosis: Lung and Stomach Heat. It was believed that Stomach Heat had reached his Lungs, depleting Lung Yin and Lung Qi as well.

Treatment Principle: Clear Heat from his Stomach organ system, and also nourish Yin and Lung Qi.

Acupuncture Points Used: LI 4, LR 3, LI 11, ST 44, SP 6, KD 6, LU 7

After two treatments per week for 4 weeks, the patient reported that his blood pressure had dropped to safer levels. He continued treatment once a week for two more weeks, and then returned periodically for routine maintenance.

Case # 2

A 62 year-old woman presented with a main complaint of double-vision, especially at night, for two months. She was no longer able to drive, and was very concerned with getting her driver's license back. She had been diagnosed with diabetes 7 years previous.

Other symptoms including night sweats, some low-back pain, and frequent urination. She also experienced some occasional leanness in her right knee, and had dry skin and itchiness on her forearms and lower legs.

Her tongue was red with very little coating, and her pulse was quite thin and rapid.

Diagnosis: Kidney Yin Deficiency affecting the Liver, and hence the eyes.

Treatment Principle: Nourish Yin and Liver Blood to correct the vision issues.

Acupuncture Points Used: BL 17, BL 23, GB 25, RN 4, RN 6, KD 2, KD 3, KD 9, SP 6, LR 8

Herbal Formula Used: Qi Ju Dihuang Wan (Lycium Chrysanthemum Rehmannia Pill) to nourish the Yin and benefit the eyes.

After 10 treatments over the course of six weeks, the patient reported no more accidents of blurred vision at night. Her doctor's testing confirmed that she was indeed seeing properly, and could get her driver's license back. She also experienced some relief of her night sweats.