In order for a business to obtain profit, it must attract clients, and in order to do that, it must be “client-orientated”, meaning that the needs of customers are put in first place. Satisfied customers like to share experiences with others, so in time, your client base will grow. The system works like a pyramid with an indefinite number of levels, the top level being the first satisfied customer, and each level underneath being a referred person by someone from the level above.

Acupuncture clinics are usually small businesses, run by a select few that have either inherited their skills through family generations, or have learned the skills necessary from masters. The atmosphere inside an acupuncture clinic is intimate and cozy, a place where stress is filtered even before any needle touches the body.

Being an alternative medicinal treatment, acupuncturists very heavy of their customers, and on the recommendations made by them, so it's vital that every client is treated with great respect and care.

Showing your clients that you care is very important, and this can be done through a simple conversation where you ask clients questions about themselves, thus showing them you are interested in them as human beings, not just as someone who comes in and pays; also this can be done through emails, telephone class on special occasions, organizing special events, discounts and special offers for key customers, and more. Once you start to show you care, you slowly gain the trust of your clients, and this trust helps them spread the word about your little clinic.

It's not only important to establish a trust based relationship, but also to maintain it. It does not matter if your intentions are good from the start, once you capture a client's attention, you have to keep it pointed at your clinic, or else someone else is bound to show up and steel clients from you.

Stand out from the crowd, by showing you care about your clients and patients. Take a personal interest in their well-being. Call out of you own initiative, and ask for updates on their treatments, how are they feeling, what is their evolution, if they are taking the indicated medications and herbs, if they are working through a balanced diet, if their sleep hours are no longer chaotic, if they exercise daily, etc.

Treat your customers as your friends. Acupuncture is scary at first. When you see a bunch of thin sharp needles being used, it's natural to get scared, this is why it's vital to make customers feel that you are there for them, that everything is going to be alright and that you care for their safety. Create a welcoming atmosphere, make them feel at home.

Ultrasound patients should not feel like they are going to see a doctor, they should feel like they are going to see a friend. Once you understand why it's important for patients to feel appreciated and cared for, and once you start to understand the psychology behind human emotions, making clients feel at home in your clinic is easy. And always, a satisfied customer is bound to share his experience with others, and so your potential client base grows.