Although acupuncture events benefit to lots of people, what made them hesitant is their fear against needles. There are various responses from different people regarding acupuncture needles.

There are individuals who can not even bear the sight of those pricking little monsters while some love the sensation.

There are different needling techniques as to all the acupuncture needles are not the same. Compared to the shot, the pain associated with it is much less because these needles are smaller, solid, no cutting edge and do not inject anything.

There is a wide range on hand that comes in various types in terms of thickness, length, material and quality.

Much less sensation can be derived from needles that are sharp even at the microscopic level. Easily slide into the body are needles that are silicone covered.

Natural acupuncture needle is one of the types of these needles. These needles are sharp, smooth and clean and are perfect for clinical daily use. Each needle is easy to use and comes with individual guide tube sealed in blister pack.

For individuals who are sensitive or afraid of needles, they are ideal for them.

What can endanger the health of patients is a poor quality needles that are badly designed or constructed.

You should always insist on good quality and natural acupuncture needles as a practitioner since they undergo a stringent quality tests throughout the manufacturing process. In this way, best quality is attained.

They come in various types, they have coiled handles, silicone free, pyrogen free and come with certified quality. These needles vary as per gauge, needle length and diameter.

The gauge ranges from 28-38, the needle length variates from 15mm to 125 mm and the diameter ranges from 0.18 mm to 0.35 mm.

They are affordable at prices and come in good quality needles. These needles have sterile coiled spiral handles and do not have silicone coating.

Most people are not even aware when these needles are inserted while some people get the feeling of warmth, pressure, heaviness, tingling and sensation of movement of energy. Normally, depending on the ailment, they stay in the place for 15-40 minutes.

If performed by an experienced practitioner by using the right technique and right kind of needles, acupuncture can be very relaxing.

Many doctors also prefer Japanese acupuncture needles. Inserted with the help of a tube tube making insertion painless and quick is the most common filiform needle, which is very thin and sharp.