While it is a fact that the United States is known as Prozac nation, there are many other ways to treat depression. Roughly, 28 million people in the United States take antidepressants for depression. With stress and anxiety occurring in almost every household in America, it is unknowingly that the symptoms of depression and anxiety will go away anytime soon. The pharmaceutical companies are relying on this.

The thing about antidepressants is that they have many unpleasant side effects that are associated with them. These side effects include anxiety, lack of energy, insomnia, fatigue, loss of appetite, sexual dysfunction, tremors and body rashes, just to name a few. If you are one of the millions who are dealing with depression, acupuncture may be a safer alternative for you to consider. It is only one of the many types of eastern techniques that offer an alternative method to feeling better.

Eastern medicine dates back thousands of years and it has taken care of depression as well as other medical conditions. The reason that this looks to work is that acupuncture therapists treat the entire body instead of categorizing mental conditions and physical conditions. When someone is upset or anxious, one can experience various levels of pain. If someone experiences physical trauma from a car accident, his or her emotional well-being is also impacted. Mental disorders can increase if well-being is not taken care of. Some have even seen their overall health decrease and even some patients have ended up with cancer.

If you are expressing anxiety or depression, a seeking acupuncture or chiropractic care can be helpful. The acupuncturist will assess your overall health history and create an individualized, customized treatment plan that is created just for you. The treatment plan will address your current symptoms in a safe and drug free manner.

There are five elements that are associated with treating depression and those elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each of these elements and their significance is important is treating depression. Ying and Yang is the idea that harmony and balance are one in the same. The concept behind this idea is that there are dual sides of life-happy and sad or hot and cold. However, these two can not function without each other and nothing is ever really just one or the other.

There have been many studies over the years and these studies have shown that acupuncture does work as effectively in treating depression as much as medication does.