It's no secret that more people are experiencing issues with anxiety. The changing world, economic recessions and the pressures of daily life can all combine to cause people to have anxiety issues including insomnia, panic attacks and nervous behavior. Stress is natural and occurs in everyone but managing stress and controlling anxiety can be difficult for some people and while there are prescription medications one can take to calm their nerves many of these drugs have unwanted side effects and can also produce a dependency to the drug. However, many people have used acupuncture treatment to cure their anxiety issues and if you are seeking an alternative to expensive therapy and medications acupuncture may be for you.

Acupuncture works off of the promise that the human body contains 71 meridians, or energy channels that allow for the flow of Qi. Qi is another word for energy and this energy flow follows the meridian map to each of the major organs in the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that health is a manifestation of balance and that when conditions such as anxiety begin to negatively impact our lives it is the result of an obstruction in one or several of the meridians. When the Qi can not flow properly it may be forced in the opposite direction that disrupting the body's natural balance. Acupuncture aims to target the specific points on the body that will respond to the acupuncture problems and achieve a stimulus that will help restore the proper flow of Qi and allow the body to heal and regulate itself.

However, anxiety is not an exact disorder meaning not everyone experienced the same type of anxiety or for the same reasons. So, in order to treat anxiety with acupuncture it is necessary for the acupuncturist to determine the root cause of your anxiety before identifying which meridian points will achieve the best results. By inserting fine needles into the meridians a stimulus is recognized by the brain and responses by releasing chemicals that help calm nerves and restore a feeling of peace.

Different acupuncturists will have their own training and may disagree with one another on which meridian points should be focused on when treating a patient suffering from anxiety. Expecting one acupuncture visit to cure your anxiety for good is not realistic. It can take several treatments to begin to feel the effects of the therapy. However, acupuncture has been in practice for centuries and many people swear by its ability to reduce the frequency of panic attacks and the severity of anxiety.