Acupuncture treatments for weight loss progresses the performance of two neuroendocrine pathways, which control the metabolism. Acupuncture, when pooled with an effectual diet routine, exercise schedule, and stress reduction techniques, can reduce extreme appetite, lower body weight and body fat, and form it easier to manage overeating. Based on Chinese prototype analysis, acupuncturists can also suggest herbs and enzymes that will decrease food cravings and poise digestion.

Acupuncture needles inserted into points on the ear and body can liberate endorphins, which have a tranquil and reassuring effect, making it easier to organize the inclining to splurge eat. Endorphins also have a beneficial reductionive effect on stress and anxiety levels, which can trigger overeating and binge eating.

Acupuncture weight loss treatments begin with an intake assessment and analysis that takes into thought available digestive disorders as well as tendencies to gorge. The acupuncturist then determines body energy situation by checking pulse rate and also examines the condition and health of the stomach energy. The acupuncturist then examines the tongue for symptoms of abdominal energy imbalances.

Following the beginning evaluation, the acupuncturist would form a treatment protocol that would consist of acupuncture points on the ear and body to decrease weight. Acupuncture points on the ear that communicate to the major organs of the body would be evaluated, according to the evaluation and analysis.

The acupuncturist practitioner usually produces at least two points or more for each Acupuncture weight loss treatment according to the diagnosis and healing plan following the preliminary assessment.

The acupuncturist may include electro stimulation into the Acupuncture weight loss treatments to augment endorphin release and speed metabolism. For the normal patient, who needs to drop five to ten pounds, two treatments a week, or every few days should be effectual. More severe weight gain problems may primarily need five treatments a week, narrowing off slowly over a period of three to four weeks.