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Soothing Feeling Of Acupuncture

Acupuncture refers to an alternative medicine in methology, which actually originated from China and Japan. It has been passed along up to now that is why it has been around for a long time and during that duration of period, many people have been positively and greatly influenced by it. It offers the best procedure that gives you relaxation, assurance and rejuvenation. The process is painless even if it involves insertion of specialized needles in your body. In fact, the moment these needles are inserted, a pathway is built in your body to enable the positive flow of energy to enter. The effects are great and positively visible such as having a healthy body, having well-functioning organs or system and also being able to refuse further health risks. In fact, Acupuncture goes deeper than the part where the needles touch. It is natural process where it eliminates build-up or blockage in your pathway to allow a way to activate or regulate your chi or qi. Your chi or qi is a huge and a very important part of your body that needs maintenance. Without the natural process, you are risking yourself to health problems and you will no longer be able to revive the youthful and healthy feel that you used to have.

Acupuncture heals your body problems such as the fact that the causes or sources of your illness will be eliminated and replaced with healthy development of life force where it does not only touch your organs but basically, it eliminates stress that you are feeling. With the presence of stress, you can not think or act well. In fact, everything will go downhill. That is the reason why you should seek a reliable natural medicine, from which it offer beneficial effects and also soothing feeling to your body.

Acupuncture heals your body pains and also your internal problems such as arthritis, joint problems, stress, indigestion and also constipation. However, if you are required to be employed to avoid further infection of an open injury, you have to comply with it or else you will be in great trouble. In this stage, what Acupuncture can do to you is less your worries and stress about your health situation. Relying with this natural medicine allows you to enjoy an even greater health benefits even if it only requires needles inserted into your body, the after-effect or results allow a better tomorrow for your life and health.

Remember, if you are well inside due to the soothing feeling that Acupuncture offers, you are also well outside.

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The Advantages Of Using Acupuncture

Today, acupuncture is gaining wide popularity. In fact, in Western countries, there are a number of people who seek acupuncture treatment to remedy their various health conditions. It has been said that acupuncture can treat a number of medical and health conditions. There are various studies and researches which show that acupuncture provides a more effective treatment to ailments. It is also considered as the safest treatment that is available in these present times.

Studies have shown that a person who undergoes an acupuncture therapy session has some positive brain activity. This means that during the acupuncture, the brain reacts to what the therapy brings to the body system. It has also been proven that a person who incorporates this treatment to his lifestyle gains major improvements and positive results regarding his health condition.

Acupuncture is actually a part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. It originated in China. Early Chinese people used acupuncture in order to treat their fevers, infections and wounds. This treatment has long been practiced for thousands of years. It is also referred to as Oriental medicine due to its Chinese origin.

This Traditional Chinese Medicine has several benefits especially when it comes to treating and even eliminating ailments. Studies and numerous results show that acupuncture actually stimulates the body's natural healing properties. Acupuncture triggers the body's healing function in order to treat and remedy those parts that have been detected and broken down.

Acupuncture uses acupuncture needles which oftentimes terrify some people. These needles are actually used only for acupuncture management. They are modified to this kind of treatment. They are a special kind of needles and are one of the smallest needles that a person can find today. These needles are used to trigger the body's healing function.

In a person's body, according to ancient Chinese medicine, there are several points that are connected and linked to the bodies several nerves and functions. These points are basically called acupoints. These acupoints are found in areas of the body. Acupuncture needles are inserted into these acupoints found in the body system. Once these acupoints are triggered, the body then reacts to the stimulation and releases natural healing properties.

Acupuncture is proven to be the safest treatment available for the reason that there are no long term side effects. It uses the body's natural healing properties to treat various ailments. In addition, it is also one of the most effective treatments. As studies have shown, there are major improvements observed by persons who underwent acupuncture management.

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Acupuncture Relieves Pain

Acupuncture originated from ancient Chinese and Japanese era. It has become a modern medicine and fortunately it made a lot of people happy and healthy. The reason behind it successful journey into this generation is basically its positive effects and noticeable positive feedbacks from people who have really experienced the rejuvenating and safe application of such natural medical practice. In fact, this type of medical practice requires painless method and treatment. Although it uses specialized needles to be inserted into specific area on your body, you will feel no pain. You will even benefit more from it. The use of needles is required because it creates a pathway or passage of blocked areas in your body to allow the proper passage of positive energy into your system. The reason for this is to allow your chi or qi to obtain the right energy to support your body and prevent it from catching ailments or undesirable elements that would invade or attack your healthy body.

Chi or qi refer to your life force or energy. Each living thing has it. However, failure to maintain or improve it will result in great health risks such as severe body pain in many parts of the body, indigestion, stress and even depression. The negative effects will not only touch your physical aspects but also your innermost parts and unfortunately, it will lead to complications or worse death. That is why you must not resort to any kind of alternative medicine immediately. You need to cleanse your system and, at the same time, make sure that from inside you are well so that it will reflect from the outside.

Physical or Inner pain can be healed by Acupuncture. In fact, many ailments have already been eliminated or even cured due to this medicinal application into the system. Harmful ailments can attack your immune system and affect your movement as well. It may even put you at risk if you do nothing about it. Health ailments such as indigestion, body pain like arthritis, rheumatism, dysmenorrhea and even stress can be eliminated. Truly, with the help of natural medicine, your body will be healed and rejuvenated.

Sometimes it is difficult to eliminate pain in the body especially if you do not know the source. However, when you know about Acupuncture, you will worry no more because you have a remedy to make yourself feel better and even allow yourself to obtain the benefits of improving your health.

In sum, Acupuncture is not a remedy for alternative medicines. If you must have to see a surgeon for operation, then you should especially when you have open wounds or injuries but it will not erase the fact that with Acupuncture, you will be treated from pain whether or not you have experienced health problems.

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The Use of Acupuncture for the Management of an Ingrown Toe Nail (Case Study)

Presenting complaint

A 25 year old white Caucasian female attended my clinic complaining of left dorsal hallux pain. She had been to the local night club in Stevenage a few nights earlier and a rather large man accidently standing on her left foot whilst dancing. She was unable to continue with the dancing and was taken home by taxi.

She did attend the local hospital on an outpatient basis and it was thought that an x-ray would not be required.

Medical History

The patient is in good general health with no noted medication except the use of NSAID's for the hallux pain. The VAS pain was noted as a '7', through the day.


On palpation acute tenderness was noted along the margins of the dorsal phalanges, with some soft tissue swelling and bruising along the joint. Mild hyper-granulation tissue around the medial nail margin was also noted. The nail was clearly in-grown on inspection.

The patient had a reasonably good range of dorsiflexion and plantarflexion of the hallux.


Mild medial left 1 onychocryptosis was diagnosed with acute soft tissue swelling along the dorsal phalanges.


The method of treatment was to be conservative removal of the offending nail piece by wedge resection. Dry acupuncture needling was suggested to the patient for pain relief and to reduce the soft tissue swelling.

Treatment method

Rx 1

Acupuncture for 30 minutes LI4 Li1 Li2 Ki1 SP1 SP2 and 4 needles inserted around the outside of the bruising. The needles were stimulated traditionally every 5 minutes.

The offending nail piece was removed by conservative wedge resection and the toe was dressed with a sterile pad and tubigauze.

The patient reported feeling no pain during the podiatry treatment with no adverse reactions.

She was instructed to soak the foot in salt water daily, after the removal of the dressing and to elevate the foot as much as possible. Additionally she was advised to use an ice pack on the soft tissue swelling for 5 minutes daily.

Review 1 Week

During the week I received a phone call from the patient to cancel the appointment. She stated that the toe was much better and the soft tissue swelling had greatly reduced. The VAS was noted as a '3'.


The acupuncture needling enabled painless removal of the offending nail and helped to greatly reduce the soft tissue swelling.

Local and distal points chosen for their therapeutic effects

LI4 – Important analgesic point

Li1 – Arrests bleeding

Li2 – Pain and swelling

Ki1 – Pain and swelling

SP1 – Arrests bleeding

SP2 – Pain and swelling

Surround the dragon – Pain and swelling

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Acupuncture For Asthma: Why Studies Are Lacking And The Traditional TCM View

Can Acupuncture Help Asthma?

Having been diagnosed with asthma when I was too young to remember, only to have some serious, frightening attacks later when I was in my twenties, I can appreciate any asthma sufferer who wishes to find a non-chemical solution to this health problem.

From personal experience, and as has been proven in some studies *, acupuncture has the potential to help. That said, this is when it is carried out by the right practitioner, who is obviously going to be properly qualified, but ideally will also be tuned into their patients.

Issues With Studies

* The issue with studies is that they have been limited in a variety of ways. For example, one can question firstly whether the acupuncture used in studies is a realistic reflection of what is used in everyday clinical practice. In studies two different types of acupuncture can be used, hence complicating further the results.

So taking the Cochrane Library review on acupuncture and asthma, in this instance the results of two small studies using these two types of acupuncture were pooled but the conclusion was that there was insufficient data in order to facilitate the extrapolation of the effects of acupuncture to the general population level.

As clinical trials will be given a limited number of case studies, researchers will frequently attempt to find the most effective combination of acupuncture points for asthma. However both in valuable books and clinical practice, the reality is that the approach is far more specific. Points needed can be according to the excess type and deficiency type.

Also there are a good number of points at the front and back of the ribcage which are used traditionally for alleviating asthmatic breathing, yet only a few of these are referred to in clinical trials and textbooks.

Acupuncture Approach And Asthma

So although it would be great for acupuncturists and advocates of acupuncture that there was a wealth of studies that could give evidence that acupuncture can help asthma, as yet this is not the case.

What do we have to help us make an informed decision? We really only have the fact that in the traditional way of acupuncture and TCM regards any disease, asthma included, as a manifestation of a deaf disharmony. Therefore when a patient attends a properly qualified acupuncturist who has the ability to diagnose and tune into whatever the root cause of the disharmony is, then there is a real ray of hope for help with asthma as well as many other conditions.

That said it is not responsible of practitioners to recommend asthma sufferers coming off their medication altogether. Being stuck without an inhaler is no joke if you get a serious asthma attack! Instead of a gradual, cautious reduction should be adopted and patients should be given the choice to do what they feel comfortable with, of course within the realms of safety.

Asthma And The Traditional TCM View

Traditionally in TCM the view is that asthma can occur because of disorders connected with the functioning of the lungs, stomach and kidney. Therefore many of the potential points to be needled can be found along the relevant meridians, as well as the bladder meridian, as this is used in the treatment of all organs.

On the upper part of the back there are quite a few bladder meridian points which are used in the treatment of asthma and some of these are especially important as there can be a blockage of qi (energy flow) in the back that has an important influence on the severity of asthmatic breathing.

The organs in TCM are not simply treated as western medicine and respect them as purely anatomical. In TCM they carry a combination of physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic aspects.

According to TCM's Five Element Theory the different organ systems are interrelated and it is used in TCM to diagnose patterns of disharmony. The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

The metal element corresponds with the lungs (as yin organ), the large intestine (yang organ), with the season of autumn and the color white. This element controls respiration as well as skin issues and removal of waste from the body. Imbalance can manifest as asthma, shortness of breath, skin conditions, coughing, bowel problems and feelings of sadness or grief.

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Acupuncture – An Ancient and Secret Method!

Over the centuries thousands of people have used acupuncture treatment to cure their ailments. Acupuncture is actually a medical technique that is practiced involving the insertion of needles through the surface of the skin at certain points of the body which are called acupoints. Different types of acupuncture and different types of needles are used with various accompaniments like electricity and moxibustion to treat various ailments. It is believed that the practice of acupuncture had originated from China. However, there is controversial that it originated in Basser.

Today the practice of acupuncture has spread far and wide and many countries throughout the world practice acupuncture techniques to cure many ailments. Skilled and well trained acupuncturists practice this treatment either with low energy laser beams while others use the magnetic BBs of the acupoints. Micro-acupuncture is a treatment where 48 non-traditional acupoints are found on the feet and hands and pierced with needles.

Auriculotherapy is otherwise known as ear puncture. This is practiced with the postulation that the ear is the map of the organs of the body. Similar other acupuncturists have other notions like the iridology where the iris is considered the map of the body and reflexology wherein the foot is the map.

Acupuncture is believed to be very effective in patients suffering with AIDS, asthma, arthritis, allergies, kidney problems, Bell's palsy, bronchitis, breast enlargement, depression, constipation, dizziness, colds, diarrhea, drug addictions, fertility problems, fatigue, epilepsy, gynecologic disorders, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, headaches, hot flushes, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, paralysis, nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting and post acupuncture. It is also very effective with people with sexual dysfunction, sciatica, stroke, smoking, vision problems, sinus and any other ailments.

Many medical anecdotes with regard to the acupuncture treatment's effectiveness have surfaced. However, in many cases there have been a wide range of success stories among those who have undergone acupuncture treatment for various ailments. Scientific studies have proven results that acupuncture does bring relief from pain and other ailments like arthritis, epilepsy, headaches etc.

However, many studies and scientific evidences have tested that acupuncture treatment does benefit those with certain conditions, especially by providing the best relief from pain. At the same time, it does not always provide relief for some with certain or the same ailments as the other. Although acupuncture does have its pros in most cases, it also does have its cons. For instance, a person who suffers a severe heart problem may want to go in for a heart surgery rather than try the acupuncture treatment which may not be effective in certain cases.

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What To Expect From Your First Acupuncture Treatment, Plus How To Get The Best Out Of It

Feeling a bit nervous or apprehensive, sometimes mixed in with a dash of hope, optimism or excitation before your first acupuncture treatment?

Wondering about if the needles will be painful, and if what you've heard about is really true or just a load of cods wallop?

Are You Really Going To Allow A Stranger To Stick Needles Into You?
It's totally normally to have these types of feelings and thoughts before a first acupuncture treatment. On one hand you're going to do something you've never done before and on the other hand you're just about to let some stranger stick needles into you!

As human animals we are already programmed with a fear of the unknown, in fact it is so strong that we would prefer to do things that are familiar, yet not enjoyable, maybe even painful, than to try something brand new.

Qualified Acupuncturists
The good news is that if you are going to an acupuncturist for the first time, if you have checked the person out, most likely the acupuncturist is a caring, well qualified individual who is passionate about helping people just like you.

You can expect them to take a thorough medical history, but in the style of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) the acupuncturist will use various other TCM diagnostic approaches.

Root Cause
The aim of a qualified acupuncturist is to get to the root cause of the health issue and as opposed to treating the symptoms, TCM goes for the cause.

Of course for some people who are used to a quick fix such as drugs for symptoms, this approach can seem different. Yet the reality is that in the long term not only will the root cause of the presenting issue be appreciated but your system and energy generally should be more balanced and in tune. The end result is that you should feel happier and be more productive.

To Get The Most Out Of The Acupuncture Session

– In the days before going for your first acupuncture session try to drink a decent amount of water and if possible avoid alcohol and drugs, at least for six hours before the appointment.

– Eat a few hours before attending an acupuncturist and do not eat an overly large helping of food.

– Avoid especially hot or spicy foods.

– Avoid doing anything to the extreme beforehand, such as over exercising.

– Try to schedule your day so that after the session you have some time to relax, perhaps taking some time in nature, if you can.

– Do not come “caffeined-up”, try to avoid colas, coffee, tea and sources of caffeine for a few hours before and after the treatment.

– Wear comfortable clothes which give access to arms and legs. For example baggy shorts, t shirt and sandals are a good outfit, that is if you live somewhere that the weather allows it.

– Have a good intention towards the session, as some would say that a great doctor and a great patient have a better chance of getting great results

– Answer the acupuncturist's questions clearly and truthfully, although some may seem odd to you, they are all clues to your current lack of optimum health

– Relax

– Enjoy the sensations

– Observe your energy, or just let yourself fall under the spell of deep relaxation

– Stay still, you do not want to disturb the needles and the good work they are doing

– Do not do anything especially physical, your muscles and system need to relax

– If possible spend time in nature

– Do not overload your body with toxins, if possible avoid them for at least the rest of the day

– Relax

Acupuncture can have results for so many different issues that detract from your optimum health. Be patient, for some people feel a quick effect from the first session or sessions, while others will take longer to feel the improvement.

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Acupuncture Triggers The Body’s Natural Healing Power

In these present times, there are different forms of treatments and remedies that are made available to the public. There are those that have been proven to be the most effective treatments. There are also those that do not truly provide outright relief. Nowadays, acupuncture is actually gaining wide popularity especially in the Western part of the world. There are countless people who are trying out acupuncture and incorporating it in their lifestyle. But, what is acupuncture really about and how does it treat a person's ailment.

Acupuncture is actually a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has its origin in China. It has been practiced and used by the early Chinese in order to treat various ailments such as fevers, coughs, wounds and even infections. In the early days, not much is known about acupuncture. But, the early Chinese used it because it has been passed down from generation to generation as a traditional treatment to find easement from various conditions and diseases. Nowadays, there are numerous people who are introduced to this form of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Because it has its origin in China, it is also referred to as Oriental medicine.

Acupuncture actually uses acupuncture needles which oftentimes frigtens some people. These needles are basically different from the ordinary needles that are used to sew clothes or those that are used in hospitals or clinics. These acupuncture needles are specifically made for acupuncture medicine only. These are smaller and thinner than the ordinary ones. They are actually designed to stimulate the body's acupoints. A person has several acupoints in the areas of his body. These acupoints trigger the body's natural healing properties.

There are some people who do not understand the workings of acupuncture or how acupuncture works. But, actually, there have been countless researches and studies that provide proofs that acupuncture has major improvements and positive results in a person's health ailment. There are some people who underwent tests for several months and used acupuncture to treat their ailments. At the end of the trial month, they observed major improvements in their health. A number of ailments such as PMS, muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis and many others can be treated with acupuncture. In fact, this Oriental medicine is known to be the safest and most effective treatment around. There are no known side effects to using acupuncture because it is a natural way of triggering the body's healing power.

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Choose Healthy Options – Choose Acupuncture

Nowadays, choosing healthy options is a bit difficult. There are countless products sold in the market that claim to be healthy. But, in reality, they do not contain any healthy properties that keep your body fit and well. These days, there are many causes of stress that lead to health problems. In fact, if a person does not get enough sleep due to his work, he ends up having a number of ailments.

Acupuncture is proven to be the most healthy and natural option in treating various ailments. In fact, acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been around for several years. In the early days, this Chinese medicine was used to treat various ailments such as infections, fevers, wounds and even cough. It has been practiced for hundreds of decades that it has been one of the most popular forms of medical treatment in the East. It is even referred to as Oriental medicine.

On the other hand, there are still some people who are unfamiliar with acupuncture. They are skeptical about this Oriental medicine because not much is known about it. It has its origin in the East but other than that, there are not scientific and medical proofs that provide material facts to establish that it does treat various ailments. Also, they are some people who are scared to try acupuncture needles because they think that they might be painful.

Actually, in the present times, there are already studies and researchers that provide facts and proofs that acupuncture has some effect on a person's body. Practitioners found out that while a patient was in acupuncture therapy session, there are some brain activities that results in positive improvements to a person's health condition. There are several people who underwent acupuncture and fin major improvements in their ailments.

It is proven that acupuncture can treat and remedy a number of health ailments such as indigestion, PMS, muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis and many others. Acupuncture is known to be a natural and most effective way to treat ailments. There are no known side effects unlike prescriptive drugs wherein a person may feel relief temporarily but there are long term side effects from continuously taking them. It is proven that acupuncture releases the body's natural healing properties. This way, the body gets the restoration and revitalization that it needs with the use and incorporation of acupuncture as part of daily lifestyle.

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Acupuncture Can Help Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is one of the most debilitating conditions which can affect the mobility and quality of life of its victims. Through time, there have been lots of anti-inflammatory drugs created to treat this condition though most of them bring adverse side effects to the patient. This leads people to turn to alternative medicines such as acupressure and acupuncture in treating osteoarthritis.

Undeniably, more and more people are shifting to traditional bodyworks in treating osteoarthritis primarily due to the absence of side effects. In fact, there have been a significant number of people who have turned to acupuncture in managing the chronic pain brought by this debilitating condition. So what is osteoarthritis and what role does acupuncture play in managing this condition? Let's find out.

Osteoarthritis and Its Nature
Also termed as degenerative arthritis, osteoarthritis is a condition primarily characterized by the functional or structural failure of the joints. It often involves one entire joint and affects the adjacent ligaments, muscles, joint lining, joint cover and underlining joint. At times, it may involve the progressive cartilage loss in the body.

Osteoarthritis normally occurs as a result of cartilage degeneration but it can also be caused by heredity, aging, injury and disease. Cartilage is actually a protein substance which serves as the 'cushion' between the joints' bones.

Osteoarthritis is categorized into two, the primary and secondary osteoarthritis. Primary osteoarthritis typically occurs as a result of the aging of the joints. Through time, the loss of cartilage causes friction between the joints which may cause pain and mobility difficulty. Most cases of primary osteoarthritis are hereditary.

On the other hand, secondary osteoarthritis is normally triggered by other conditions or diseases including diabetes, gout, obesity and hormone disorder. Obesity can actually heighten the mechanical stresses between the joints which can negatively affect the cartilage. According to research, obesity is the second most significant risk factor for degenerative arthritis. Aging still emerges to be the most significant risk factor for such condition.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis actually vary from one person to another but the most common symptoms are pain, joint stiffness and difficulty in moving the joints. Most treatments for osteoarthritis are geared towards the reduction of joint pain and inflammation. Also, treatments are designed to maintain and improve joint functions.

Acupuncture-How It's Done and What Are Its Benefits
For more than 3000 years, acupuncture has been used to treat a wide range of illness because of its multiple relieving effects. However, extensive scientific studies were only conducted during the last 5 decades. Because of the growing popularity of traditional medicines such as acupressure and acupuncture, many western medical practitioners have developed the interest and curiosity about the mechanisms of how this method works and how it is able to provide pain relief to patients who suffer from osteoarthritis.

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), illnesses are primarily a result of blockages or imbalance in the flow of life energy in the body. Through acupuncture, these imbalances and blockages can be corrected with the use of special and very thin needles.

Acupuncture holds into the promise that the body contains 12 major meridians, 8 secondary meridians and thousands of acupuncture points which when stimulated can bring satisfactory benefits to different organs of the body. This ancient bodywork involves the process of penetrating very thin needles into the skin and manipulating them to create electrical impulses.

Researches On Acupuncture And Pain Management
Through time, there have been lots of researchers conducted to determine the effects of acupuncture in the treatment of osteoarthritis. According to research, acupuncture helps in stimulating the production of endorphins in the body. Endorphins serve as the body's natural pain killers thereby helping the victims of osteoarthritis to cope with pain.

According to research, most acupuncture points are located near the nerves. When these nerves are stimulated, it creates a feeling of fullness or dull aches in the muscles. The stimulation of the muscles, triggers the transmission of signals to the central nervous system, which is composed of the spinal cord and the brain, to produce endorphins. These are hormones which the body produces in times of stress or pain. Together with other neurotransmitters, endorphins help in blocking the transmission of pain signals to the brain. In effect, patients are able to experience less pain.

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Acupuncture Is Helping Cancer Patients

Through the years, cancer has earned a great deal of reputation as one of the emerging causes of death worldwide. Through the long years of conducting extensive scientific research, lots of treatment options for cancer have emerged. However, despite the availability of modern treatment methods, acupuncture has managed to be one of the most widely used alternative treatment options for this life-threatening disease.

Cancer And Its Nature
Cancer is a class of serious diseases which is primarily characterized by abnormal cell growth and division. It is classified according to the type of cell which initially affects the organ. To date, over 100 types of cancer have already been diagnosed. The most common types of cancer include endometrial, colon and rectal, lung, bladder, breast, leukemia, melanoma, non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and renal cancer.

It becomes life-threatening when the damaged cells begin to divide in an abnormally and uncontrollably manner which leads to the formation of masses or loads commonly known as tumors. When these lumps grow, it can negatively affect the functions of the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems.

Cancer symptoms usually vary depending on the location of the cancer. Fatigue, fever, anemia, excessive sweating and unexplained weight loss are some of the most common symptoms of cancer. When the cancer cells have spread to the brain, patients usually suffer from headaches, seizures and vertigo. On the hand, when it spreads to the lung, patients normally experience shortness of breath and coughing. When the liver is affected, jaundice which is normally accompanied by brittle, breakable and painful bones are more likely to be experienced.

Cancer Treatments
Throughout the years, extensive studies were conducted to determine the nature of cancer, how it develops and how it can be prevented. Most people succumb to cancer medications, treatments and therapies in order to survive. In most cases, cancer patients observe a healthier and more conclusive lifestyle in order to overcome cancer.

Treatments actually vary according to the stage of the cancer, type of cancer as well as the age and health condition of the patient. Modern treatments for cancer include radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, gene therapy and immunotherapy.

While other people succumb to modern treatments, some patients make use of alternative and traditional treatment methods in dealing with cancer. Acupuncture is actually one of the most common alternative treatments for cancer. Research shows that acupuncture can help cancer patients in improving their condition. What is the truth behind this claim?

How Acupuncture Helps Cancer Patients
Many oncologists nowdays recommend acupuncture to their patients in managing cancer symptoms as well as the symptoms associated with cancer treatments. Researchers claim that acupunctures helps cancer patients in managing pain, nausea, vomiting, dry and painful mouth and throat, as well as hot flushes.

Acupuncture reduces the severity of cancer treatment related symptoms which include pain, swelling and inflammation thereby resulting to a reduced medication for pain. When the sensory neurons and muscles are stimulated, they send signal to the central nervous system to release endorphins which serve as the body's natural painkillers.

As many people would know, chemotherapy is usually followed by intestinal vomiting and nausea. Acupuncture can help in decreasing the frequency and intensity of nausea, as well as as hot flushes in women with breast cancer.

Dry, painful throat and mouth can also be expected when undergoing cancer treatments due to reduced production of saliva. According to research, acupuncture can help in reducing the impact of these side effects thereby allowing the patient to eat, drink and swallow normally. Acupuncture is also beneficial in treating a number of cancer related symptoms which include chest pain, bone pain, dizziness, weight loss, diarrhea, cough, loss of appetite, anxiety, fatigue and depression.

By reducing the intensity and frequency of occurrence of these symptoms, acupuncture is able to provide cancer patients with adequate amount of high quality sleep. In the long run, these results to improved quality of life.

What Cancer Patients Have To Say About Acupuncture
There is no existing evidence that acupuncture has the capacity to treat or cure cancer. Most researches suggest that acupuncture can only help in relieving the symptoms of this life-threatening disease.

In most cases, acupuncture is used by cancer patients to treat nausea which is often caused by chemotherapy. Aside from reducing the occurrence and intensity of hot flashes, acupuncture is also beneficial in helping the patients feel more relaxed. Also, it improves the overall health being of cancer patients.

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Acupuncture And Its Untold Effects

Even though acupuncture is gaining wide popularity as an alternative medicine, there are still a number of people who does not know about acupuncture. They presume that it is just one of those healthy lifestyle trends that are known today. However, what they do not know is that acupuncture actually has several benefits to a person's health and body. In fact, acupuncture origin in the Eastern part of the world.

Acupuncture was actually used to treat wounds, infections and fevers in the early days. It started in China since, it is called Oriental medicine. But, these days, there are numerous doctors, practitioners and experts who used acupuncture as part of their treatment. It is said that acupuncture is used to treat a number of health conditions. There are some people who treat their PMS with acupuncture. There are also others who would go to acupuncture therapy in order to remedy their chronic fatigue condition.

It is said that acupuncture is the safest and most effective treatment for various ailments. It is considered the safest because of its natural healing way to treat health conditions. Compared to pills and other prescriptive drugs, acupuncture does not have any side effects. It is natural in a sense that acupuncture actually triggers the body's natural healing properties in order to treat the ailment. It does now use harmful or detrimental drugs or liquids that can cause more damage than good.

Acupuncture is also believed to be one of the most effective treatments for various ailments. There are a number of studies which show that acupuncture can treat such ailments as PMS, chronic fatigue, muscle spasm, joint pain, arthritis, dysmenorrhea, headache and many others. In fact, there were a number of patients who has health complications and they underwent acupuncture therapy session. A few months after their treatment, they observed major improvements in their health and there were some positive results.

There are experts and researchers who notice that there were some brain activities every time a person undergoing acupuncture therapy. In addition, patients who were suffering from chronic fatigue show major improvements as well as positive results after undergoing acupuncture treatment for several times. It just shows that acupuncture can be the safest and most effective treatment for various health ailments. A person does not have to suffer any longer of his health condition. He just needs to incorporate acupuncture as part of his lifestyle.

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The Untold Effects Of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a medicinal remedy in a more natural character that has originated from China and Japan and has been brought to Westerners to allow them to exercise a natural way of healing people with their health problems. Acupuncture has many effects and one of them is that it heals body pain such as rheumatism, arthritis and also indigestion. It can also help eliminate toxins in your body. In fact, if you have been suffering from constipation, with the application of this natural medicine, you will be able to eliminate additional effects or risks bought by constipation. It sure is healthy. The reason why Acupuncture has the power to eliminate certain discomforts that you are experiencing within your system is because it uses a specialized needle that is to insert in your body to allow a pathway or passage for the flow of energy to come in. In fact, once this is done, your chi or qi improves in a way that a positive flow to your life force is beginning to stimulate and regulate your blood circulation and also improve the functions of your organs. Insertion of these needles is painless and can even offer the most relaxing and rejuvenating feeling that your deserve. The needles are the ones that allow miracles to happen so never be afraid of this process because it sure is beneficial to your health.

Another effect of acupuncture is that it helps keep your organs or other parts of the body healthy and easy functioning. In fact, when you are relaxed, rejuvenated and fueled with positive energy, the utmost effect is that you will be able to function even better and you will be able to avoid further health risks. You should only remember that seeking this type of natural medicine is way better than seeking artificial medicine. Artificial medicine can even be the cause of your suffering or worse condition. On the other hand, natural medicine can help stimulate the body without risking it.

Moreover, you should also keep in mind that there is no other effect that Acupuncture can give you during your surgery but the peace of mind and the relaxation that you need. Other than that, you can seek surgery when needed such as patching your wound or injuries so that you can avoid bacteria to consume it. Neverheadless, Acupuncture is still healthy and, being the most thought medicinal practice, you can rely on the fact that it is beneficial to your existence.

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Modern Treatments Or Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

In these present times, there are numerous people who are dependent on drugs. These drugs are not exactly the so called prohibited drugs. But, they are the ones prescribed by practitioners and doctors. They are used to ease and usually eliminate various health ailments. In fact, if a person does not get enough sleep or is having problem sleeping, a person may buy sleepy pills that can get him to sleep at night. Over the years, he will be using these pills to get him to sleep.

But, the disadvantage about using drugs even prescriptive or over the counter drugs is that a person may become dependent on it. Also, they may even pose risky side effects to a person's health and body. There are several medicines that can ease and remedy a certain part of the body. But, they can cause detrimental and damaging side effects to the rest of the body organs.

Like for instance, the liver or kidney of a person is vital. It needs to function well in order for the body to release toxins that are not needed. There are certain drugs that cause damage to liver or kidneys but can ease or resolve a person's insomnia problems. This just shows that a person may think that he is cured but actually there are certain errors or problems that may soon arise. Here, it is important to note and be aware of the medicines that he is taking.

Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been around for several years. This Oriental medicine dates back to early China. This was used to treat fevers, colds, infections and wounds. These days, acupuncture is proven to be one of the most effective and the safest treatment available. In fact, there are some practitioners who recommend acupuncture to ease and even eliminate various pains and illness.

Acupuncture actually uses acupuncture needles which are used to stimulate the body's acupoints. In a person's body, there are several acupoints that are connected to the nerves and veins. Once these nerves are stimulated, the body produces natural healing properties that are helpful to treat various ailments such as indigestion, chronic fatigue, PMS, joint and muscle pains, fevers and many others. Here, in a way, acupuncture relaxes and calms the body while triggering its natural healing properties to provide positive results and major improvements for those people who are suffering from various medical ailments.

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Why Is Acupuncture Gaining Popularity?

Nowadays, there are a number of people who are asking about acupuncture. They want to know about acupuncture and what it can do for them. However, there are also some people who have heard about acupuncture but decided to ignore it because they are not sure whatever it will provide benefits for them or whether it will be effective for them. But, the truth of the matter is, acupuncture is gaining wide popularity especially in the Western countries.

Actually, acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is part of the ancient medicinal methods that early Chinese people used and practiced. In the early days, acupuncture is broadly used to treat all sorts of ailments such as fever, infections, indigestion and even wounds. This form of Traditional Chinese Medicine is also known as Oriental medicine since its origin dates back in early China where emperors and empress used acupuncture as part of their medicine.

For some people who do not know about acupuncture, they may think that acupuncture is just another lifestyle trend. But, this is perception is incorrect. Acupuncture is more than just a lifestyle trend. It can save a person's life and can even better a person's lifestyle. In fact, there are countless studies and researchers which show that people who undergo acupuncture therapy session gain positive results from their medical ailments.

Acupuncture is proven to be one of the most effective treatment and remedy for various ailments. These ailments include fevers, indigestion, arthritis, muscle pain, joint pain, PMS, chronic fatigue and many more. There are researchers that show that the brain responds well to acupuncture treatment. This means that during an acupuncture session, the brain had positive activities that are said to stimulate and trigger the body's natural healing properties.

This Traditional Chinese Medicine is said to stimulate brain activities in the body and trigger the body's natural healing function. Here, it is the safest treatment around. Compared to prescriptive drugs, acupuncture does not have long term side effects. It does have positive results and major improvements but has no known side effects as far as research and studies are concerned. These days, there are a number of people who incorporate acupuncture treatment into their lives. So far, they have found out that their chronic fatigue and even muscle pain ceased and were even eliminated. They used to treat these ailments with prescriptive drugs but they are now using acupuncture to remedy them.

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