For many people, back and neck pains are inescapable facts of life. In fact, researchers in 2008 have noted that as much as 8 out of 10 adults in the western hemisphere complain of severe back problems while around 15 per cent of adults in Australia experience serious neck pain issues.

With such figures, it is not surprising that many people turn to virtually every form of pain relief available on the market-from over-the-counter to alternative medicines. Of these, chiropractic care is rapidly becoming more popular each year due to its effectiveness. To increase its success rate against back and neck pains, many practitioners in the country including a number of Sydney chiropractors are now adding acupuncture into their treatment plans. Combining these two techniques together can deliver very good results for patients.

Acupuncture is an ancient form of healing that is also quite effective in treating back problems. In fact, many people experience significant improvement in back pains after undergoing acupuncture treatment. In 2005, a study published in Annals of Internal Medicine has shown that acupuncture actually provides long-term relief for patients with lower back pain. The analysis revealed that patients with chronic lower back pain treated with Chinese-style acupuncture tend to experience significant pain relief long after their treatment sessions.

Chiropractic therapy is likewise broadly held as an effective treatment for many forms of back pains, including chronic and acute. In addition, many types of neck pain are effectively deal with through chiropractic manipulation as well. According to a Canada-based study, patients with musculoskeletal conditions that cause back and neck problems find better relief from chiropractic care. Aside from being very effective, chiropractic care is also considered to be a safe form of therapy for a broad spectrum of spinal-centred issues. Sydney chiropractors, among others, are well able to mange back and neck pains.

In many ways, chiropractic care and acupuncture work well together. For instance, a chiropractic practitioner manipulates the spinal to release a nerve root obstruction in order to treat pain. Pain relief is enhanced by performing acupuncture on the corresponding acupuncture points to lift the pressure from that part of the body, allow normal flow of energy. The result is better pain management for the patient.

Combining these two highly-effective methods in their treatment approach, many Sydney chiropractors and wellness experts acquire a powerful tool in dealing with their patients' back problems. If you're interested in this treatment approach, look for Sydney chiropractors and therapists who can provide you with quality.