There is no doubt that the ancient Chinese medicinal art of acupuncture treatment is considered as important alternative healing today.

The positioning of long thin needles on various points on the body is involved in acupuncture and the proper positioning must be studied carefully.

There are available acupuncture wall charts which demonstrate major points and pathways including high quality artwork to specifically assist you. These charts are plastic-coated making it great for clinical offices use.

Wall to Wall Acupuncture Body Charts

Acupuncture is an ancient form of medical procedures widely use in the world today.

Studying the five element theory is one of the best ways to initially understand it. You can determine which element is associated with any symptom or discomfort you're experiencing by referring to the five element chart.

A potential lung imbalance will be indicated in the five element chart if you are crying a lot for example or feeling sad. As you install the Five Element acupuncture wall chart, you will find it easy to associate the various body / mind relationships linked with each organ.

Major points and pathways are exposed in the acupuncture meridian point wall charts, and identify the location of points precisely in reference to muscular landmarks or bony landmarks.

Detailed illustrations are typically included in these charts and often come in sets in harmony with the twelve core meridians.

The microsystems of the acupuncture wall charts of the face and head typically include a chart of the Chinese scalp system, Chinese face microsystem, and Chinese nose system.

Associations of various parts of the body and the main meridian system are provided in these microsystems charts.

The Chinese hand acupuncture and dental meridian charts are fairly less popular but very practical. Intended for massage therapists and acupuncturists, the hand charts are more than ever useful.

Since it is believed that pathological information is reflected on the hand, traditional Chinese medicine often used the hand to diagnose diseases. It is also thought that acupuncture methods can be used to prevent and treat disease, improve the quality of life, and maintain health by applying various types of stimulation to specific areas of the hand.

Very useful in this type of treatment are the hand acupuncture wall charts, mainly those that include close-up visuals.

On the other hand, dental acupuncture charts demonstrate the associations among teeth and other parts of the body.

When probing an oral acupuncture point or points that have turned into very intolerable to localized pressure, this chart can be used for both diagnostic and treatment purposes.

Specific acupuncture meridians under stress are mapped in these sensitive points and can be used to treat sinusitis, digestive disorders and allergic conditions.