Getting in touch with an acupuncturist is conducive to not only your physical health but your mental and spiritual health. An acupuncturist has the ability to help relieve various medical conditions, and remove the pain. The practice of acupuncture is not a new therapy but it's a Chinese Eastern therapeutic medical practice that is thousands of years old. It focuses on the body's energy also known as “chi.” When there is a blockage of energy that it affects the body's organ's ability to work properly by bringing disease.

Acupuncturists are able to assist patients with a variety of health conditions including:

• Treating chronic pain and symptoms from neurological diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus and more.

• Musculoskeletal disorders including circulatory, nervous, lymphatic, and respiratory systems. Acupuncture has the ability to prevent and treat these disorders. It has the ability to speed up the healing process, which has a huge popularity with professional athletes.

• Drug Recovery through the use of relieving the tension involved with drug and alcohol addiction.

• Allergies are brought on by the immune system reacting to environmental elements such as dust, pollen, and chemicals. These allergens are also present through foods such as wheat, milk, shellfish and more which can cause allergic reactions to occur.

Those with allergies usually experience watery eyes, sneezing, and stuffy nose for environmental elements. Allergies can cause additional reactions and serious problems such as heart palpitations, joint pain, diabetes, kidney problems, depression, learning abilities, and glaucoma. Alternative treatment, such as eastern medicine, is able to flush out the toxins and heal the body.

Acupuncturists do not require the use of any technology in this fast moving technological driven world. The acupuncturist professional uses hair-thin needles on affected areas of the body that can not be felt. Keep in mind that relief does not always occur overnight but will take several sessions to treat chronic ongoing health conditions.

Acupuncture therapy has the positive side effects including:

• Reducing insomnia occurrences through encouraging better sleep after each acupuncture session. Patients do not always recognize the changes until a follow-up visit with the acupuncturists. Lack of sleep is one the most common complaints and patients will see an instant change in better sleep.

• More energy after each acupuncture session within several hours to several days after each treatment. Patients will feel more motivated to exercise instead of taking a post-lunch nap.

• Less stress is one of the main reasons why patients go see an acupuncturist. The acupuncturist reduces their patient's levels of stress and evening out their moods.