Since long before the dawn of Western civilization, the Chinese have used acupuncture as a means of relieving stress and promoting a sort of natural healing that they have always understood the human body to be inherently capable of. Acupuncture has, for thousands of years, been an integral part of their traditional system of medicine. As a way of completing the therapeutic characteristics of acupuncture, herbs and herbal-based remedies have also been used to great effect in order to promote a strong immune system, and a healthy mind. The origins of green tea, which has become greatly re-popularized in Western culture in recent decades, originates from the same system of medicine.

History of the region is abound with records of people who lived remarkably long lives that were filled with potency, and long before any of the advents of modern medicine that we currently enjoy in the hyper-industrialized West. When you break down the system of medicine that they used into its basic elements – acupuncture, herbs, and other organic remedies for illness, it's easy to see a lot of value in the ancient way of living along with the natural world in harmony, rather than in spite of its turmoils.

Acupuncture, which is unique in its own right, was originally derived from some of the fundamental spiritual beliefs of the time, and was intended as a way for physicians to correct imbalances in the flow of Chi in a person's body. Chi, despite its nonphysical nature, was thought to be susceptible to disruption due to too much stress caused by a hectic lifestyle, or possible as a result of misfortune befalling a person. The key to aging well, according to the Chinese, was to keep the flow of Chi both free and unobstructed, and it was believed that placing tiny needles into certain points of the body could help to induce this balance.

The prolific use of Chinese herbs, and the reason why their use has continued to be popular even into modern times, is born of a desire to solve the problems of the body by relying solely on ingredients from nature itself. A growing number of people are making conscious efforts to ween themselves off of the temptation of becoming dependent on over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, discovering instead that there are ways of achieving the effects that they're after without relying on anything artificial.

Things like memory improvements, better concentration, and the energy to stay focused and alert throughout the day can all be gotten inexpensively and organically through the ingestion of healthy beverages that are infused with Chinese herbs such as Ginseng, and Gingko. There's a valuable lesson that we can take from the pages of history, and that lesson is that sometimes the newest solutions to the imperfections of our bodies and minds are not always the best. If you want to be able to live a long, stress-free life in which you age like a fine wine, sometimes it's the more traditional fixes that can give you what you're after.