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Is Acupuncture for Fertility Very Effective?

According to some research that is out there today, acupuncture for fertility may be very effective for couples that are undergoing the process of in-vitro fertilization. However, it seems there still is some debate as to whether or not in can generally improve fertility. More research is essentially needed to determine whether or not this therapy alone can help a woman improve her chances of becoming pregnant.

The process of acupuncture is actually based on the theory that “qi” or vital energy is flowing through the body within various places. With this process, an acupuncturist is trying to restore health and balance the body's energy by using thin needles along specific points on the body. Despite being an extremely valuable practice within China for the past 5,000 years, it has only recently become more popular within the United States medical community.

According to recent research by German scientists in 2002, they obtained results from a study that highly suggested that acupuncture can increase the odds of pregnancy among women who were undergoing in-vitro fertilization. Out of 160 women studied, 42% of them who received acupuncture become pregnant. Out of those who did not receive acupuncture, only 26% of those women became pregnant. Because of this, the researchers came out with a theory that an increase in blood flow to the uterus is caused by acupuncture which gives embryos a better chance of implanting.

It is also important to note that other research has observed the acupuncture is a fantastic way of reducing stress on the body. As many people already know, stress can be a huge determining factor on whether or not a woman becomes pregnant. Because of this, it makes sense that acupuncture can help, since lower stress levels can increase the changes of a woman getting pregnant.

It is known that male fertility male also has significantly improved through acupuncture practices. Some certain studies by researchers have shown that men undergo acupuncture actually have a higher sperm count and the strength at which sperm can swim is increased significantly.

Along with this, new research even suggests that acupuncture can improve the health of sperm. In 2005, a certain study looked at sperm samples of men with infertility where the cause was unknown before and after acupuncture. After analyzing the data, the researchers found that fewer structural defects within the sperm and a normal sperm increase were both associated with acupuncture.

Despite what many may think, acupuncture is a safe and reliably painless procedure to undergo. Even if certain people believe that it can not help them with their pregnancy issues, it is known to provide a fair amount of relaxation.

To determine whether acupuncture for fertility will actually work, be sure to contact a specialist to further discuss the problem. If deciding to go through with this process, be sure to visit a certified acupuncturist, many who are doctors.

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Is Acupuncture for Infertility a Viable Option?

Infertility can be frustrating. You've tried and you've tried method after method, consulted your doctor, got a second opinion, but nothing is working. It's to the point where you're considering any option available. Maybe, now, it's time to consider using acupuncture for infertility.

Acupuncture is an ancient medicinal art that incorporates the insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body, in an attempt to help regulate body functions. It's an interesting science, as most of these acupuncture points are located on channels or meridians that are pathways from the exterior to the interior of the body.

These pathways, as they're manipulated by the needles, can help in achieving or maintaining homeostasis in the body. When it comes to using acupuncture for infertility, the needles can help to manipulate the thyroid in cases of hypothyroidism (an under-active thyroid) or hyperthyroidism (an over-active thyroid). Acupuncture can also be used to treat spasmed tubes, repeated pregnancy loss, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and even male factors such as sperm-DNA fragmentation.

But does it work? It's reported that acupuncture, combined with herbal remedies and other components of holistic medicine, has been used to treat some cases of infertility. However, you need to first diagnose the cause of your infertility before you can know if it will work.

If acupuncture is the right route for you, there is a process to it. It's not just turning you into a pincushion at random. Most commonly, patients considering acupuncture for infertility begin their treatments three to four months before insemination. This is reported to be the most effective method. Once conception incident, many doctors recommend staying with the acupuncture treatment through the twelfth week of pregnancy to avoid the possibility of a miscarriage.

There are specific points in which acupuncture is effective when treating for infertilty, and points which should be avoided to ensure that the treatment is beneficial. No needles should be inserted anywhere in the abdominal or pelvic region, especially after conception has occurred, or even if pregnancy is suspected.

The great thing about using acupuncture to treat infertility is that there are not hard any risks or potential side effects, except the wrong acupuncture points are used. To avoid this, it's important to seek out and be treated by a licensed acupuncturist that specializes in fertility treatments. Going to a licensed acupuncturist is definitely recommended to ensure the sterility of the needles. There's no point in undergoing a medical procedure for one condition to end up contracting an infection and causing other problems.

Acupuncture for infertility is an extremely safe and viable option for those that have tested other methods with no success. Just be sure to consult with your physician before making any sort of medical decision.

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Acupuncture for Fertility Improves Chances of Women Getting Pregnant

The healthier a woman is, the greater her chances of being able to get pregnant. Acupuncture for fertility is an overall treatment plan that improves a woman's health so that she will be able to have kids. There are a range of services offered through acupuncture that revolve around fertility. More people are looking to old world treatments such as acupuncture when they have not been successful with Western medicine techniques.

Acupuncture for fertility is the placement of thin needles over a person's body at key energy points. The needles induce the release of chemicals and movement of energy in a manner that restores balance in the body. According to ancient Chinese medicine, health problems such as fertility issues can be traced to the inability of the body to maintain a delicate balance of energy. When the life energy flows through the body without disruption, the body will be more prepared for pregnancy.

Once the energy balance is restored in the body, it improves women's health on many levels. There are noticeable improvements in women emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. When the body starts operating in a more efficient manner, it will also increase a woman's fertility. The woman's body will more likely respond to IVF treatments. Women who are not using fertility medications will also improve their chances of getting pregnant.

An acupuncture for fertigation treatment plan encompasses a number of activities. The acupuncturist and the patient must work together in order to achieve the desired results. During acupuncture sessions, a patient would have needles placed at energy points directly connected to the reproductive system. It is also important for the patient to monitor her health and take care of herself outside of the acupuncture sessions. The acupuncturist may advise a patient to take nutritional supplements. The patient can incorporated relaxation techniques into her daily life so that she will maintain a feeling of wellness and calm.

It may take several sessions to restore a proper balance of the patient's life energy. The quantity of sessions and the length of time for each session will differ per person. If there is a certain deficit of energy within one area of ​​the body or an overflow of energy in another part of the body, it may take awhile to move the blockage of energy. Some patients may need to receive treatments multiple times a week for several months before they see results.

There are many reasons why it is believed that acupuncture for fertility works. Some attribute it to acupuncture increasing the production of hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle. There is also greater hormonal activity in the part of the brain that effects ovulation. Larger blood flow to the uterus and the lining of the walls in the uterus will reduce instances of miscarriage once an ovary is fertilized.

Acupuncture for fertility is a viable option for women having difficulty getting pregnant. More woman are turning to acupuncture before pursuing more expensive fertility treatments administrated at fertility clinics. When seeking help through acupuncture, it is important to find a professional who not only is skilled at acupuncture but who also has experience in treating infertility.

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Dry Needling Practitioners

An increasing number of people now look at the use of different complementary medical techniques to alleviate pain in the body. This is also the working principle behind massages and other relaxing approaches that would help your muscles and your entity body be relieved of stress and tension. It is not a common medical approach, except when it is dubbed as physical therapy, in which case it becomes a necessity to enable the restoration of your muscles' functions.

Dry needling is a known alternative technique that is commonly considered as the Western version of the Chinese acupuncture. From the term itself, the procedure uses needles. It is done mostly to relieve you of muscle pain and tension.

In the growing debate on the functions and effectiveness of needling, there are still a growing number of practitioners who utilize the technique to provide a more holistic way approach to healing. Physical therapists are known to use dry needling in their approach. When you undergo physical therapy, you would be assisted in addressing or correcting imbalances in your muscle and posture functions. Your joints and other parts of the body are also compromised. This is why with the use of dry need the bodies of patients are considered to be beneficial in ensuring that the patients would undergo the procedure without any hesitation.

Chiropractors also make use of dry needling. In America, they are allowed to use the technique in certain states like Florida, Alabama, North Carolina and even New Mexico. Chiropractic education curriculums often include dry needling to better understand the functions and benefits of the approach to both physiological and biomechanical aspects.

Finally, dry needling is used widely by osteopaths. When you consult a trusted osteopath, you would have considered carefully to know the history of your illness as well as the possible courses of treatment you need to be forwarded into. Upon careful diagnosis, the osteopath would discuss with you the different medical approaches you can look into. Dry needling is one of the extra approaches that osteopaths utilize because it targets the smallest crooks of your body. It historically makes way for a targeted form of treatment.

Dry needling has indeed gained popularity not only among patients but also so many medical practitioners. Just always remember to put your faith into the right hands so that you get to maximize the benefits of the technique. If you have questions asks your trusted osteopath.

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Acupuncture: The Effective Treatment That You’ve Never Tried

Especially in the western world, eastern medical practices are shrouded in mystery; and in some cases rejected as superstition or inept. This has lead to minimal market taking advantage of an established base of medicine which is increasingly being researched, perfected, and practiced. Although based in traditional philosophy, acupuncture has evolved into an effective medical practice that is spearheading the push of Chinese Medicine into the mainstream.

When people say that acupuncture is rooted in belief, they are speaking the truth. The traditional explanation is that the body has a flow of life energy through special channels that connect the major organs. The life energy, or Qi (pronounced chee), flow through those channels (meridians) creates an equilibrium state that can be upset by blockages or unbalances in flow, which causes illness and disease. Acupuncture seeks to free or control the flow of Qi to restore the equilibrium and promote health.

While the western mind may immediately dismiss this as an eastern conceptualization of the archaic “humors,” the truth is that the practice of acupuncture was on to something powerful. That is, the stimulation of specific points and glands on the body will facilitate certain biochemical, hormonal, and physiological reactions. The stimulation of these sensory receptors (sometimes with a mild electric impulse) will send specific information to the hypothalamic-pituitary system in the brain. This elicits the release of endorphins, a natural hormone that is a stronger painkiller than morphine, and serotonin, a neurotransmitter that affects mood and disposition.

To address the skepticism that arises from western medical cynicism, studies are constantly being refined and further to further explore the extent in which traditional practices are effective. Studies on the use of acupuncture to treat chronic migraines and headaches have shown that almost all candidates experienced qualified results, reporting decreased use of pain medication and fewer missed days of work. Furthermore, many reported total cessation of symptoms, making the treatment a powerful technique for headache relief and migraine relief. Another study firmly links acupuncture as an effective method of TMJ treatment (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder).

Not just for headaches and minor discomforts, acupuncture can help in managing a number of different pains and maladies. The World Health Organization officially recognizes acupuncture as treatment for many different ailments including respiratory disorders, digestive disorders, neurological disorders, and reproductive or menstrual issues.

If you think that you have tried everything to manage your pain, chances are that you have not tried traditional Chinese Medicine. Effective, albeit unconventional, acupuncture could be the key to successful treatment that you've bought for so long.

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How to Verify Your Health Insurance Coverage For Acupuncture Treatments

Many health insurance companies offer full or partial coverage for acupuncture treatment. However, they may not openly differentiate which types of treatment they actually pay for less you ask the right questions. Each patient's policy is unique to that patient. So are the benefits.

To get a complete and accurate picture of your coverage, call the patient information number on the back of your health insurance card. Then ask the following questions, step by step.

1. Does my plan have an Acupuncture benefit?

2. What is my “annual deductible”?

3. What is the unpaid portion that I still have to pay before my insurance coverage kicks in?

4. Does my Acupuncture benefit cover my medical diagnosis? Make sure you name the pathology over the phone, for example, diabetes, hypertension, essential tremors etc. Many plans only cover “pain syndromes”; if so, ask what types of “pain” are covered?

5. How many treatments do I get? Are there any limits on the number of visits for my condition?

6. Who must provide the acupuncture? Is an MD or chiropractor required?

7. Will I need a referral from an MD to see my acupuncture physician?

8. Given my plan, how much does the insurance company actually pay on the first acupuncture treatment? … on follow-up treatments?

9. What is the normal co-pay for acupuncture if I use a preferred provider? This is the amount you would pay out-of-pocket for each visit to a practitioner who is not on their “in network” list, but who is on their “preferred provider” list.

10. What percentage would I pay for a practitioner who is “out-of-network”?

That's all there is to it. Once you have the answers to the above questions, you will have a clear understanding of how your insurance supports your health care needs. It is important to keep detailed records about all contacts you have with your insurance company, including call notes, copies of bills, claims, and letters. These records will assist you if a dispute arises about a conversation you had or a claim. If you are not happy with the representative's statements or your service or your policy coverage, let your insurance company know. You pay a lot of money for your policy, and it's important that you know the terms better than anyone else and are satisfied with your coverage.

If you do not have coverage as outlined above, you may have other insurance options, such as an “affinity program”. This means that if you pick an acupuncture doctor from one of your insurance company's lists, you can get your treatments at a discounted price. The discount may vary from plan to plan, so ask what the discount is for your plan.

Many acupuncturists have signed up to become providers for insurance companies. Only a few handle all the paper work involved in billing. Some clinics, including our own, ask for full payment at the time of service. If you are covered by insurance benefits for acupuncture, the clinic then submits the claim on your behalf, instructing the insurance company to reimburse you directly. It's that easy as well as cost effective.

One final issue with regard to Medicare and Medicaid, as well as PIP auto insurance in Florida: None of these programs currently provide coverage for acupuncture. If you want this, please join us in asking for it. Every voice counts.

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Acupuncture and Natural Therapies for Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic, degenerative condition that continues to increase in frequency among children and adults in the United States. Statistics released in early 2011 by the American Diabetes Association show that 25.8 million children and adults in the United States, or 8.3% of the population have diabetes. It is estimated that 1.3 million people in the US will be diagnosed this year alone.

There are two types of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is usually diagnosed in children and young adults. In type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce insulin. Type 1 diabetics are insulin dependent.

Type 2 diabetes (adult on-set) is the most common form of diabetes affecting more than 15 million Americans. In type 2 diabetes, the body does not use insulin properly causing it to build up in the bloodstream. The build up of insulin can lead to complications such as heart disease, hypertension, eye problems, kidney disease, nervous system disease, periodontal disease, amputation, fatigue, depression, Alzheimer's disease and osteoporosis.

While diabetes is generally a long-term condition, diabetics can manage their condition and live long, healthy lives with appropriate medical treatment and healthy life-style changes. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can play a significant role in a comprehensive treatment plan to manage diabetes and its symptoms, and potentially reduce the need for medication.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have been used to treat diabetes for over 2000 years. In Chinese medicine, diabetes is referred to as ” wasting and thirsting disease,” an imbalance of Qi and Yin that produces heat and depletes the body's fluids causing heat-like symptoms: excessive thirst, irritability, swollen gums, itchy skin and dry mouth.

During an acupuncture treatment, fine needles are inserted into specific points on the body to restore the flow of Qi and nourish Yin (fluids). The treatment for diabetes focuses on regulating the circulation of blood and Qi, improving pancreatic function, addressing internal heat and depletion of fluids.

Chinese herbal medicine is an important component in the treatment of diabetes. The following are a few examples Chinese herbal formulas that are typically used in conjuction with acupuncture to treat diabetes and its symptoms. Because not all formulas are appropriate for every individual, it is important that you consult with a knowledgeable healthcare provider before including them in your treatment plan.

• Da Chai Hu Tang (Major Bupleurum Decoction). This herbal formula reduces the rate at which glucose enters the bloodstream and increases the efficiency of insulin. It is especially useful if diabetes occurs with long-term gastrointestinal disorders.

• Xiao Chai Hu Tang (Minor Bupleurum Decoction). This herbal formula reduces the rate at which glucose enters the bloodstream after meals. It is especially useful if diabetes occurs with HIV or as a complication of hepatitis infection.

• Bai Hu Jian Ren Sheng Tang (White Tiger Plus Ginseng Decoction). Helps to lower sugar levels by increasing the amount of sugar stored in the liver. It relieves symptoms such as fever, general discomfort, general weakness, great thirst, profuse sweating, and restlessness.

Liu Wei Di Huang Tang (Six Ingredient Pill with Rehannia). Treats symptoms that may accompany diabetes such as: vertigo, tinnitus, poor hearing, night sweats, heat in the five palms (hands, feet, a / or chest), weak low back, light headedness.

Other natural therapies for diabetes include dietary changes, exercise, and nutritional supplementation are very effective in managing type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and may possibly reverse pre-diabetes.

• Eat 3 meals a day at regular times. Keep portions moderate.

• Eat a low-fat, organic whole foods diet that is rich in fish, chicken, vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. This diet is rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber. Fiber will help reduce blood sugar surges.

• Avoid refined carbohydrates: white flour, candy, fruit juice, and soda pop. Natural sweeteners that do not adversely affect blood glucose levels such as stevia and xylitol are available at health food stores.

• Avoid saturated fats, simple sugars (except when it is necessary to balance an insulin reaction), caffeine, and alcohol.

• Many diabetics will notice better glucose control by having a small proportion of protein at every meal.

• Juice therapy is also beneficial. Drink the juice of one lime in a glass of water daily.

• Follow a regular exercise program to help reduce insulin and glucose levels, shrink fat cells, and make glucose control more effective. Do 30 minutes of gentle exercise, like walking or yoga, daily.

The following foods may also play an important role in helping patients manage diabetes when included in a healthy diet. Most are readily available in Asian markets and health food stores.

Black wood ear. This mushroom-like fungus has a neutral taste and adds a pleasant crunch to dishes. It should be soaked in warm water then added to soups, stir-fried dishes, or lightly cooked and added to salads. In Chinese diet therapy, the black wood ear nourishes the Yin and generates fluids.

• Bitter melon is a vegetable that looks like a bumpy cucumber. It is available in Asian markets. To avoid bitterness use it while still green. It can be salted and rinsed before use. Studies suggest that bitter melon contains a compound that moderates blood sugar, making it useful in helping control type 2 diabetes.

• Bok choy. This member of the cage family has a crunchy white stem and dark green leaves. To use in stir-fries, cook the stems and leaves separately, as the stems need additional cooking time. It is high in fiber, Vitamins A and C. In Chinese diet therapy is used to clear heat, quench thirst and lubricate the intestines.

Chinese yam (mountain yam). In Chinese diet therapy the Chinese yam is recommended for long-term use to increase vitality for those recovering from illness or weakened by old age. Chinese yams may also play a role in managing diabetes. Scientific studies have shown a decrease in blood glucose levels in mice eating the vegetable.

Cinnamon. Scientists suggest that cinnamon can help control blood sugar making it useful in managing diabetes. It also has anti-bacterial properties. In Chinese medicine, it is used to treat abdominal pain, reduced appetite, and diarrhea, increase vitality, and alleviate pain.

Pumpkin and winter squash. These are members of the squash family with a tough outer rind and sweet orange flesh. Research suggests a compound in Asian pumpkins improves insulin levels and lowers blood sugar. In Chinese tradition, the pumpkin is also considered good for people with diabetes. Can be used in soups, stir-fries and conges.

In addition to making healthy lifestyle choices, it is important to create a support team of health care professionals including primary care physician, eye doctor, nurses, a dietician and a license acupuncturist or Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

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Choosing Acupuncture For Fertility Can Improve Chances Of Getting Pregnant

At the present time, acupuncture as a form of treatment is not that accepted in Western countries. It serves as an alternative medicine but it is not most of the time considered to be the priority treatment. However, recently, there has been an increase in popularity to this kind of treatment to many doctors. Although there is no scientific evidence that it works as a form of treatment, there are testimonies that speak to its effectiveness. There are studies also that show that it can improve fertility. If not as a sole treatment, it is already recognized as a treatment that can be used together with another treatment to increase chances of pregnancy.

As told, acupuncture is not useful when used for pregnancy issues alone. It is actually more effective for much simpler problems like irregular ovulation. The reason behind its effectiveness for ovulation problem is its capacity to increase the blood regulation to reproductive areas, regulate the functions of the body and improve hormone levels in the body. In women, the effect is regularized ovulation and for men, the effect is increase in sperm count.

For pregnancy issues, it is said that it's good to use acupuncture together with another treatment. Acupuncture is said to reduce the stress in undergoing the process. Women admit that some medical treatments are highly stressful and that it's more interesting and relaxing to under acupuncture. In 2002, there was a study that tested the effectiveness of acupuncture and in vitro fertilization as applied to a group of women. The study also tested the effectiveness of in vitro fertilization alone as applied to another group of women. The study claimed that using both treatments together benefits the women who wanted to get pregnant. Also, women who undergo acupuncture are less likely to experience miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies, a study said.

Not all people are pro-acupuncture but if you think that this is the treatment that you'd like to try, there are a few things that you need to remember. The doctor who you will entrust the acupuncture procedure should be licensed or at least well trained in the field. There are necessary documents that will prove if a doctor is capable of doing such procedures. Also, do not forget to consider the cost in undergoing the procedure. Understand that your insurance company may or does not cover the expenses of this procedure that you are going to take.

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Chiropractic and Acupuncture Care for Allergies

Allergies are an inflamed reaction of the immune system caused by allergens – substances that the body recognizes as foreign but are generally not harmful. A person with allergies (which often times are contracted genetically) has a hyper-sensitive immune system. The immune system, which is meant to defend against rising bacteria and viruses, will recognize the seemingly harmless allergen as something dangerous and release a chemical called histamine to fight it off. Histamine is responsible for most allergy symptoms including (but not limited to):

• Rashes
• Breathing problems
• Runny nose
• Itching
• Sneezing
• Headache
• Burning eyes
• Hives

It is commonly held that allergic reactions should be treated with medications, specifically antihistamines or anti-inflammatory drugs. While this may reduce symptoms chiropractic treatment is also a widely used and widely successful practice. Chiropractic work releases stress on the nervous system which, in turn, reduces stress on the immune system. This is beneficial to an individual who is allergy-prone. An un-compromised immune system will function at its highest.

Another therapy, sometimes associated with chiropractic practice, which can aid in allergy relief, is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a popular form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that aims to realign the body's natural, flowing Qi. Qi, which is said to translate to “life force” or “life energy” but literally translates to mean “breath”, is the pillar principle in Eastern medicine. It is said that Qi is an energy which flows through the body in channels that can be associated with pressure points on the body. The practice of acupuncture arrests these points to realign an imbalance of Qi. The relationship between acupuncture and allergies is noted quite accurately by Oriental Medicine expert, Kath Bartlett, in a Fox News health report. Bartlett describes that the two are used in a “root and branch” approach. For example, a patient seeking relief for a runny nose during allergy season would be displaying symptoms of the “branch” whereas the immune system is referred to as the “root.” Receiving allergy treatments in-between seasons would be considered as strengthening the “root.” This philosophy reflects how personal the practice of acupuncture is. With a different index of classification for conditions, the diagnosis process is entirely unique. Although the practice of Chinese Medicine may seem unconventional to some, it has been widened to be an effective way of alleviating allergy symptoms. Thus chiropractic and acupuncture may be considered effective integrative care for the treatment of allergies.

Alvarez, Dr. Manny. (2007, April 3). Acupuncture Pins Down Allergy Relief. Fox News. Retrieved from .

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Effective Weight Loss Treatment Using Acupuncture

For those who are not that aware with what acupuncture is about, they should know that this unique technique used by ancient Chinese civilization to be able to eliminate various pains in a person's body. The amazing thing about acupuncture is that it still exists until this day; as a matter of fact, it is still being used by a lot of doctors to treat people who are feeling some unpleasing things. However, what a lot of people do not realize is that acupuncture for weight loss also exists and is being used by some people as well.

There are a lot of people in the world today who are really having a hard time when it comes to losing the extra weight that they have in their body. The good news is that for those people who are feeling like losing weight is something impossible for them to do, acupuncture is something that will really be able to help them. What a lot of people will really be happy about acupuncture for weight loss is that unlike most of the diet programs out there, this treatment will help people shed off the excess fat for good.

People should know that this treatment for weight loss can be compared to hypnosis because it forces the mind to relax and allows the energy to freely flow through the various meridians on the body. The concept behind this treatment is that when a physician inserts a needle into a particular meridian on the body, it will force the body to release a hormone called endorphins; for those people who are not aware, endorphins are chemicals that will make a person feel good as a whole. The thing about endorphins is that it has been found that when there is a huge amount of endorphins in the body, the level of insulin decreases as a result. When the body does not have much insulin, it can also be automatically assumed that the storage for fat is also decreed.

In addition to the scientific effect of acupuncture to the overall weight loss progress of a person, the act of sticking the needles on to the skin of a person will allow him / her to lose his / her appetite. Not to mention, the desires of people will also be declined allowing a person to not look for food often. Another really great thing that acupuncture for weight loss will be able to do to a person is that that will increase his / her metabolism; and this is something that is really needed in order for a person to successfully lose weight.

The most important benefit of this type of treatment for weight loss is that the entire process is natural; Unlike the other types of methods for weight loss that are available which are surgery and diet pills, this is considered to be the safest method. With a pretty reasonable price, people will be able to lose weight the natural method; this means that they should not be worried about side effects and risks that other methods bring.

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Does Acupuncture Treatment Hurt?

Acupuncture is known to be a really effective and safe treatment when it comes to eliminating the pain that a person is feeling in his / her body. Because of its popularity, a lot of people are actually asking themselves “does acupuncture damage?” due to the fact that this treatment primarily uses needles. However, before asking whether this treatment truly hurts or not, it is first reasonable to find out the corresponding benefits that people will gain from doing acupuncture.

For starters, a person will really be able to treat the main cause of the pain that a person is feeling; in addition to this, acupuncture is also really able to fix and eliminate the symptoms that a person is feeling. The most important thing about acupuncture is that chemicals are not used in the process of treating the illness, which means that this treatment is really very safe. To also know about the different and some of the problems that this treatment is able to heal, people should know that back pains, arthritis, digestive problems, asthma, ulcers, headaches and migraines will be easily cured by acupuncture. As a matter of fact, some people even feel like even the spiritual wellness of a person is also improved by this kind of treatment. Not to mention, mental problems, phobias, depression and addictions are also fixed with by acupuncture; This is something that most of the other medical treatments are not able to do.

Simply put, acupuncture is a treatment that is very effective; not to mention, when it is done properly by authorized people, it can really perform and work to its full potential. To the question on “does acupuncture hurt”, people should know that it does a little bit, but the good news is that the pain is not something that an individual will not be able to tolerate. Furthermore, people should also know that when the needle enters the skin of the person, it will definitely hurt, but it will only last for a few seconds. However, it should also be said that there are some people who do not feel the pain when they participate in this type of treatment.

The reason why it is first important for people to find out whether acupuncture is a treatment that is really effective or not is because there are some people who feel like a little pain is all worth it most especially when they know that the long-term benefits of acupuncture will be very helpful for them. Having said this, people should know that it is not wrong to ask “does acupuncture hurt” most especially when this question is only asked out of curiosity. However, people must also be aware that this question should also go hand in hand with knowing whether the entire treatment is effective or not. This way, the answer to the question will mean something else most especially when it is taken into consideration with the benefits that people can gain from acupuncture. People should just remember that the pain that something brings becomes unusual sometimes mostly especially if it has more meaningful and important benefit.

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Bridging the Gap Between Acupuncturist and Patient – Part One

Why is my acupuncturist asking about my period when I came in for a frozen shoulder?

A good majority of my clients have never tried acupuncture before coming to me. What I have realized over the years is that a lot of people have absolutely no clue how acupuncture works, how I choose the points, what I am feeling in the pulse and why I am talking about things like Liver and Spleen all the time. I decided to try and shed light on some of the ways my mind is working when I get someone on the treatment table. It is an interesting process and I feel there is no reason why my clients can not understand exactly how my mind is working when I go about my acupuncture treatments.

Most people who visit an acupuncturist have what we would call a chief complaint. They have one particular reason why they are seeking treatment. Unlike Western medical practitioners, an acupuncturist is considering the whole picture of the person, not just the symptom in question. That begins the mystery.

The topic of this article will be the importance of the history of the body and the emotions. This is where my mind begins when meeting a client for the first time. Everyone's body has a story to tell. The way the energy flows or does not flow in the body has much to do with the physical and emotional traumas the body has ended over the years.

Some examples of physical traumas are car accidents, broken bones, sprains, surgeries, scars, diseases. I also am interested in what diseases diagnosed during childhood, family history of disease, athleticism in childhood and teen years. Since I have additional training in Myofascial Release Therapy, which is a physical therapy that involves treatment of the fascia, I want to know about every instance where the fascia was torn or cut. This will have an impact on the way the meridians of energy are flowing or not flowing.

Examples of emotional traumas would include death of a parent or spouse, divorce, history of addiction in self or family, abuse, violence, muggings. All of these disrupt the natural flow of life and the natural flow of energy in the body. They will all contribute to the manifestation of illness or imbalance which leads to symptoms and are what I keep in mind when choosing points and methods to use for treatment. Many times emotional traumas have not been fully experienced and released and are there yet still taking up energy that the body may need for other functions.

These are all examples of how individual life paths contribute to the story our illness is trying to tell. In order for me to understand how the body ended up imbalanced, I must understand the story the body tells. There is a tremendous power that is unleashed when we begin to listen to a patients story.

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Acupuncture Healing Success

The first known and recorded therapeutic success of traditional Chinese medicine that soon became one of China's achievements was during the extremely effective interval of war from different states and countries. According to the history of China's, a physician named Pien Cheuh used acupuncture to treat a Governor of the State of Kuo. The acupuncture treatment with the use of natural herbs has revived the governor from a severe coma. Soon, the physician was then awarded with prestige. In ancient China and up to these days, this celebration is considered in favor of the support, acceptance and popularity of any form of treatment.

How Does Acupuncture Work According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Science?

Through scientific experiences and natural encounters, the use of such particular factors like pressure points on the epidermis of our skin were proved to be of great help and value in treating particular illnesses.

Interruption of the circulation can lead to psychological problems, emotional illnesses, and physical diseases, such as inability to conceive, allergies, heart diseases and many more. We have channels or programs called meridians that run through our bodies. They are usually in comparison to estuaries operating through the entire body system in order for the cells to be taken care and for the tissues to be nourished. The circulation of energy will then be supported and be flowing back.

These meridians can be affected by needling specific factors or points around areas of our bodies, also known as traditional Chinese remedies. Traditional Chinese treatments have a natural way of treating patients. By needing the acupuncture points, the circulation of the energy gets “unstuck” and is allowed to circulate in a free, effective and more balanced way.

The acupuncture points are certainly a great product of an incredible number of specific finds. Because of this, the different varieties of acupuncture were then developed and each of them were designed a name based on their type of procedures and treatment qualities.

Do The Needles Used In Acupuncture Hurt?

The concept of having needles trapped into the pores of our bodies' epidermis brings about heavy thoughts and ideas of discomfort for most people. We should know that these acupuncture needles used for treatment are extremely fine. Mostly everyone encounters the acupuncture problems diversely. Usually, people explain feeling a very minor discomfort sensation from almost nothing at all, to feeling of a single hair worn out from the scalp.

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Learning About Acupuncture

For those people who are not aware, acupuncture is a technique that makes use of disposable needles to be able to cure different types of pains in a person's body. The needles are expertly inserted in different locations in a person's skin known as meridians; pricking these meridians will cause the pain from the body to be eliminated immediately, allowing the person to feel more relieved.

A lot of people who are interested in the techniques used in acupuncture are probably wondering about the overall cost that they would have to end just to be able to get the amazing benefits from it. For starters, people should not think about the acupuncture cost as only the exact amount that they would have to spend for it. Rather, people should take into consideration both the amount and the benefits that acupuncture will be able to give them in the long run.

However, to give people a better idea about the specific amounts that they need to spend, they should know that for the first visit, they will be billed with an amount that is quite expensive. The good news is that the acupuncture cost for the first session will not be as expensive as the succeeding sessions that people would have to attend to; first-timers should be ready to shell out 75 up to 100 dollars for the first session. The reason why the first session costs more than all the other succeeding ones is because this usually lasts the longest; having said this, people should expect their first session to last for at least an hour.

In addition to this, the successful sessions would cost people from 50 up to 70 dollars; Because following sessions are cheaper, people should also expect that these will last for around thirty up to forty minutes. Even though these costs have been specified in this article, it does not mean that they will not change; as a matter of fact, the costs would definitely depend on the clinic that one would go to. Aside from this, people will also be able to encounter various clinics that are offering different types of discounts that would really be an advantage for their budget. The only thing that a person needs to do to be able to locate these discounts on acupuncture is to do a little research from different websites online. Truly, the time spent on finding these discounts will be worth it once a person realizes how much money he / she was able to save in the process.

What people should know is that many are actually attributed with the mentioned acupuncture cost because because compared to the other treatments that are available in the market this is considered to be a lot cheaper. More importantly, acupuncture is not only more affordable for a lot of people, but it is also more reliable when it comes to treating the different ailments of people who are suffering from different things. This type of treatment can really be tried by anyone who is interested and curious at the same time about its overall and long-term effects on a person's body.

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Increasing Fertility Through Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a technique practiced by a lot of Chinese people for over a thousand years now; This process is actually a medical treatment that uses needles. The needles are used to prick the skin in various parts and areas of the bodies; what a lot of people do not know is that doing this will help a person get rid of a lot of pains in the body. However, besides from eliminating the different causes of pain in a person's body, acupuncture is also known to help women in becoming fertile.

Acupuncture fertility is something that a lot of people are not really aware of, but for those who are interested in gaining the benefits of this process, the best thing for them to do is to look for people who are experts in this kind of treatment. When it comes to the amount of money that a person needs to be able to fully acquire this kind of treatment, people should know that it will all depend on the person that will perform the process. But just to give people the general idea of ​​the total amount that they should at least have, they should know that the first session would cost them 75 up to 125 dollars. Having said this, people should also be aware that the first session will always cost more than the succeeding sessions.

The truth about acupuncture fertility is that not only are women interested about it, but also couples who are expecting to have children in the near future. What couples should remember is that when they decide to take part in this type of treatment, patients should inform the person who will perform the treatment, about the different medications that one is currently taking. In addition to this, it would also be a good idea for the patients to always make sure that the practitioner is using clean needles to avoid acquiring various diseases. In relation to this, it would be best if the physician uses disposable needles to be sure that no disease will be transmitted from one patient to another. Another really good thing that a physician could practice is sterilizing the needles properly before using it for another patient again.

Another thing that people should know about acupuncture fertility is that it is important for them to make sure that they find really qualified people to do this process to them. This would not only insure people that they will get the full benefits that this treatment can bring people, but it will also insure people that they will really spend their money for something that is really effective.

People should also know that this treatment is beneficial for both men and women, most especially if they are having problems with conceiving a child. Having said this, those interested people only need to take the time to search for the right person who can perform this treatment for them. When people become successful with finding the right person to do this treatment for them, all of their sacrifices and hard work will really be worth it.

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