Is Acupuncture An Effective Treatment For Knee Pain?

Knee is the largest joint in a human body and is made up of the lower bone, which is the femur and the higher bone, which is the tibia. Without the knee, there will be no part of the body that will support our feet and legs. So, it is important that you take care of your knee to avoid injuring or risking your whole body. However, if you experience it now such as knee pain, assess and resolve it quickly so that you will be able to save your feet and legs and also perform your day-to-day activities.

Knee pain is not easy to cope with. It causes you discomfort, low self-esteem and unproductiveness. Negative results would put a huge impact on you especially if you do not resolve this pain quickly. There are many causes of knee pain such as muscle cramps, injuries and aging. This type of pain embarrasses different people from children to adult. Studies even show that over 11,000 people consult a physician in his office due to knee-related problems. However, this can be resolved.

Acupuncture helps resolve knee-related problems. It is the traditional Chinese Medicine that many people practice nowdays. In fact, it aids a human body by balancing the flow of chi or qi in the body through its needles pointing on certain points of the body. By placing these needles on those particular areas, your body receives positive effects such as positive energy, calmness and also proper circulation in your system. It also massages the areas, which have been affected greatly by the pain and injury. Applying or allowing the application of Acupuncture in your body will definitely target the weak spots in your body and heal it. With regard to this, knee pain can be eliminated and the causes of such suffering in your body will then be put to an end.

Another thing that Acupuncture can do to your knee problem is that it can heal you from your physical and internal pain. Studies show that it also decrees pain and stiffness levels and increased muscle strength and flexion in the knee. With Acupuncture, you do not have to deal with modern pills and surgeries in order to get well. However, this is also not an alternative to surgery or operation but it sure helps in easing your pain and eliminating the discomfort you are feeling all through your body.

Moreover, with the increasing number of complaints with regard to knee-related problems, Acupuncture is one natural and effective medicine that will massage your knee and enable you to obtain comfort and assures you that you will be able to get back on your feet in no time.

To sum up, knee pain can be cured and treated by Acupuncture because of its natural elemental process and application. Deal with knee-related problems properly and seek the proper and most reliable form of medicine to insure yourself of the best results.

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Acupuncture Therapy Treating Various Illness and Pains From Past 3000 Years

It said that medical world is practicing acupuncture therapy for about 3000 years. The acupuncture treatments are based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that recognized a triple energy system circulating through the body. It can be referred as the channel that feeds, nourish, and sustain substances like blood through the circulatory system.

This energy system relates as Qi circulating energy in body. When the Qi system is blocked, the body sufferers Illness and disease. Acupuncture therapy restores flow of energy circulation by inserting needles into the acupuncture points. These insertions clear all resistant blockages and help to restore the energy circulation in the body.

Acupuncture therapy help cure pains, illness and diseases such as chronic pain and headaches, acute injury-related pain (strains and sprains), digestive disorders, cardiovascular conditions, muscle and nerve conditions, addictive behaviors, gynecological disorders, chemotherapy and radiation side effects, stroke rehabilitation, autoimmune conditions, HIV support therapy and so on.

Moreover, acupuncture treatments can improve health conditions like allevation from nausea caused by chemotherapy, immune enhancement, weight control, stress, anxiety reduction, insomnia, chronic fatigue, indigestion, irritable bowel, smoking, sinus congestion, infertility, sciatica, headaches, acute and chronic pain (back, neck, joints etc.), menstrual cramp, etc.

Acupuncturists use nine types of needles, and all needles vary in length, width and shape of head. These needles are inserted at the points anywhere in the range of 15 degrees to 90 degrees relative to the skin surface. There are few insertion techniques used by the acupuncturists such as Raising and Thrusting, Twirling or Rotation, Combination of Raising / Thrusting and Rotation, Plucking, Scraping (vibrations sent through the needle), and Trembling (another vibration technique).

Across many countries, acupuncture therapy is broadly trusted for treating lower backache, cervical spondylosis, condylitis, arthritis conditions, headaches of all kinds (including migraine), allergic reactions, and relief of muscles spasms by the patients.

Therefore, people suffering from such pains, illnesses and diseases can opt for acupuncture treatments that offer only satisfaction but no pains. The healthcare institutions provides acupuncture therapy, ayurvedic medicine and massage, herbal medicine, injection therapy, etc, to cure several diseases with in a short span of time.

Fees charged by the doctors are highly reasonable and affordable to all pockets. The pain free treatments ensure full recoveries for life long at reasonable rates can be called as the cheapest treatment obtain ever. Trusting three thousand years old therapy can be the wise decision for best recoveries provided by the reputed and reliable healthcare institutions.

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Acupuncture Can Cure Chronic Pain

Acupuncture, in ancient China and in many parts of East Asia, is considered as an alternative medicine. It can cure arthritis, shoulder pain, knee pain, neck pain and many types of health ailments.

Because of the odd procedure or process of Acupuncture, people become hesitant for seeking this type of remedy. However, Acupuncture has been around for hundreds of years and is considered as Chinese Medicinal cure for body or health issues. Its process is so natural that it does not depend on modern medicine or pills but instead uses natural means in order to provide therapeutics energy and flow into a person's body, which allows it to heal its ailments and massage its way through. This practice is also done by Western parts of the country.

However, Westerners have different perspectives of a human body. For them, the body is just a physical mass and what they see is just a shape of a human body. For Chinese, the human body is beyond just a physical mass. It is built on qi and yin yang, which are considered important and relevant in our body because these are the same elements that allow positive flow of energy into our body and they serve as answers such as treatment to the diseases in our body.

Acupuncture is the well known traditional Chinese medicine that includes insertion of Acupuncture needles into the human body. They are not just inserted randomly. There is a specific point in which each needle is inserted. In fact, they help the circulation of the blood and energy in the body and also balance the qi in the body. Qi used to be invisible in our body but because of Acupuncture, it is being brought back into our system.

Chinese Medicine has an impression that the stress and pressure in our body, which result in negative energy and health ailments are caused by the bad or negative flow of energy into our system. Our flow of energy has been disrupted by this negative flow that, blocking the assumed positive flow into our system. Free flow of qi will then be impossible.

Needless to say, Acupuncture can maintain the flow of the body, most especially the qi. In fact, studies have proved that it can also cure pain and other ailments that our body is suffering from. A number of reviews have been discovered and have already confirmed that Acupuncture can enter the body and provide it with the positive flow of energy to get rid of the bad ones that would cause future health problems.

As a result, Acupuncture has been recognized by many culture, countries and people. It has been shown that there are no disruptive or negative side effects to a human body once it is applied. It does not cause pain or even worsen your body's health. Therefore, Acupuncture can certainly cure pain.

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Can Acupuncture Cure Pain

Acupuncture can cure various pains such as knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, arthritis and many types of health ailments. This form of treatment is considered as common and popular in many regions of East Asia.

On the other hand, acupuncture is known as an alternative medicine in the western part of the world.

There are some people who are hesitant to settle for acupuncture to cure pain. Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been around for hundreds of years. It does not depend on modern prescribed drugs or pills. Instead, acupuncture awakens the body's defenses and therapeutic abilities in order to prevent and even cure various diseases and pain.

Westerners have a different view of the body. Compared to the traditional Chinese, Westerners view the body as a physical and actual body mass. But the Chinese have a unique way of looking at the body. There is the qi and the yin and yang which are important to consider in order to discover the solution and even the treatment to a number of disease or pain.

Acupuncture therapy is the most common and well known treatment that is associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine. This treatment involves insertion of acupuncture needs to specific points in the body. The main idea is to increase the circulation of the blood flow and balance the qi or invisible energy in the body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believed that ailments are caused by a disturbance or disruption of a person's flow of energy and blood through his body. The energy and blood may not freely flow because of the blockage or obstruction. In other words, if there is a free flow of blood and energy, there is no pain and disease to talk about. But, if there is no free flow of qi through the body, a person feels pain and discomfort.

Acupuncture therapy helps in restoring and maintaining the body's blood and energy flow. The acupuncture injuries restore blood and energy movement in order to provide relief from ailments and pain. There have been a number of reviews which show that acupuncture for pain has significant positive results. With these reviews, it just shows that acupuncture can cure pain by restoring and balancing the body's energy and blood flow.

Acupuncture therapy is gaining wide reputation and acceptance. It is even considered as a non-invasive and high quality medicinal alternative. It does not introduce any damaging and detrimental effects to the body. Here, acupuncture is one of the best options to cure pain and other ailments.

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How Acupuncture Works

In the West, the most common definition of how acupuncture works has something to do with the flow or lack of flow of qi through the body. Qi is actually known as the invisible flow of energy that runs through the channels of the body. This invisible flow of energy which is known as qi is also referred to as meridians for some people especially practitioners. When a person sufferers from a disease, practitioners immediately notice that there is a blockage of qi flow in the body.

Acupuncture which basically involves insertion of small needles into the different channels through the body helps unblock and preserved the continuous flow of energy. Although acupuncture is considered as an alternative medicine, there is still a number of scientific evidence that proves and shows how acupuncture works.

It is important to understand and have an in depth insight of how acupuncture works. Firstly, you need to understand that the body needs oxygen. And, oxygen must freely circulate and flow through the body. Secondly, the body contains various channels where the energy and oxygen must freely flow. These channels are the vessels in the blood which carries and transports oxygen. And, when acupuncture needles are inserted into the body, these needles stimulate the nerves and perk them up.

Acupuncture has three principal effects in order to fight and counter the disease. These effects are relieving pain, reducing inflammation and restoring homeostasis. These three principal effects can be achieved by a number of basic ways caused by the acupuncture problems that stimulate the nerves in the body. These acupuncture needles and points create a distention to the region or area of ​​the disease. These needles stimulate and awaken the body's healing potential. Once the healing stimulation begins, the body releases natural pain killing chemicals which are known as endorphins. In addition, a person who has been to an acupuncturist knows that acupuncture sessions create a more relaxing and soothing environment. This environment allows the patient to let go of the tension and release stress which cause the body to suffer from a number of diseases.

In sum, oxygen in the body is known mainly as the qi. This qi sustains life. Consequently, oxygen is transported by blood through the body through the vessels. And, when there is insufficiency or lack of oxygen flow in the body, disease occurs. A number of diseases can cause pain, inflammation and even lack of homeostasis. The acupuncture needles and points stimulate the nervous system of the body. Here, it causes vasodilatation, healing mechanisms, pain killer release and even muscle relaxation.

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How Does Acupuncture Work?

There are many contributors of stress and negative vibrations around you. Naturally, this is part of everyone's lives. In fact, without these things, you will not learn how to cope with things. Neverheless, you still have to seek remedy for it to be able to carry on with your life. Thus, Acupuncture is established. Acupuncture originated in China and its purpose is to stimulate the regular flow of energy of a human body. In addition, it also helps in allowing positive energy to take over your body especially when you lack one due to unanimous negative factors surrounding you. So, how does it work? Acupuncture composes of solid thin needles, which are inserted into your body. Furthermore, it is also inserted so that the channels are unblocked and continuous strong flow of qi is preserved.

What is Qi? Qi comes into the picture that moment you apply Acupuncture into your body. Qi, also known as chi or ch'i, refers to a Chinese unit of length forming a part of the body, which generates positive energy or lifeforce into your system. Thus, the use of Acupuncture will enable to provide the proper relief and improvement of your positive energy or vibration into your system. This has been proved under scientific evidence on how Acupuncture really works.

Basically, Acupuncture is formed in respect procedures that will definitely show. Its techniques are being used in many processes as provided in the old Chinese era. First, you have to take Qi into the picture and transform it into a mischievous energy by inhaling in the energy. Second, you have to access and unblock the channels in your body and allow it to absorb the oxygen into your blood vessels that you have earlier processed into your system by way of mysterious energy. Lastly, allow the Acupuncture needles to reach your nerves and allow it to work its magic.

Moreover, there are many reasons why Acupuncture is being bought by many these days. It has many advantages that not only will your physical body enjoy but also will your spiritual being. It relieves physical and emotional pain, stress, diseases, suffering and also other things that are bothering you, which are hindering you to normally carry on with your daily activities in life. Thus, the insertion of solid thin needles is not only part of the procedure but is also a part of the mechanism. First mechanism involves a creation of an effect such as vasodilatation to the area of ​​disease. The next mechanism involves the stimulation of the area infected by the disease so that the healing process can start properly. Normally this can cause a release of the body's natural pain killing chemicals like endorphins. Lastly, this mechanism and process create that perfect relaxation that your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being describes to have. It will help you restore your positive energy and get rid of tension in your aura or well-being. Thus, stress is eliminated and is exchanged with the proper energy that your body really needs.

Therefore, it is clear that the introduction of insertion of an Acupuncture needle helps stimulate the nervous system and the blood vessel causing muscle relaxation, vasodilatation, healing mechanisms and pain killer release in a right environment where healing can occur to its full potential.

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Complete Healthcare With Acupuncture

Changed lifestyle, eating habits, and stress leads to Diabetes, Thyroid, kidney and liver diseases, and almost every family now a days is suffering from any of these diseases. Ancient medicinal techniques like Ayurveda and acupuncture can help us treat these disorders in a reasonably less time and with much easier than conventional medical practices.

Diabetes, Kidney diseases, Liver disorders, blood pressure and Thyroid diseases are the ones which have to be taken more seriously than all the major diseases in the world. Acupuncture can be used to treat these disorders effectively as explained below:

This is caused if a gland named pancreas does not produce Insulin or our body does not absorb the produced Insulin. Symptoms may include excess urination, high thirst, excess hunger, weight loss, eye problems etc.

Take excess of Gooseberry Powder or Juice, Bitter melon or it juice, along with daily workouts and walking.

Acupuncture points:
DU 20, REN 12, SI 19, ST 21, SP 6, SJ 8

Kidney Diseases:
Kidneys remove toxic substances and wastes from the blood by biochemical processes. Kidney disorders like kidney failure and kidney stones are caused due to inefficient blood flow, blood pressure disorders, obstruction in blood vessels etc.

Massage the area where kidneys are located with luke warm sesame oil. Take leaves from curry leaf plant and castor oil plant, boil them in hot water and apply the boiled water using a wet cloth over the kidney area, if possible take mix red soil with this water and keep it on kidney area.

Acupuncture points:
For Kidney Stones: DU 20, AUB 23, K5, ST 36, SP 6

For Kidney Failure: DU 20, K5, ST 36, LU 9, LI 11, UB 23

Liver Disorders:
Liver resides in the right side of the abdomen, it helps in digestion, blood sugar control, blood purification, secrecy bile juices, storage of vitamins and iron, converting food into energy, releasing several hormones, and produces wound healing enzymes. Kidneys can be mainly affected by cancer, hepatitis, cirrhosis, alcoholic liver, fatty liver, liver headache etc.

Pressure points limit at the bottom of little finger, pressure has to be given 30 to 40 times at this point.

It resides at the neck region, when this is affected it gives rise to gain in weight, menstrual cycle issues, hair loss, throat problems etc arise.

Luke warm castor oil should be applied and a brief massage should be given on the throat region, back of the ear and on the neck region. Every day exercise is compulsory and breathing exercise are provided to help a lot in thyroid disorders.

Acupuncture points:
DU 20, SJ 20, GB 21, EX 1, LI 18, giving acupuncture in these points weekly once has proved good results.

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Investing In Your Health

This is the starting point for learning how to thrive, as investing in your health is one of the most powerful steps you can take to dramatically enhance the quality of your daily life. It sets the stage for success in every dimension of life. When you have more energy, confidence, mental clarity, and improved physical health, you are more able to gracefully handle daily stressors and challenges that would have previously overwhelmed you. Composition, control, and peace become the foundations of your life rather than isolated experiences.

Committing to and being proactive about your health in this way will lead to not only immediate improvement in your life, but will also set the stage for greater vitality and resilience as you age. In this way, there is a strong pre-ventative aspect to claiming optimal health right now. Most of us have been taught to put off our own needs until our bodies and minds are screaming at us for acknowledgment. We wait until we are given a wake up call that usually comes in the form of illness or worsening health problems.

But what if you were to be proactive right now? What if you decided to care for yourself enough to take the steps necessary to optimize your current state of health, thereby preventing future problems? What is preventing you from living a life of boundless energy and radiant health right now?

These are powerful questions to ask yourself. You see, most of us are caught in a constant game of negotiation with ourselves to buy more time to put off the most important things in life. We think we have time to depone our deepest needs for health, peace, and balance.

What we are getting at is that, in order to thrive in the modern world, it is essen- tial that you commit right NOW to your health as a top priority. This means:

1. Partnering with the right holistic and allopathic (Western) medical practitioners

2. Eating an organic whole foods diet

3. Exercising 3-4 times a week

4. Taking time each day to be present using relaxation techniques

5. Freeing yourself of any limiting beliefs that underline your health and quality of life

As with all important priorities in life, it is essential that you surround yourself with a community of people that can inspire and guide you in the direction of optimal health. We all need this kind of guidance or else we easily feel alone and confused. As you will see, a skilled acupuncturist can be an incredibly helpful resource in this regard.

Let's summarize the main points here, then we will jump into an exploration of Chinese medicine and how it can help you achieve your health goals:

1. Your health and quality of life depend on the choices you make every moment you are alive

2. You can choose to claim a much higher level of health right now

3. You do this by freeing harmful beliefs, establishing healthy lifestyle patterns, and collecting yourself with a team of skilled holistic and allopathic medical practitioners

4. NOW is the only moment we have; putting off your deepest needs will create bigger problems down the road

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How Acupuncture Enhances Weight Loss

Conventional wisdom tells us that weight reduction is a simple matter of balancing calorie intake with energy spent, but it's rarely that simple in reality. Countless people who dedicate hours each week to strenuous and painful workouts can attest to this; they get stronger and feel better, however the fat does not budge an inch. Likewise, changes in diet often produce lackluster results, either because it's incompatible with their body type or difficult to stay with.

This has caused a surge in alternative weight-loss methods of varying effectiveness. Crash diets are and remain prevalent despite the fact they fail to provide long-term results. Supplements are by and large expensive placebos, providing customers with a positive high while their cellulite rests easy, secure in its place upon their thighs.

Simply put, the only real path to success is through a balanced diet and exercise program which is suited to a person's needs. While it requires experimentation, it is easier to follow through when physiological and psychological cravings can be deal with and then enable someone to accurately gauge the response and health of their body. That's where acupuncture comes in.

In accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine, excess weight indicates that there is an imbalance somewhere in the spleen or liver. The spleen is vital to proper functioning within the digestive system, which transforms food into the vital essence of life, Qi. If this process is somehow hindered it manifests in symptoms like fatigue, slow metabolism, and a feeling of heaviness. The liver is responsible for keeping the flow of blood and Qi smooth and steady, and when it can not do its job the spleen suffers and the whole body is thrown into disharmony. This may also lead to emotional instability and increased stress which then damages the body further and stalls progress towards achieving ideal health.

Acupuncture treatments are tailor to the needs of each individual with the intention of improving circulation, calming the nervous system, and promoting well-being for the entire body. Treatments usually are scheduled once or twice a week for two to three months or until the stated goal is reached, and they may be altered to deal with new symptoms as necessary.

Most patients experience a decline in appetite and cravings, although if acupuncture alone is not working then practitioners of Chinese Medicine can usually recommend herbs and foods to assist the body in repairing itself. Ultimately, additional effort will be required to get in shape, but acupuncture supplies on its promise to simplify accomplishing this by quieting your unconscious drives and putting you back in control of your health.

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Alternative Healing Therapies

The human body is a miraculous thing. It can survive serious injuries and recover from great illnesses. In the “old” days, people relied on “Alternative Healing Therapies”, known to them as home remedies to heal illnesses. Today, as a culture, we have come to rely so heavily on modern medicine that we often forget how capable our bodies are of healing all on their own with, a little help from nature.

Lately, people are becoming aware of the damage pharmaceutical overuse can have. Because of this, more people are turning to alternative healing therapies. In almost every home there seems to be a small pharmacy worth of alternative remedies.

What Are Alternative Healing Therapies?

Alternative Healing Therapies, also called complementary healing therapies, are types of health treatment outside the realm of modern medicine. These range from basic massage to acupuncture and aromatherapy. While the methods used in alternative healing vary greatly, they all follow one basic principle. All types of alternative healing therapies seek to assist the body in healing itself in the least invasive and damaging ways possible.

There are many types of Alternative therapies. You can easily become certified in some of them such as; massage, aromatherapy, meditation, and acupressure. Others, like acupuncture and holistic dentistry require professional training for which you earn a degree. Most types of alternative healing therapies are improved by use of one or more of the others. This is why you often see massage therapists who also practice acupressure and aromatherapy.

Alternative Healing Therapies are Safe and Natural

Since Alternative therapies are mostly mostly on natural methods and ingredients, there is very little risk of side effects or damage to the body. However, as with any outside effects on the body, users of alternative healing therapies should proceed with caution when introducing any new elements into their body.

This means being aware of any potential risks or side effects associated with the herb or product that they are using as well as any allergies or sensitivities that they may have. Use herbs, oils, supplements, and other outside effects sparingly. Even the best things can be harmful when used in excess.

Meditation, Massage, and Guided Imagery

It may seem odd to think of something like meditation or massage as a type of therapy. To a culture so dependent on modern medicine the idea of ​​meditation as a form of therapy may seem odd. However, both meditation and guided imagery have been proven time and again to assist the body in healing itself. This is due to the fact that the body is more capable of healing when it is relaxed. The same is true of a positive mindset. Whether it is a broken bone or a serious illness, the human body will always heal faster and more completely if it is happy, well rested, and relaxed.

Herbalism and Natural Therapy

Throughout history, we have used plants to help our bodies heal. This is called herbalism and it is one of the most widely used. Modern medicine was born out of herbalism and many medicines are still created using the properties of plants. Because of this, herbalism is one of the forms of alternative healing therapy that requires the most research and caution. It should be used sparingly and alongside other less invasive forms.

A Better Way To Heal

In the end, most types of Alternative therapies are still safer and less invasive than modern medicine. The human body is an amazing thing, capable of great healing. Sometimes, all it needs is a little help. Often times, alternative therapies can provide just the right amount of help without the dangerous risks and side effects so often found in modern medicine.

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Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome With Acupuncture

There are studies that show that one in five adults suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). This kind of medical and health condition intervenes with a person's daily life. It is because of a person's ability to function well. In fact, it even affects his personal and work life. With this, it is important to resolve and treat chronic fatigue as soon as possible. CFS is actually known as the Crohn's Disease. It is evident that a person has CFS when for at least six consecutive months, he feels tired or fatigued all the time.

CFS affects young and adult alike. The different types of symptoms that person may experience recur from time to time. Currently, there has been no direct and actual medication for CFS. Prescription drugs and pills may have temporary relief but in the long run they caused more harm than good to a person. Here, the treatment is not a long lasting relief. However, there are some people who choose Traditional Chinese Medicine such as acupuncture treatment for a faster and more effective relief.

Before understanding the benefits of acupuncture, it is vital to recognize the different signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue. Among them include sudden and extreme exhaustion due to fever and flu, low grade fever and chills, sore throat, swollen lymph glands in the neck and armpit areas of the body, muscle and joint pains that occur without any swelling, headaches, insomnia, poor memory or accessibility to focus, concentrate or remember and even mood swings.

The causes of chronic fatigue syndrome vary from one person to another. However, the most common reason as to why CFS occurs is due to a person's weak immune system. His immune system's reaction to a virus triggers this chronic fatigue syndrome. That is why, there are times that a person experiences flu-like illnesses that do not easily disappear. In addition, a person suffering from CFS also has a loss of appetite which triggers him to obtain poor eating habits and inevitably makes him weak and fragile. Depression has also a big role to play when a person sufferers from CFS.

Fortunately, acupuncture as part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine treat chronic fatigue syndrome. A number of benefits include less pain, better sleep, enhanced immune system, relaxation and better overall health condition. Acupuncture provides positive results to patients. There is even a study that shows major signs of improvements to patients suffering from chronic fatigue. The major improvement lasted for three months due to discontinuance of acupuncture treatment. That is why, patients who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome incorporate acupuncture treatment to their daily lifestyle in order to prevent recurrent effects of CFS.

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Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs for Migraine Relief


Migraines are miserable – ask anyone who suffers from them! They can be absolutely debilitating and have a profound effect on one's quality of life. Symptoms can range from mild to severe, lasting an hour to several days. People often describe the pain as a “pounding” or “throbbing” sensation that takes residence in one side of the head. For some, migraines can be so severe they produce accessory symptoms such as nausea or vomiting, sensitivity to external stimuli (light, noise, or scent), blurred vision and extreme fatigue.

While the etiology for migraines is unknown, it is speculated that they are caused by a vulnerable nervous system that is highly sensitive to changes in one's internal or external environment. This increased sensitivity is associated with serotonin metabolism and vasodilatation of the blood vessels surrounding the skull. Decreased levels of serotonin (the happy hormone) seem to be linked to the sunset of a migraine; this affects the brain's processing system and triggers the release of chemicals that cause painful inflammation and activate the sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight response). Incidentally, people that suffer from chronic migraines also have a tendency to suffer from depression and anxiety.

Western medicine triats migraines with anti-inflammatory drugs (such as ibuprofen and naproxen), barbiturates, caffeine, and anti-depressants. A combination of these medications may be used in treating migraine symptoms that are especially severe. All of these medications do nothing to treat the undering cause of the pathology and often lead to other problems. All medications are synthetic and thus put strain on the liver and lymphatic system. Barbiturates are habit forming and cause drowsiness. SSRIs can lower libido and affect one's sex life.

In Chinese medicine, migraines are considered a disorder of the liver. The liver according to Chinese Acupuncture dictates the flow of energy through the body and is closely associated with the nervous system, hormone regulation, and blood pressure. It is also the organ that is most affected by both internal and external stress.

Research has shown that acupuncture is an effective and safe modality in treating migraines. Acupuncture uses the insertion of tiny needles in specific points to regulate the liver and correct the body's dysfunction.

Acupuncture helps to:

• regulate brain chemistry by increasing serotonin
• calm the nervous system
• improve blood circulation,
• regulate hormone fluctuations
• decrease inflammation

As the body begins to function more effectively, migraine intensity and frequency are reduced drastically.

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Pulse Diagnosis In Traditional Chinese Medicine – An Art Form With Amazing Potential

If you have ever been for acupuncture or some form of traditional Chinese medicine, or are planning to go, as a patient, you may wonder what the practitioner is doing with your pulse! A TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) practitioner will use pulse diagnosis as an important tool in their practice.

Pulse diagnosis is part of the training for a TCM practitioner and acupuncturists who practice traditional acupuncture. However many students of TCM struggle with information which conflicts, from the classical texts about pulses.

Pulse reading is somewhat of a combination of an art form as well a scientific examination. If you go to a TCM practitioner and experience this for the first time, it can be quite amazing to have the practitioner tell by this diagnostic technique issues that you may already be aware are going on, or at least suspected.

Basic Positions And Principles

The six positions for pulse diagnosis can be divided into three on the right and three on the left which are read using the index, middle and ring fingers at the radial artery. There are twenty seven basic pulse states according to Li Shizhen (Shiz-hen). To make pulse reading a little less complicated you can consider that it is based upon four main principles which are:

• Floating

• Sinking

• Slow

• Rapid

Also if you were to sit in on a series of consultations with a TCM acupuncturist , after a while you may observe that many of the health problems can be reduced down into simplifications such as dampness in the spleen or stagnated liver energy. This has been one of the issues with TCM and the difficulties in interpreting pulses with the aid of the conflicting classical texts.

Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

Today contemporary Chinese pulse diagnosis is an evolving method which aims to give an insight into patients by offering a sophisticated, exquisite means of understanding the person holistically.

Based on the work of Leon Hammer, MD, and John HF Shen, OMD , it can provide insight on these various levels about patients:

• Previous diseases

• Constitution of the patient

• Early insults affecting normal physiology

• Traumas

• Emotional conditions

• Behavioral patterns

• Effects of patient's lifestyle

• Environmental stressors

Mastering It

Whatever way a practitioner undergoes training, this aspect of TCM takes a very long time to master properly and even if ten practitioners have undergone the same training to qualify, out of these ten, some will have the ability to listen deeply to their patients' pulses in a way that the others will attempt to truly master over many years, or even decades and some may say lifetimes!

This ability to listen is an energetic ability that comes naturally to some, although it can also be developed using a variety of practices to do so. If it does not come naturally it can be challenging to master, as part of this energetic sensitivity is the ability to trust one's energetic sensitivity! Therefore for those who wish to “learn” this, the catch 22 of exceeding the doubts can place, a sometimes insurmountable, obstacle in their way.

However an intimate grasp of the art of pulse diagnosis puts a practitioner in a very privileged position to help patients with a wide range of diseases and health issues.

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Augmenting Your Qi Remove Your Pain

Some people can be crippled by pain on various parts of their body's, but this pain can be removed. It does not have to involve lots of drugs as these merely mask the pain. Through an acupuncture doctor it's possible to not only mask the pain but to remove it forever. Read on to find out more about the various acupuncture procedures and how to supplement these procedures for the very best results.

The Belief

Acupuncture is large built off of a Chinese philosophical concept known as Qi. This is the life force that flows through all living things. By harnessing this energy it's possible to just eliminate pain in a completely natural and healthy way. An acupuncture doctor is the individual who can aid people in harnessing their Qi and removing their pain.

Common Solved Problems

Below are just some of the common problems that acupuncture procedures have helped cure in the past and in the present:

• Sleeping disorders such as insomnia.
• General pain in the back, elbow, and knees.
• Stress, anxiety, and severe depression.
• Asthma and other allergies like hay fever.

The Acupuncture Procedures

The main procedure that acupuncture is associated with is sticking needles into various parts of the body. Many people worry that this is dangerous, but it is not. Those who are trained in acupuncture know exactly where to stick these needles without hurting anyone. More importantly, they are not stuck deep into the body; they remain close to the surface of the skin.

The treatment with these needles can occur as a single treatment and it does have a great impact. The difference between a good treatment and a great treatment, though, is what's done alongside it. In many cases, doctors will use electricity and heat to aid the flow of the Qi and to cause it to intensify. This will help to remove the pain and cure the patient.

It should be noted that patients can only see noticeable changes in their pain in time. It will require multiple sessions and it can not be something that's solved in only a few hours. Keep at it and the pain will always leave.

After Acupuncture

Acupuncture is designed to be a relaxing procedure, as well as a healing one. That's why it's important to adhere to the following guidelines after the treatment. These guidelines are outlined below:

• Refrain from eating large meals as this will put unnecessary strain on the body.
• Avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours for the same reasons. The liver is forced to exert itself to remove the harmful toxins emanating from alcohol.
• The body should remain warm and covered to aid the flow of the beneficial Qi around the body.
• Hydrate the body by drinking lots of water to keep the body relaxed.
• Stress and strain can reverse all of the beneficial relaxation attributes earned from an acupuncture doctor. That's why it's a good idea to avoid working out or under strenuous activities.

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Should You Consider Acupuncture for Fertility?

One of the most frustrating problems that can plague couples who want to have a baby is infertility. Although infertility is not something that most people can do anything about, it usually is because the male or the female has a specific problem that precedes them from becoming pregnant, like a low sperm count. One of the ways that some couples attempt to improve their chances is through acupuncture for fertility.

For those not familiar with the practice of acupuncture, it is a medical procedure that has its roots in ancient China. It involves placing needles in the body along certain pathways that Chinese alternative doctors have long thought were the secret to the whole health of the body.

While acupuncture is not really a recognized medical procedure in the Western part of the world, there are a number of professional organizations who have publicly stated that acupuncture does have its benefits, specifically when it comes to pain relief or insomnia. However, there is no scientific proof for acupuncture solving problems related to infertility.

However, there have been a number of people who espouse the benefits of acupuncture on everything from weight loss to psychological health, and there are a number who believe that acupuncture treatments can help with infertility, particularly in cases where doctors do not really know what is causing the couple to fail at getting pregnant.

Acupuncture is usually combined with a herbal treatment in order to work for infertility, and there is a long history of this type of treatment being used. However, even acupuncture experts agree that not all causes of infertility can be cured with acupuncture. For instance, if the infertility is caused by pelvic inflammatory disease or by andometriosis, then acupuncture may not be the best treatment.

Acupuncture may be an option where the patient is worried about a miscarriage. Acupuncture treatments are often given during the first full trimester of the pregnancy in order to give the patient the best chance for avoid a miscarriage.

Patients that turn to acupuncture usually have a condition like spasmed tubes, or FSH. Also hyperprolactinemia, polcystic ovarian syndrome, male sperm DNA fragmentation (low sperm count) as well as what is called idiopathic infertility, or infertility where the cause is unknown.

Even if you do not need to believe in the effectiveness of acupuncture for fertility, there is normally no harm in giving it a try. You do need to be sure that you are using a professional in the field, and an acupuncturist who specializes in infertility is preferred. Most states require that a practicing acupuncturist be licensed before they can treat patients.

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