Acupuncture is a medicine that has its roots in ancient Chinese traditions and is based around the ideals and beliefs that an energy or 'life' force flows through every persons body. This is called a persons vital energy and practitioners of the treatment believe that illness is caused when a persons vital energy can not flow freely through the body. It is at this point that symptoms start to appear inside itself and on the outer layer of a persons skin.

It is believed that certain pressure points all over the surface of the body correspond to different meanings and internal situations, it is in these points that fine needles are inserted into the skin and manipulated in accordance with that individual. The Chinese have developed this tradition over thousands of years, believing that all parts of the universe are interconnected, the treatment has no association with contemporary medicine at all.

There are hundreds of points all over the body that can be used for this type of treatment. It is believed that these points, or meridians, are all connected to a certain organ within the body and by manipulating a needle at the correct location you can effectively treat ailments and provide pain relief which might not have appeared possible.

It is used for a wide variety of conditions, such as headaches, dental pain, back pain and for other more mental conditions such as depression and anxiety. The treatment is often used as a relaxation process for someone dealing with substance misuse. Often a diagnosis of the tongue and the pulse of a patient will determine what style of treatment and the pressure points that need focus on them. Most people would associate acupuncture with a comprehensive process of dealing with chronic pain.

It can be an extremely relaxing sensation and is incredibly safe if provided by a trained practitioner. As there is an increase in the stimulation of endorphins during the process, a patient can feel wide awake and refreshed after a session. It can also help with sleep deprivation and the liberation of your bodies defense against pain.

Although there is no scientific proof that acupuncture works as a treatment, many believe that that the processes may stimulate nerve and muscle tissue leading to longer term beneficial effects. There has been scientific proof that it has helped fewer conditions such as migraines and nausea however.

Despite there being no scientific proof in accord with western medical philosophy, the practice has gained huge acclaim and popularity over the last couple of centuries as it has spread further into the western world. Through a mixture of cultures and population dispersal it has become not only a supplement to traditional, western medicine, but for some the first and only real option that they take to cure any ailments or disease.

So, as you can see, acupuncture Ajax is a viable alternative to provide not only pain relief but to treat many types of ailments and diseases. Thousand of years worth of practice has honed the skills of practitioners and a system is in place to help a persons vital energy flow through manipulating their pressure points effectively. Even if you only see it as a supplement to western medicine it can provide a relaxation technique that is hard to beat.