After several months of not being able to conceive a child, John and Linda became discouraged and ended up finding themselves arguing over small things because of their disappointment. After going to a fertility clinic, and they realized that because of infertility problems, one of the only options for them ever to conceive is by using in vitro fertilization. Although very costly and somewhat painful, this particular treatment did hold out hope for them to have a child of their own that they would bring into the world. Not wanting to lose any possibility of actually conceiving the child through in vitro fertilization, they also look to the possibility of adding acupuncture to their treatment process.

One thing that acupuncture has been used for and has actually gone through testing is for increasing a person's fertility rate. As a matter of fact, in a controlled study those that went through in vitro fertilization along with acupuncture had a 10% greater chance of conceiving a child than those that did not have acupuncture. Those are amazing results and according to those, you may be able to increase your odds as well. This can be especially comfortable considering what you have to go through in order to have an IVF in the first place.

Acupuncture has even been shown to increase the natural fertility that people have and may increase their odds of conceiving a child even without the use of in vitro fertilization. If you are already dealing with IVF, however, using acupuncture may help you bring about the natural balance state within your body and to conceive a child with the help of medical science. Although it is not a 100% guaranteed cure, even a 10% increase in the success rate is well worth the effort considering all that you get out of treatments through acupuncture.

Most people are nervous over the needles that are used, mainly because they are accredited to being hurt by needles at the doctor's office. The fact of the matter is, the needles that are used during an acupuncture treatment are much smaller than those that can deliver vaccines to us. Whenever they are inserted into the skin, more often than not, nothing is felt at all. If there is some pain, it is very slight and goes away quickly.

The best thing that you can do for yourself if you're apprehensive about visiting an acupuncturist is to go in for an initial consultation. You will see that they are not some kind of weird doctor but they are actually in the medical profession and willing to help you medically. By talking to them face to face, you will no doubt find the confidence that you need in order to go ahead with the treatment.